Monday, November 21, 2011

What stood out for me in Breaking Dawn, part I

I have been wondering if this blog even exist anymore.  I have let it slide for so long now.  I don't follow daily events anymore.  A couple of times each week, I try to absorb everything.  Recently there has been allot going on and I have probably missed a few things.  I think I saw most of the magazine pictures of Kristen.  Those are always a treat.  She is good at doing this, especially since she pretends to be playing out a scene when doing them.  Anytime Kristen wants to pretend to be a naughty girl, I am all in.

Snow White will be a huge hit next summer.  I have never watched a trailer so many times.  Kristen can be in any movie she wants to be in. She is that good.
I was annoyed at the extreme reactions on Twitter about Kristen possibly being in Akira.  I knew nothing of the story until I saw these strong reactions.
I now know why so many of you don't want her to be in it.   Some of the reasons are valid points.  Others are not.  If she decides to do it, then I trust her judgement that it's exactly what she should do.   She doesn't take these decisions lightly or without sufficient information.

I saw Breaking Dawn Part I last night.  She was good, her best performance by far in the series  I expected this because i knew Bill Condon would give her the freedom to excel.   What I didn't expect is what I saw from Rob.  I have never been critical of his acting, but I haven't exactly praised him, either.   He was exceptional in this movie.   

The way that Edward begged for Bella's life at the end was the most powerful acting I have seen from Robert Pattinson. It affected me in the theater. 
He was very good, but I doubt he will get the credit he deserves because this is a Twilight movie.   Last night I read the Bill Condon interview (thanks @yashi0487) in which he said "It was like he was hooking into what it would feel like to lose Kristen."

My brother liked this movie.  He is just a normal guy taking his wife and kids to the movie. The honeymoon was a tad bit uncomfortable for him with my 12 year old niece present.  He looks forward to the finish but doesn't see the sense in making us wait that long.  I agree with him.

This increased openness (between R/K) was probably unavoidable with this movie.
After Kristen's accidental confession, I feel I was correct with my speculation last December that she wishes the debate "are they, aren't they" would just end because their actions had been enough and she was annoyed that some people didn't get it and wanted a verbal confirmation despite what they had allowed to slip.  "Come on, people, it's so obvious" she told British GQ.

With the promotion for this movie, they have made its even more obvious, but they still want people to focus on the work.   When your work has many scenes that hit so close to home, how can you not let out a little bit?

Kristen said she understands the interest in her personal life.  Still, something real, her life and his life, shouldn't be used for profit.  It will be, but don't expect those two to contribute any sound bites to that topic.   I think they do not mind being referred to as a couple.  Many people have outed them.  People close to the situation, like directors.  Kristen or Rob have not rebuffed any of these people for doing this.  If it had bothered them, a message to STFU would have been sent, but this hasn't happened.

This movie and its promotion does allot of blurring of fiction and reality.  Maybe ten years from now, they might tell us what it was like to fall in love during this process.  But not now.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My take on the GQ interview

A new chapter is starting in Kristen's life.  This interview & photo spread is a marker in several ways.  I say this not because she let her guard down (more about that in a minute.) This interview was geared towards an audience who hasn't been too concerned with her career up to this point.   Her appearance in GQ can be viewed as when Kristen entered into the collective psyche of men fascinated by beautiful women.   This a bit of an exaggeration, but the event is significant.   She has steadily been gaining more admirers and this appearance is an acknowledgement that she is here now and aren't we glad to get a look at her.

I have always been an anomaly in that she got my attention 18 months ago.  She captured my attention in Twilight, but as with many other guys (including Rob), she sealed herself into my consciousness with her performance in "Into the Wild."   

Before I go into my analysis of the interview and the inevitable reactions, I want to comment on the pictures.  Never worked out before, huh? Until now.  She looks ripped.  Look at her arms.  Clearly Kristen has been getting lots of protein, sleep, and exercise.  She says it gives her more energy too.  Even if she doesn't keep this up, Kristen will continue to look amazing.  But she has added a new dimension to her visual appeal.

A small part of me is concerned that she regrets this little slip.  But I also think she knew this would happen eventually and she acknowledged that the effort in hiding was bothering her a bit.

I thought the interviewer did a good job.  He appears to have connected with her and seems to get what is and isn't important to Kristen.  He also seems to understand that she is a rare bird that some inflexible observers can't understand because she does not fit into the box labeled "21 year old female movie star."   Understandably he wasn't aware (in advance) the level of interest there would be in what he prompted her to reveal.  She made him aware and if she was pissed at first, she got over it quickly.  Most  people aren't up to speed on the intricacies and the intensity of the Twilight fandom and the level of obsession over her personal life.   Kristen's estimation of Nonsten at 50% is way too high.  I think the lunatic fringe is more like 15 to 20% but they make so much more noise.

What Kristen has been saying all along is still true.  Her personal life being made into news/entertainment is a pet peeve to her  Future interviewers are going to make the mistake of assuming that since the bottle was opened, that they can now ask her to compare/contrast Rob and Kristen to Edward and Bella.  I anticipate some awkward moments in the near future.

There will also be some people not so invested in Twilight who will not react positively to this interview.  Short sighted people think everyone is the same and that we all value a life at the center of attention.

I was shown this tweet last night.

"Just read the Kristen Stewart interview with GQ...I have never heard of a movie star complain so much about being successful".

 I am sure there are much harsher comments than this.  I don't want to see those comments if possible.

There is offering complaints and there is responding to questions.  I think Kristen has handled the fact that she never wanted this kind of fame very well.  She deals with a level of fame far beyond most celebrities.    The critics that say Kristen is ungrateful view the world with narrow glasses and they don't get that not everyone values the same things.  There allot of actors making a very good living who can go out everyday and live a pretty normal existence.

There were no complaints from her in that interview.  She is honest about the reality of the life she lives.   No one knew Twilight would make her one the most famous persons in the world.   She was honest about the adjustments she had to make.  She refuses to "play the game."  To those that can't see the value in her honesty and desire not to conform to the boxes... Well, I feel sorry for these people.   She raves about how much she loves the work she is doing.   She admits to being uncomfortable in interviews.  So what? These are things I love about her.

Kristen might be one the most famous introverts ever.  That personality trait is another reason I am drawn to her.  Most people draw energy from people and love being talked about.  That is why extroverts always want to be around lots of people.    For the introvert, energy is recharged when getting time off the radar with just yourself or very small groups.

Kristen is someone who hasn't gotten her ideal deck of cards. But I didn't hear one complaint in that interview. She has learned to accept things as they are.  It's her explanations, when read by someone who thinks all people want & value the same lifestyle, that the narrow minded will interpret as "complaints.".

I have probably speculated too much on this blog on what is going on in Kristen's head.  Usually after one of those speculations, I'll end up worrying that I could be WAY wrong.   But I alway state that it is just a speculation/opinion.   Then I decided to avoid talking about her personal life, though my opinions are on record.   I know that if I ever spoke to her and asked her if there was anything that bothered her about the blog, she would probably ask me to lay off the personal stuff.

As for what finally was verbally confirmed: it makes mr feel less guilty about a post I did last December in which I speculated heavily on what I think she thinks.  She sorta confirmed those speculations in GQ.  That post was titled "The existence of Nonsten at this point is absurd."  It had the most readers out of all of my posts.  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October & Kristen returns soon

There have been several good photos of Kristen since she has been in the UK. Not that this is a departure from when she is in California. She is one the most photographed persons in the world. She also likely holds a record as the person who avoids the most attempts at being photographed.

I've said this so many times as it continues to be true. Kristen seems to get prettier as she gets older. The foundation of a beautiful woman was there several years ago. But she has never placed much importance in just looking good. She was a working teenager who was brought up around brothers and the casual nature of California based parents, who I think had been part of the tail end of the counter culture movement. So she was less feminine when younger. That seems to be changing now. Girls with a tomboyish background usually turn into very easy going women. She seems to have every quality that fellows like myself would want in a companion. She has great domestic qualities & she can stun you with beauty without even trying. I'm sure she has a good bitchy side to her as well. That's necessary to keep a balance. If/when she gets assertive or demanding, I suspect she has enough credits to get her point across.

The pictures from the Snow White set, though while probably not authorized, are doing no harm to that production. The going to war pics will satisfy those that see Kristen as a Girl Empowerment symbol. The dress pics, revealing that perfect skin & some cleavage, will go into her growing collection of Sex symbol images. I keep that collection.

I apologize for not blogging more frequently. Though I am done making excuses. It was necessary for me to get away from the day to day. When it's not Kristen herself making the news, but rather others acting out because Kristen hasn't made news (or the kind of news they want, which usually involves her boyfriend) then I'll pass. I can catch up on everything I need to know in less than half an hour per week.

I appreciate those of you who accept that this blog is going to be random. That is how it started. I tried a weekly update for awhile and that lead to me becoming exposed to the negative side of this. If there was no one else taking on that loud contingent of deranged liars, then I would have to get dirty myself. Fortunately all the BS is challenged by competent bloggers who are well suited to it. So I just enjoy what I like to see.

It seems odd the last movie she was in that we have seen was Eclipse, which wrapped filming over two years ago. Now in the next six months, we get three movies. All of them BFDs. Plus lots of press. It will have been worth the wait.

Kristen has been in the UK at the perfect time of year. Its still warm and the Premier League just started. Charlize Theron is a known Chelsea fan. I also remember seeing an interview with RP when he said who his favorite English football club is. Does anyone remember what club that is? Let me know if you do. So I have been curious if Kristen has attended any matches. I plan to make my first trip over there in the spring. I'll do the typical tourist stuff but the real reason I am going is for the sport.

Take care


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kristen in W

I had responded to one of the comments on my last post when "DG" asked me what i thought about the W photo-shoot. I had been a little hesitant to express my opinion on those pictures because I wasn't all excited. I said, in that comment a couple of weeks ago, that she was pretty but there are everyday natural pictures I liked more. And It didn't seem like the real Kristen. The way she looks when doing premieres and award shows is when we see how she can look if she wants. Everyday pictures in jeans (or has always been enough to get my attention. So I just didn't think such a spread was necessary.

I had expressed this opinion to @nycrk1 and though she didn't say so, I could tell she wasn't thrilled at my reaction. And I can't blame her. There was so much hate going on when those pictures were posted. Hate that reached a new low with people hiding bundles of the magazine. That action reveals a deep jealousy based, truly crazed hatred. All that negative was happening and a guy you should be able to count on to be supportive wasn't being so. Once I started to reverse my opinion, then @nycrk1 explained to me just how big of deal those pictures are. I didn't understand the concept behind them until she told me but I kept seeing the pictures in random places. I am allowed to change my opinion, right? My first reaction doesn't always stick.

My initial reaction was: glad she is enjoying the success and prestige that goes with that kind of thing but the pictures..... What shaped this initial reaction more than anything else was my lack respect for that industry, especially the advertising. The way Madison Ave creates an image they call success, beauty, and happiness -- this has always annoyed me. They define happiness and they must invest heavily into anti-depressants because few can achieve their definitions. OK, that's an exaggeration but you see my point. The 124 pages of ads before the table of contents reinforced my ill opinion of that industry.

I actually saw the magazine while waiting to get a haircut. And that cover blew me away. Even though I had seen the pictures online, seeing the cover stunned me into a daze. The chic ready to cut my hair had a hard time getting my attention. If Kristen was portraying a 1960s French model or whatever, she gave that image a real boost. No one does facial expressions like Kristen. It was her facial expression that initially put me under her spell. These pouty, sex on the brain, expressions are very convincing. Now whenever I see the pics, I think, damn those are the sexiest pictures she has ever done and probably amongst the sexiest pictures I have seen and they barely revealed any skin.

So I apologize for my initial reaction & glad I didn't say much about it until now.

I don't have any other Kristen topics to discuss right now. She is working and I doubt she is as relaxed as she was when doing Breaking Dawn. I am still paying much less attention than I used to. For one, I have to avoid current stories/gossip because that content ALWAYS leads to something negative. I'll read the heavily moderated sites only. But even that type of content takes time that I no longer have.

The English Premiere League is taking all the time I have for entertainment these days. If you are from the UK and/or follow a club Soccer then you might check out my new blog First Impressions. I seriously doubt more than a few people that read this blog will care for it.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post Comic Con Thoughts

I have been paying much less attention lately.  In part because of work.  In part because of some new time consuming hobbies (FiFa11 on the Xbox 360, a new book series.) Even if the NFL season didn't happen, I now really enjoy what the rest the world calls "football" just as much & my TV stays glued to The Fox Soccer Channel.  Hey, at least it's not FoxNews.   I'll mention the main reason for my recent avoidance in a moment.

I am trying to limit this blog to discussions about Kristen only  If you have read my past entries, you already know why.   You know we have new standard when it comes to male haircuts.  So I took a hair razor (with the setting on #2) and commenced to emulating a certain someone's boyfriend's haircut.  I thought for certain I would have women crawling all over me but it just hasn't worked out that way.   Darn my luck.  Lol.

I liked everything I saw of Kristen for both of  her days at Comic Con.
She has gotten really good at this media thing.  And she is still doing it her way.  What you see is what she is. There is very little, if anything that is rehearsed.  It all comes from the heart.   She seems abundantly happy and hasn't had to budge on her principles in dealing with the public & media.

Breaking Dawn is looking like it will be pretty good.  It's hard to remain interested in that story for so long.  All that remains is to see what this group did between last Fall through the Spring.  Hearing Kristen talk about it reinvigorates that interest.   Another director now gushes over her talent, intuition, dedication, and technical skill in the film making process.

For Snow White and the Huntsman: if there is one aspect I don't think belongs it would be the title because of preconceptions many of us, including Kristen, have when hearing that name.   This movie looks way more like "Game of Thrones," the book series consuming much of my free time lately, than anything close to Snow White.  These preconceptions are actually misconceptions.   I looked up Snow White on Wikipedia.  This type of movie can fit into that old fairy tale.   I know Kristen will do well.  And if Universal does a good job, we will have new perceptions about Snow White.

I enjoyed how Charlize promoted the movie with her "bring it bitch" line at Comic Con.  I like Charlize and I think she and Kristen will enjoy working together as long as they aren't "method acting." I have formed no opinions yet on the others involved.   I think this has a chance of stealing allot of seats away from some other huge movies next Summer. 

One part of ComicCon that  I really enjoyed: there were a few girls there that recorded the whole SWATH panel discussion, yet some of those cameras never left Kristen even while she was silent for several minutes.    Kristen seemed to sense this.  These girls with video recorders had probably stood in line for at least a day to be sitting in that hall and they LOVE Kristen.  On two occasions, I saw her look directly at a girl with a camera and give this sweet little smile and wave.  That moment probably made the year for those girls.  And I think Kristen knows this.   This was the right venue to connect with fans. Kristen understands how these young girls (and some older) idolize her & she made a point to make them feel good.  I was very impressed with her.  Again.

So I have been keeping my head buried in the sand lately because of the never ending drama.  Getting angry can sometimes serve a purpose if it drives us into action.  At the same time, I don't to need to experience negative vibrations all the time.  I can't relate to why people hate on this girl.  So when I see it first hand, my tendency is to fight it.  When I do fight it, nothing changes except now we have haters and an angry Dan.

When the negative affects me, its nobody's fault but mine.  I was the one dumb enough to read GossipCop's account of the SWATH panel at Comic Con.  Correction, not the article, but the comment section.  I thought it would be safe as it wasn't about her personal life.  After wasting two hours arguing with people who will always jump at every chance to hate on Kristen, I kinda stopped paying attention.

Hello Xbox.   I am very grateful for the new BWAN blog.  Let the pros fight that battle, though I would help them or others if asked. 

I am not totally out of the loop.  If something happens that I would want to know about, then I am told, thanks to @nycrk1

As for the name change of this blog: it was past time to do it.  I never would have used the 'O' word had I known what this fandom was like.  I knew very little when I started this blog in May, 2010.   I never was obsessed.  I watch from afar and it's a very small part of my life.  I thought it was funny (to use that word) before I realized that the clinical definition is applicable to some.  I am still Enamored and fascinated with Kristen and I probably will be for for awhile.  She is one of a kind.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy Summer. And a contradiction among some fans

I apologize for not updating (AGAIN)! Whenever I don't really have anything to say and I force a post, it's usually not that fun of a read. The posts that people enjoy are always spur of the moment reactions (to attacks on Kristen) that take very little time to write. This isn't one of those.

I have been busy but this week i am on vacation so my list of excuses is limited.

Kristen is one busy little bee. She is doing all sorts of physical stuff to get ready for this action movie, Snow White and the Huntsmen. It's a new experience for her and you know she is a perfectionist. Plus, though she isn't officially part of K11, I am guessing she is very involved. Who knows if she is actually going to be in that film but I suspect she is helping her mother quiet a bit.

I definitely had some preconceptions about Snow White and it didn't seem like a "Kristeny" type of selection. Yes, I am stealing that term from Michael Welch. I felt pretty certain she wouldn't play a damsel in distress. Unless that damsel fights back. I have read a few articles that say this movie is going to be very Kristenified. She is a gem and decision makers in Hollywood know that she is capable of delivering a great performance. I think she must be very excited about this. She has said more than once, that when it comes to selecting roles, the criteria is that it must make her feel as if she can't imagine the movie being made without her. Not as if others can't do the job, but she has to want it that bad, else it isn't worthwhile. So I have faith that this movie will be good. She is already working on it.

Yes I really enjoyed the spandex. I usually have a bit more restraint, especially to paparazzi shots, but when I saw those pics, my impulsive side got the best of me. I hardly ever tweet, yet I have tweeted about Kristen's butt a few times. I have always had a weakness for a pretty face. Combined with nice posterior and I am goner. I used to do Yoga at a beginners level.
It was always a challenge to get through those sessions if the girl in front of me had a nice backside. I would have to move to the front so I couldn't see anyone, else risk embarrassment.

I don't know if Kristen was actually doing Yoga, but whatever it is --- you take an already hot body and start doing Yoga or weight training --- things get even rounder and firmer. There is a lucky guy out there somewhere who also has the same level of appreciation for this best part of the female form

Change of Topic: And this is probably the real reason I haven't posted in awhile. I knew I would have to speak my mind. Some people might take offense. I have been biting my tongue for awhile. Please keep in mind that no one is being singled out. For the most part, this doesn't happen by those I follow on Twitter. But a Twitter search "Rob Kristen" shows all sorts of whining.

Waiting/Expecting/demanding a picture is wrong. I don't wish to judge people. And I know seeing their smiling faces is a potent mood elevator. Being dependent on this vicarious experience just isn't healthy. Plus, how can you want something you know they don't want

If a picture of Kristen with Robert happens, thats one thing. There is still the debate of creating a market for paparazzi. But in this case, I am referring to the unhealthy need for such pictures.

I said I will not discuss her personal life any more (though my opinions have not changed.) I am breaking that because some fan behavior is contradictory to wishing happiness for them. Kristen has said for a long time now that she didn't want to share this part of her life. Robert has said the same. So when they get to spend time together without being seen -- that is exactly what they want. As fans we should be happy they are getting what they want. What makes the two so appealing that even a few guys think what they have is really cool? A huge part of it is the anti-famewhore mentality. This distinguishes them and demonstrates that what they have is genuine. They want to see each other without being seen. What we saw on their last two public outings should have been more than enough reassurance and we aren't entitled to any. Hoping for a paparazzi shot "just so we can see how happy they are" is just wrong. The need for reassurance is annoying and unhealthy.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

In response to "Rich Hippies"

This is part of what Lainey said in a post called "Rich Hippies"

Of course you can pose pretty for pictures and be a basketcase on stage. The point is that not everyone is buying it. And that’s Sarah position on Stewart – that she’s polarising no matter what, it’s out of her control. Sarah maintains that Stewart is very, very, VERY shy, which accounts for the awkwardness and that we shouldn’t pick on a kid for being an introvert. Sasha on the other hand attributes the patented Stewart public discomfort to a case of Rich Hippy-ness which also makes a lot of sense:

“Have you ever met a white rich girl who gets dreads and wear cheap hemp clothes. It’s like they want to reject everything they are – which is RICH and ELITE – and R-patz and Kristen act all awkward and homely for that same reason. It’s annoying to me.”

Kinda like another version of Gwyneth Paltrow? Right?

As you know, if you’ve been reading my site long enough, I like Kristen Stewart. Oftentimes I’m a Stewart apologist. I find her interesting and I want to see her (other) movies. But it’s exhausting watching her so exhaustingly exhausted by the crushing burden of her fame. You ever been around one of those “artist/writer/painters” and they FEEL more than you, and they despair harder than you, and sometimes you think – holy sh-t, you are working so hard to be miserable? On some level you have to wonder if she works at being awkward, has to remind herself to NOT be comfortable, you know what I mean? The Rich Hippy takes her shoes off right after the carpet because she’s more comfortable eating tree bark than wearing leather heels.

I doubt she will run my email, so I thought would post it.


It's genuine, imo. And there are some of us who have dealt with anxiety in public without having significant underlying emotional issues. It's genetic to some degree. I think she does have some hippie nature to her, but the kind that emphasizes acceptance. I saw an interview where she said someone advised her to be more "bubbly." She said she would hate herself for doing that because she knows it wouldn't be real. If that makes her a rebel for rejecting the Hollywood culture then so what? Good for her. Kristen is very comfortable making movies but that red light indicating "live" sends a shiver down her. She recognizes it for what it is and has learned to accept it. This attitude in time makes people comfortable. Last Sunday I saw no awkwardness.

If you are referring to her not kissing her bf on live TV, I think that is a rebellion to the obsession people have about them. They aren't trying to capitalize on their situation. They are trying to live a normal life. I don't think she is saying "I'm unhappy because of this burden of fame." I think she is happy but she will never conform to the boxes that some people want her to fit into. I love this about her. It's a huge reason I am a fan. I never paid attention to celeb culture and would never read sites likes yours (no offense intended) if it wasn't for Kristen. She is one of kind. That makes some rather shallow minded critics want to drag her back to the pack and say she is no different than the rest of the famewhores.

I should defend Rob, too, but I'll let someone else do that. I do think he is genuine as well. Again, some people are either threatened or they are too shallow to accept those that don't color within the lines.


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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Post MTVMA thoughts

Lots of nice things happened this past Sunday night. You know if you have read some of my entries here that I wouldn't not be watching this type of event --- at all --- if it weren't for the high opinion I have of Kristen Stewart.

As always, Kristen gets more beautiful every time she makes an appearance.

The only reason I know half of the names I saw is because I follow entertainment news strictly because of Kristen and I learn about others as I am trying to get to the Kristen news. Though I ignored celeb news in the past, I have always loved movies.  The names I know are now picking up the generation awards.   The class of Reese Witherspoon is something I want to touch on.   What an incredible career she has had to date.  If you haven't seen Election with Matthew Broderick, then you missed one of the better films of the 90s.     And Freeway with Keifer Sutherland.   I was so happy to see her get the Oscar for Walk the Line, a film in which she and J. Phoenix honored the life of a man I idolized. I am pleased to learn she and Kristen have struck up a friendship.   Kristen has no shortage of mentors, but Reese would be a good one.    I felt her comments (possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show) didn't strike out at anyone in particular, but rather validated/complimented the way Kristen has chosen to conduct her personal life.

My admiration for Kristen includes the people she chooses to spend her time with. I believe Robert when he said she was a great judge of character. I decided last month that I plan to avoid discussing her relationship because I don't think she wants it being discussed.  If people didn't obsess on it, then maybe she wouldn't mind.  However, when Kristen is attacked by hateful idiots I may poke fun at their stupidity as my last post did.

Like Kristen, Rob is one of a kind.  His bizarre behavior is pure and refreshing and Sunday night was classic Rob.  Why hire a media coach and ruin his natural bizarre way of thinking and acting when he is having such a good time?  It's very entertaining.  Kristen and Robert both have an integrity that one wouldn't expect to find in that group.  I want her to be happy as she embarks on a life in which I think she will entertain me and others for many years to come.  She seems very happy.   So I hope there are very few changes in the personal department.   But it's not my business.

I was disappointed in some of the reactions I saw after the Best Kiss award.  Come on!!!  Did anyone think these two would kiss on national television?  Never.   No one should have hoped for or expected that.   It's an example of people projecting their values and expectations onto people who are in a situation none of us can imagine.  Plus, the reason they won't, that reserved personality that would rather blend in than seek the spotlight, is a huge factor in why I think so highly of this young lady. 

I thought the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part I was pretty damn good. I am so looking forward to it. I have no doubts these last two movies are going to be much better than the previous three. Bella squeezing Charlie's hand set the tone of the trailer and Rob's voice over stepped it up notch. Reports from the MTVMAs had those two getting excited on stage while the trailer played. It seems they are so pumped about this movie. Kristen's ET Weekly interview on Breaking Dawn revealed allot of genuine emotion about this project. I am just as excited to see the press that will precede the release date. Then after BD Part I, we get On the Road, which might warrant some awards. It will be an amazing time for Kristen fans between October through this time next year. Then a short summer before BD part II.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Conspiracy of the decade

for entertainment only. This fake news story could not get published in The Onion so I "broke the story" here.

Reese Witherspoon is the latest conspirator identified in the plot to convince the public of a real life relationship between Twilight Saga co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Witherspoon and Pattinson co-starred together in the Fox production of "Water for Elephants"

While discussing Pattinson, Witherspoon told British newspaper The Daily Mail, "I know his girlfriend (Twilight's Kristen Stewart) really well, and he's met my husband."

Did Witherspoon marry Hollywood talent agent Jim Toth this year to lend further credibility to the "perception" that Pattinson doesn't bed every female he encounters? That is one question being asked by a group of Truth seekers who seek to free Pattinson from being forced to spend time with Stewart. "it's tragic he is unable to choose who he spends his time with," says a spokeswoman for the nameless group.

Plots of this complexity have not been seen in decades. The "romance" scheme rivals the coverups of the murders of President Kennedy and his brother, Bobby. The alleged Moon landing by NASA is another example of such skilled manipulation of the public.

Summit Entertainment concocted the scheme. Their goal is to maximize profits for the remaining two movies in the Twilight Saga. It's is believed that if Pattinson and Stewart were viewed as co-stars only, Summit would barely recover it's production costs.

Summit has demonstrated it will stop at nothing to achieve this deception.
The list of the forced interactions between Pattinson & Stewart is too
long to list.

Summit has ordered Pattinson and Stewart to be in the prescense of each other for birthdays, holidays, and any of their so called "downtime." Stewart has been sent to Europe on a few occasions, including a trip to Budapest on her 20th birthday in 2010, so that Pattinson would not be viewed as "available."

The plot was escalated recently when the two stars were forced to "rescue" a shelter canine, days away from euthanasia. While Pattinson discussed the dog with the media during his movie promotion duties in Europe, Stewart was ordered to walk the dog in New York City in clear view of the paparazzi.

Summit's greatest asset in the scheme are the personalities of Stewart and Pattinson. Both refuse to discuss their personal lives and seem determined to have privacy. Unlike most celebrities, they will only discuss their work. They avoid the paparazzi with the skill of cold war era spys. Such determination to avoid attention is the obvious give away to their real intent.
"Why else would they be so determined to keep their lives private if they were not covering up a fake relationship?," says our source, who claims to represent Pattinson's "true fans." This group counters the conspirators with their own counter operations, mostly tasks designed at slandering Stewart.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kristen's appeal to my demographic is on the rise

Everything below is opinion.

The pictures of Kristen that have emerged over the past couple of weeks are contributing to her reaching a new stratosphere. Maybe this is an exaggeration but three of my friends (guys BTW who know nothing of Twilight) are suddenly curious. They have only seen her in Adventureland but now plan to see anything she is in, possibly even Breaking Dawn. One of these guys is a huge Jack Kerouac fan and he can't wait for On The Road.

The green bikini pics from St. Thomas have made allot of jaws drop.
I think some guys who saw her as a pretty teenager are now seeing her completely differently now that she is grown up and looking incredibly sexy.

After getting over the shock of what a rare treat it was to see Kristen in those kind of pictures over the Easter weekend, I began to feel guilt over having looked at them. Paparazzi shots aren't a copyright violation but the legality of stalking a movie set like that is probably being challenged.

I am guilty of looking at the St. Thomas pics and some of the leaked/hacked screen caps. I am apologizing right now for giving in. I feel bad for all involved. They invested over half a year into making this. These last two movies are clearly going to be much better than all the other Twilight films. I am pissed at myself for looking. To make up for that I vow to allot spend more on the movies than I would have otherwise. Besides going to the theater, ordering the DVDs, and downloading from iTunes -- I guess I'll buy extra seats.

I am convinced the leaks were not intentional, but I do think there exist a good chance more people will see movies because of the leaks. This won't erase the disappointment they must feel but it might be the silver lining.

This could be my imagination but on St. Thomas it seemed like many faces in that large crowd were on the lookout for paps. The guy was well hidden and that makes it even worse to have looked. It was a large gathering on that isolated beach. I don't know nearly enough about filmmaking to know how many people it would take to get the footage they needed that night. I have entertained the theory that executives that wouldn't normally attend might have been on hand because that was that the last footage that company would gather from Edward and Bella. The franchise will go down as something special to the many people that were involved. I kind of sensed a "we did it" vibe from the smiles Kristen gave to faces I didn't recognize.

One other point i want to touch on are Rob's recent words in which he basically confirmed Kristen as his girlfriend by what he didn't say in response to a reporters question about the secrecy of the relationship. He said his life being news/entertainment makes him feel "cheap and tacky." I like them both for having this attitude. I have blogged that their attitude towards it made it more real to me. And Rob blew the lid off PR theories. I am very glad he did that. But because of the "feeling tacky/cheap" comment, I an inclined to stop talking/blogging about "them." Kristen has been saying this for a long time, and I am such a shit for ever getting into those discussions once I knew that. I will defend her from attacks but my future post may not say anything about the relationship. My views are recorded here on this blog and those views are not changing. But I will try harder to avoid talking about it in the future. If you want to read a guy discussing the draw of R/K, you may have to dig into the archives. I am sorry, but yall know i have been torn about this for awhile. His statement is so consistent with what she has said. "It's not my job" has been quoted by both.

I like writing about this amazing babe and I should respect her (their) wishes and not add fuel to the fire.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What happened?

Where have I been? Living life as always. I heard something happened last weekend but for the life of me I can't figure out what everyone's talking about.

Just kidding. I saw it. I am surprised yet pleased that it happened.
So much about it has been hashed out since then. I usually don't see and experience all these events in real-time like many of you. There has been so much analysis since then so I don't have that much to add.

In case I have not mentioned this a thousand times before, Robert has the best girlfriend one could hope for. She is amazing. Sunday was his night. She went out her way just to be there to support him. It had nothing to do with promoting anything. Of course she did what she could to stay out of the spotlight. That part doesn't surprise me at all, as Kristen is the exact opposite of an attention whore.

@twopeas1pod has been gradually developing her blog. As for what happened Sunday, I am going to defer to her opinion on this break out post of hers.

Some people think Rob made a statement. I don't think that was the case.
The way I see it is that he knows Kristen is shy and he thinks it's cute. They were both riding a high (of the night) and he was teasing her. From the interactions between them that we have been allowed to see, they have always had a playful banter. That was most evident on the Eclipse dvd.
Sunday night the playfulness continued. I think Rob knew she would react as she did and we owe him for the adorable embarrassed smile we got from Kristen.

As for the PR assertion from Lainey and her assistant.
They both said that R/K, though in a real deal, decided to take advantage of the situation. Give the fans what they want and you promote both WFE and BD. Bitter perhaps that she and her band of paps couldn't get anywhere near that set in their own backyard? They especially couldn't get near R/K. When you have to sit in the bushes for grainy shot, you may not be their biggest fans.

I stumbled onto this topic a couple places. PR accusations have become my pet peeve. I don't think Kristen would use any part of her personal life to promote anything. There is work. Then there is her life. There is a clear line between the two. If a studio exec told her to loosen up and be affectionate towards Rob in front of the paps, she would tell them....... Let's just say she wouldn't say "yes sir" to such a request.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Processing the negative

It's been a week to where every night it just seems more bizarre than the night before.  Like many of you, I have stressful job.  Hearing good news about Kristen is one of the activities I use to decompress.  This past week it hasn't been such a good stress reliever.   I am sure everyone is tired about the leaks.   And talking about the leaks.   I was really pissed off a day ago.  But what can I do about it?    This blog is to record my thoughts on Kristen.    If people read that's a bonus. 

Kristen did nothing to deserve this and I hope her spirits can get past it, soon.

I hope she enjoys her 21st birthday.  It's the last one many of us look forward to.  I am really appreciative of the sites that had the Covenant House campaign for Kristen's BD.   You know this will cheer her up.   I made a second contribution today.  But honestly, it was about making myself feel better.   I feel guilty when stuff happens to her.   I know intellectually it's not my fault but I have a hard time accepting it.

I spend about 30 to 45 minutes a day on Twitter.  It was more like once a week before this blog was stumbled upon by Tweeters last summer.   I have had the account since they opened shop but have not become completely comfortable with the instant nature of it.  I enjoy reading Tweets of a few people in regards to Kristen and all that surrounds her.  There are about 20 of you, actually, that I look for to dispel rumors or just give me a rundown of the days events.   And there are two or three sites I check. 

My current favorite Tweeter is @victoria1985.  I have no idea if she reads this but she is like a Twitter detective.   Awesome AVI, too.

So besides the leaks, lots of FOS stories, too.   Earlier tonight I saw the editorial comment from Elle US.   If you consider that someone who only knows ten percent of the facts, hasn't seen the pictures and occurrences that have made it beyond obvious for those that have, then combine that with R/K's decision for privacy and the writers desire to appear hip, then it's no surprise he/she would write that.   I am not excusing the rudeness of it,  I am just not surprised.    I also think R/K wish people would draw a conclusion (one or the other) so they could  be off everyone's radar.  Who could blame them?

I have only touched on a fraction of the last week.   Other very annoying discussions have taken place.  Most of it is due to immaturity.   When some "news" or rumors starts, it's not Kristen or Robert's fault.  To say I am done with her or him because of this story is pure childishness.  

I have cleaned the negative out of my system now.

Happy birthday, Kristen.  You are perhaps the most fascinating woman alive today.  Your beauty, talent, and character  make you the perfect woman.  Please don't ever change.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Nothing has changed

Everything below is opinion, as always. I am not the repetitive type, so there has not been much to blog about recently.

Nothing has changed. Some gossip columnist decided to stir the pot for some reason. I honestly don't think he believes in an impending split. He is just being a gossip queen and he will do what it takes to remain relevant.
Very recently he said Rob & Kristen are "in it for the long haul." I have seen enough of his pot stirring over the past year to know it when I see it.

I am on record on these pages of many opinions about Kristen, including her relationship with Robert. That seems to be the only thing making news lately. There is an occasional update on her next gig, which has her starting SWATH in August. Outside of those rare updates, all of the news regarding Kristen lately have come from Rob's brief mentions of her during his movie promotion. I like Rob. He is funny. The way he does interviews is amusing at times. I did a little catch up today on his recent interviews. The MTV, Leno, and EW interviews made sense. The foreign ones were puzzling. Has he ever talked about "Green Politics" before? I don't follow him like some of you so I don't know. I would suspect (and hope) that whatever political opinions Rob and Kristen have formed at this early stage of their lives are left of center.

I thought the VF interview was weak, cheap and poorly written. That interviewer asked some very leading questions. Does he have the same intensity towards Kristen as Edward has for Bella? That was an insult. She knew he didn't want to go there, so she tried to trick it out him. How do you answer that question without revealing anything about your private life? Kristen won't allow a question like that to be asked. They have different methods of "not going there" Kristen prevents the question from being asked, Rob let's it get asked and tries to change the subject, usually with humor.

There is no new information regarding Rob and Kristen. Rob reinforced that he doesn't want to talk about it & he looks forward to when people stop caring.

We still only have the actions to go on. Nothing has changed. They are occasionally spotted together. Par for the last year when i first began to pay attention. The list of actions remains a compelling conclusion that a real relationship exists.

Kristen, I am sorry for talking about this!!!!

It would be understandable if the stress were too much and that led to a spilt. But it could also make them stronger. From what I think I know of Kristen's personality (and I could be very wrong) those private pics over Xmas would have infuriated her. I think she would have been less upset over
PDA or other embarrassing situations. But that was Rob's parents, they are innocent of this drama. If I am reading her right, that pic was more over the line than any other situation you can imagine. It might have resulted in a more determined intention to protect her private life and the lives of those she cares about.

Kristen and Robert are so different than the typical Hollywood personality.
How do I know this? Because of what they do and say. Many actors actually seem to relish being papped holding hands, etc. I think it's cheap. I want to like other actresses, like Ashley, because she seems sweet. But I see too much focus on herself. She wants more attention, it's obvious and it's a turnoff. Actually, this is normal 23 year old hot chic behavior. I probably take it for granted now that Kristen rises above this.

If R/K break-up, then so what. It doesn't affect me in any way. There just wouldn't be any more "awww" pictures of the two of them. I don't have a personal investment. The way some people think, I should want Kristen single since I find her so irresistible. She continues to get more beautiful every time we see her, right Matt Perry? Unless she flies to Austin and knocks on my door, I am not going to get to date her. Since she ain't coming for me, i think she and Rob make a good couple. And i have never said that about any two people before. Its their uniqueness that makes them so appealing. They are the outsiders, who are refreshingly different in the way they live and the values they posses, and damn don't they look amazing. It's a chemistry that not only affects them, but most of the people watching them.

So if they were done (and there is no evidence they are or will be) then it's not a big deal. What does bother me and brings out my defensive side are the insults that suggest Kristen would take any part in a "showmance" There is no fucking way. Not this girl. Those making these accusations are the biggest idiots out there. The studio tried to prevent her from cutting her hair to play Joan Jett in a low budget Indie. She didn't adhere to their wishes on that matter. But she would let the same studio dictate how to live her life in her own time? No fucking way!!!!!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The non-post Post

I don't have any strong opinions to share today. I am sorry I just can't be serious right now. Many people tell me they look forward to an update here and I start feeling guilty when its been ten days or more from the last one.

There are some readers of this blog from Asia, including Monica. I hope you are OK. The same goes for anyone else who's lives have been affected by the rumblings of the planet. I don't have first hand experience with that kind of tragedy.

I do support the charity thing for Kristen's Bday. I contributed. I don't think she would care for a public birthday card but I do think she would definitely appreciate giving to Covenant House in her name. That's a signal to her that she has fans who want to support what she cares about. So good job to those who came up with the campaign. If you are unfamiliar, see Twilightish

I am not Tweeting this "non post" either because this is not one I am proud of. I hardly ever Tweeted before last August, and I am still under 400 Tweets since I signed up for the account three or four years ago. My inner Chris Weitz is not ready to get out. He seems to be having a good time. Did he just discover this invention?

I do appreciate the support I get on Twitter despite the fact that I haven't fully embraced that medium. This blog would have remained unread if not for Twitter. If I have ever offended anyone with my lack Twitter etiquette, then i truly apologize. When I make another "real" post again, I'll Tweet it.

I have strange sense of humor. Ted's Awful Truth is one place I can rarely stomach, but I actually got a good laugh from it early last week.

Monday I looked at the AT boards for a few minutes after some "news"
that will go unmentioned. The fact that it was even posted to begin with was annoying but I can't do anything about that. I read up to about seventy five posts and then I had to stop because I was laughing too hard. I copied these three so I could relive the moment.

BobNYC Mon, Mar 7, 2011, 3:07 PM
Please take a reality check * This is news? worthy of a video post??? Rob and Kristen holding hands. Oh, dear lawdy stop the presses. Now if it were John Boehner and John Travolta holding hands, maybe. THIS is news? oh, please!

to BobNYC Mon, Mar 7, 2011, 3:46 PM
Thanks a lot Bob. Now when I see John BoehnerI'm going to picture him with John Travolta. That is not a pic anyone should have in their mind.

Sigh Mon, Mar 7, 2011, 3:51 PM
Who cares? Anyways I'm going to go get my popcorn and enjoy the Nonstens VS Robsten war. That is always entertaining.

Oh, the Nonsten versus Robsten war. It still persist!!! After all that's happened already, how does such an insignificant event trigger such intense responses from people???? Dr. Phil should cover this topic. It's still going on and that really sux for Kristen and Robert. But what else can you do besides ignore it and laugh about it???

Again, sorry I didn't really have a topic this week.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I agree Rob, Its Traumatic

I just read some of the VF interview with Rob (and yes since I read it online, I will buy the magazine...its only right). Like many others, I feel bad for the guy.
I don't know how well I would function in that bubble. Having a wonderful girl like Kristen to get through it would be crucial. And after years of it now, it may be close to breaking him. Maybe he isn't always this down. But the honesty Rob expressed in that interview --- Its not just about him. I doubt he would have used the word "Traumatic" if he was just thinking about himself.

I think Kristen must feel much the same about the insanity of all of this. And you would think I was a damn feminist for saying this,
but its because I am such a fan of hers, but Kristen can't get away with venting about down side of the fame like Robert just did. She actually has before in lesser known magazines and the reaction from some very vocal critics was she was whiny and ungrateful and what a bitch, etc. All those women who railed on Kristen after her interviews last spring are now saying, "Poor Rob."
To me this says so much about the pitiful character of the women who trash Kristen while praising Rob. Why can't you like them both? They are going through the same thing. She has suffered as badly as he has, possibly worse. At the very least, people must understand why these two need each other. Even if you don't buy into the concept that they are probably in love with each other, to not respect the importance each of them has for the other is subhuman behavior.

Since those interviews last Spring, when Kristen vented, she has not really come even close to doing so again --- because she knows what the reaction would be. I have even seen her say the crazy fame
part isn't as bad as it seems. In her last several interviews she has said she has gotten use to, adjusted, etc. I am sure Rob is optimistic many days as well, but what we read from Rob today is a reality for both of them. He can express it. She can't

Both Rob and Kristen are far, far from the typical person out there. Yes, there are many people who would love to take the places of Rob and Kristen. Oh, such people might make a ruse at how their life is inconvenient, but for the most part they would really love all the attention. As I have said before, not everyone wants the same things in life. These two are in the part of their lives when most of us didn't have a freaking clue what our life would be about. Kristen would be a sophomore in college. Rob would be doing what his friends are doing, making a living in music but able to walk around the block without getting mobbed by obsessed fans.

Rob and Kristen want to do good work, but they could take or leave the material rewards. And they damn sure don't want people obsessing over every little move they make. This last point brings me to the thoughts I have had many times. And a blogger I respect asked herself the same question today. Am I fueling the fire that makes their life unpleasant?

If everyone who was doing something online stopped -- say we just stopped doing this --- stopped congregating online ---- with only the exception of discussing the upcoming movies and not the personalities involved, would it help make their lives easier? I would stop in heartbeat if I knew if I was hurting more than helping.

**** a quick note unrelated: As I said in my post from 2/19, more men have shown up.
I am not the only guy out there. I only mention this today because there is a guy named "Dan" who I have seen post comments at a few places. Though his opinions seems pretty close to mine, we are not the same person. If I post somewhere, it will be under the name dano328 or possibly Opytaylor.***

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Kristen I would like to know

I was the youngest of three boys. No sisters.

It would be fun seeing her carefree like that & I would gladly protect her freedom to behave that way.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back to the basics on why i love Kristen

Why is it that Kristen is the first celebrity I have ever really cared about? Certainly there have been actresses in the past I was attracted to but there would be twenty others with the same attraction. I wasn't interested in what they had to say or their views on life.

I have mentioned that I am introverted (which is not a bad thing) and I see that in Kristen. Being in the public eye is not something an introvert would seek. There are lots of actors with successful careers who can still do their own shopping. They can take off for a long walk around the park. These things have been taken away from Kristen and for this I really feel bad for her. I don't think the money makes up for that.

Just as I wouldn't have chosen my particular career in advance, I am pretty sure Kristen wouldn't have picked being one of the most famous persons in the world. The people that say she is spoiled and ungrateful just don't have a clue that not everyone wants the same things in life.

I have described it before how I first came to be so curious and enamored with Kristen. In the first and second entries of this blog I discussed how I came to be "obsessed." That word doesn't really apply as I do have a life to live and Kristen is compartmentalized into the entertainment section.
Last May I felt pretty certain that no one would ever read this blog (and no one did until August) so I was a bit sloppy. I'll do a better job of describing it today. It was about this time last year when it happened. First, I'll tell you why I was watching Twilight on Showtime last spring.

I must have something good to read at all times. As an introvert, that time of day alone with a book is critical to recharging. Books that keep my attention are hard to find. I had just finished all of the Sookie Stackhouse books and at the time, the Hollywood babe that I was paying attention to was Sookie herself, aka Anna Pacquin. I still think she is a cool chic but I wasn't THAT interested in her. The next Sookie book and the third season of TrueBlood were several months away.

Twilight was out there and I knew it was very popular. I was hesitant for a very long time. But I was hard up for a book. I couldn't find anything.
I read a review on Amazon from a 50 year-old man who said (paraphrasing)If you like Sookie, you'll love Bella too. And don't worry about the marketing
towards teens, these are great stories (end paraphrase). So I took a chance on Twilight. It won me over and I read all four books pretty quickly.
I watched Twilight once around November 09 and was a little disappointed.

So in March of 2010 Twilight is on Showtime. It was a Saturday afternoon and I thought I would probably fall asleep watching it. Then I started noticing
the little things Kristen was doing in character that I thought were endearing and charming. I was falling for Kristen's version of Bella. I didn't remember
her being so pretty that first time I saw the movie the previous fall. I really enjoyed her floundering in the Volleyball game and the awkward conversation
with Anna about not being tan like everyone else in Arizona. It turned out that Kristen has allot of Bella in her, with notable exceptions -- Kristen seems
to be a bit of a natural athlete and she can definitely dance.

It was the "Edward returns to Biology scene" that started it all. I experienced a change watching her facial expressions in that scene. I saved the movie
at that point and its still on my DVR nearly a year later. Bella was losing the choice. From that moment on, she was hooked on Edward. I was hooked on Kristen at the same moment, yet I didn't know her name yet. That night I started googling and learning about this immense phenomena of the Twilight universe. The more I learned
about her personality the more interested I became. A couple of weeks later, I downloaded "Into the Wild" and any chance I had of reversing this obsession was gone after that.

At first I didn't put much stock into the actor playing Edward. For the most part, I don't think I care very much for most male actors. I see most of them as being narcissistic pricks. I know that is way too wide of a net to cast of that group, but I do give them a chance to change my mind. I have always liked Johnny Depp because he seemed the reluctant star. But I couldn't stand Brad Pitt for reasons I still can't define. I certainly didn't care about him and Angelina together (though I admire her work as a philanthropist). As I researched Kristen, I began to learn about the humility of Rob's personality. And I had to admit that the scenes in Twilight that I was so impressed with was because of how well Kristen and Robert responded to each other. Further google searches revealed that what they had going may not be just about acting. Are they together in real life? Did I care? I was so embarrassed to admit it, but I did.

There have been more men show up who root for Rob and Kristen as a couple. Its unprecedented because I am certain none of us cared about other couples, including Pitt/Jolie.

The more I learned about Kristen, the more impressed I was with everything she was about. And though I didn't have the same degree of interest in Robert, I knew
that he was very important to her and thus I wished the best for him and the two of them. They have put up with so much BS that would have likely broken many couples.

Today, I think what I like the most about Kristen is that she is trying to impress no one. Unlike most of Hollywood, there isn't 1% of fake in how she portrays herself. She shows us who she really is. The pressure to talk about her private life, yet refusing to go there, just made me all the more impressed. This is a person with very admirable principles.

I could go on and on about Kristen's beauty and I have. The attitude is such a big part of the attraction. Though Kristen is shy and seems nervous sometimes in front
of these huge crowds, she also exudes a quiet and unshakable confidence at the same time.

So I just wanted to get back to the basics about this blog. The drama that comes and goes has no bearing on what I think about this woman. Its my hope that is doesn't shake her outlook on life, because she has allot of good things to do in the years to come.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Louisiana lockdown ideal for Kristen

So we haven't seen Kristen in awhile. I know she likes it that way and deserves the long break she has gotten from the frenzy.

I want to see a Vamped out picture of Bella but definitely not from the lens of a paparazzi. Neither do I want to see Kristen in a picture she doesn't consent too. So I don't mind this so called "drought" If there were pap pictures, I would end up looking. So it's better to not be tempted.

I knew after Brazil that too much was given away. Fans always want more. But that week literally provided enough pictures to last for months. I am glad R/K have had this long break away from the public eye.

There are horror stories about cops in Louisiana, but when a Parrish needs money, everyone including the cops is going to see that the guest bringing money are treated like Royalty. The Entertainment Industry seems very active over there. It's good for the Gulf region and Hollywood is saving money as well. Its not just about the cops. You don't see pap or even phone camera pics because everyone, including restaurant proprietors, other hospitality workers, real estate people, and the everyday citizens walking around know that they want to keep these movie stars feeling welcome and safe. Someone getting too aggressive with their camera would be quietly removed from the scene. I wouldn't be surprised to learn if a pap or two has spent a night in jail (or worse) if the stern warning wasn't enough to get him/her out of the area. This has been a win for the cast, especially Rob and Kristen. If these two co-produce any of their own upcoming movies they might support production in Louisiana.

There isn't a more sought after target than R/K from the Stalkerazzi and they have gotten nothing over the past few months. Those same photographers will be waiting in Vancouver.

The only negatives coming out of the "drought" are that gossip sites stir pots with old stuff. No real info comes from that so it's only an issue if you let it be. Nothing has changed. Nor will anything change based on what does or does not happen at award shows over the next month or so.

As for new movies being discussed. I don't think Kristen will do Lois Lane and I am glad as I have never cared for Superman in any version. I have mixed feelings about American Girl. I like the story, but don't care for James Woods, mostly because of his Ultra Right Wing views.

With Snow White, my first reaction was "kids movie" but upon looking further it's much more than that. Fairy Tales can be interesting science-fantasy fiction. Fairies, or the Fay, in some literature are another type of immortals. I like Chairlaine Harris's version of the Fay. CH writes the Sookie Stackhouse Novels, which True Blood is based loosely on. I say loosely because Alan Ball took True Blood in it's own direction and hasn't respected some of the most
critical story lines. I am opinionated about True Blood. I despise Alan Ball and love Charlaine Harris. So Snow White and the Huntsman may be good and I just read they have offered the role to Kristen.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Glad I am not missing anything.

Hi everyone. This is just a status post that I'll delete once I write something else. I had surgery earlier this week. I don't won't to go into details about it other than to say I haven't been able to stay awake long enough to really read anything.
I should be close to normal about this time next week.

Nothing has changed has it?

Speculation on Kristen's next movie. Has anything solidified there?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Ramblings

I wanted to get something written so those that follow this blog don't assume I have decided to stop. I am not going to stop but there might be longer gaps in between posts as this is a busy time of year for me. Plus New Years resolutions usually involves a time commitment, right?

Since last March i have spent enough time to learn the basic story of Kristen Stewart over the past few years. And i have stayed fairly current. But honestly i don't need to be as current as I have been. The daily stuff that happens should be less of a priority because there can be too much drama. Drama can put me in foul mood. The large parts of the story aren't going to change.

Kristen continues to define, for me, the perfect woman/actress/good person. It appears a Jolie like philanthropy is in the development stages. I know of Jolie's work from watching CNN. And sure she is pretty and all. But as you know, I much prefer Kristen for many different reasons (which i have covered on these pages) and when she gets her projects going, I'll contribute. Kristen is in good company with Robert. I really don't think that relationship is going to end anytime remotely soon, even after Twilight --- despite the best efforts, lies and propaganda from Hatesten. So the right thing to do is accept it and let them be. Its a very honorable trait to stick to your principles as R/K have. Don't you have allot more respect for a couple that keeps it private as opposed to the ones who will tell you all about it on E? I don't understand why some people don't get that.

It kinda sux that there will only be one movie with Kristen in it this year. I read that we are probably looking at this time next year before On The Road comes out.

I rely on several of you, including Tammy @PattzStewGlobal to fill me in on stories that I might miss, sans the drama. I'll never understand most of the drama, except that it's about two exceptional people. I hope they are sheltered from most of it. When I first started into this, I stayed on another heavily moderated, drama free fan site. That was the best place to be as i learned about Kristen. They sheltered me from even knowing about all the BS out there. I should have never ventured out from the safe confines of that site. They know who they are, and if they happen to read this I am grateful for the experience I have had and will continue to have there. If only the worrisome R/K fans would limit themselves to that type of drama-free, heavily moderated content, then much less crap would be seen from day to day by the rest of us.

I'll be buying my first ever copy of Vogue. I seem to remember discussions last spring of an Editor with a God complex who was determined to have Kristen's account of her and Robert. Kristen wouldn't give into her principles. You gotta love that. This may not be true, but lots of people discussed it back then. The pictures out this week are incredible, except for that one -- and it wasn't Kristen's doing that resulted in that bizarre creation. The interview was lacking the warmth and camaraderie of the British Elle article. Plus one statement from the writer kinda ticked me off. They basically said Kristen still struggles with on camera interviews. I call bullshit on this. I saw dozens of interviews on camera between Eclipse and now and she did very well on all of them. I also grant that Josh Horowitz with MTV does the best job with Rob and Kristen. They like him. Thus he can get away with a bit more than the rest.

I am all talked out for now. Take care.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How did Kristen become even more beautiful?

There are aspects of this new hobby of mine that are a bit embarrassing. Like watching second rate award shows. When I get back to doing what I really should be doing, I will not watch much TV at all. I went through a time a couple of years ago when I was training for triathlons and I gave my TV away. Not until I was injured did I buy the 50 inch screen and the premium cable package. That period of time without a TV was great. I don't plan to goto that extreme again, but I won't be seeing these award shows live.

Last year, I didn't watch any award shows, not even the Oscars. Its just too boring. And some of you know how I feel about most of Hollywood. Freakin attention whores "look at me!" I don't want to see them. I still will not make watching such a show the priority of the day (there weren't any college Bowl games last night). If I had plans last night, I would have still DVR'd the People's Choice Awards because I haven't seen Kristen in public in a long time. The first 90 minutes of the show was pretty unbearable and I actually hit the fast forward button once. I didn't work. I did enjoy those 10 minutes in which Kristen was on the screen. She looked more gorgeous than ever.

I have mentioned Kristen's beauty many times. Its a rare kind of beauty that I'll mention again and again. There are other traits about Kristen that have made her the first celebrity I have ever really cared about. As I have said repeatedly, I think highly of Robert too, but it was Kristen that made me notice his uniqueness as well. There have been times in my life when I was complimented/admired/honored. I get nervous and my leg shakes and I hope like hell they don't ask me to speak. Yes, this rarely happens and when it does, its on a scale that can not begin to be compared with her moments. But my moments have happened and I never outgrew those nerves. For me a "crowd" might have been ten or less people. I doubt Kristen gets nervous in small groups. But its adorable seeing her still react so like me. She is the talk of the town. No doubt she and Robert are who everyone wants to see and be seen with. Last summer I remember there was a story about Rob and Kristen at the after party of the Eclipse premiere. They were the two most sought after people at the party everyone wanted to be at. I read that, after some R/K PDA, she left early, saying she felt "claustrophobic." I was stunned to hear that because I have left parties citing that reason exactly. I thought this odd trait only affected me. This behavior of mine sometimes made people think I was rude or uncaring or full of myself. They had no idea how I really felt. I see this type of behavior in Kristen and I know I'll always be a big fan.

Kristen was nervous last night. And still private. She is not going to behave like people want her too (or think she should) when she is in a fish bowl that the world is watching. I was curious if the days of not allowing herself to be too affectionate with Robert were over. But she isn't ready or she was just too nervous. That's her business. Fans do not get to dictate how she behaves. What she has with Robert is very private for her and when she becomes ready to let her guard down (all of the time) it will be when she is ready. Yes we have seen many unguarded moments. Last night, however, was very guarded. When she is conscious about being watched in such a large fish bowl, she is intentionally more inclusive with Taylor. It was clear she was playing the Twilight card last night. There may have been something too Robert not initially planning to go. It kinda seemed staged that Taylor walked her up the isle. But this is not worth a second thought. What happens in public is not too relevant in the big picture. Its such a small window of their day. Last night Kristen was being professional. Even still her tendency (when not guarding herself) was to lean closer to Robert and to look to him in those instinctive moments. There were some good R/K pictures last night. Despite her guarding, it was clear there was a difference between Robert and Taylor. If people are trying to make something out of her attempts to be neutral (I am sure they are...keep it away from me) don't listen to these people. You know the truth about what is real. Its been less than a week since she was with Roberts friends and family in the UK during their very brief vacation. You know they are aware of what is said about them, good and bad. This might affect how she behaved (I hope not), but I think it was really just her being nervous. She is anything but predictable.

I was stunned by Kristen's beauty last night. I didn't think she could become prettier and hotter. Those legs looked even better. She is not completely done with her transformation into a woman, so she will continue to stun us. As gorgeous as she is, I feel a slight bit badly for Robert, because as he joked about on the Eclipse DVD, "someone is always getting in her business" Rob has the legions of female fans organized online, but some of his peers, young good looking actors who aren't his friends, are going to be attracted to Kristen. Its unavoidable. He doesn't have anything to worry about. She has demonstrated over time her devotion to him. But still, if she were my GF I would get nervous about taking her out and watching her admirers grow by leaps and bounds as she continues to get more beautiful. Yes Robert can have many women, including her peers. But she is too unique. I think he is enamored with the same traits about her that I find so adorable.

Till next time

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