Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Kristen I hope you read this

Dear Kristen,

Seeing the paparazzi get to you like we saw Friday is heartbreaking.

You have spent 99.9% of the past few years with the  armor that allows you to ignore it.    I never watch the videos because its too much.  I'm told what these scumbags yell at you to provoke reactions.

If I could, I would run interference on these guys as often as I could.  I am pretty sure I would end up in jail.

I am also very sorry that much of your personal life has to be played out in public.  I don't think there has been a celebrity as polarizing as you and I will never get why.   If I had to guess, it's because you don't put off a public persona.  Your only acting when on set.

The biggest factor that affects the crazies is the man you are associated-with.   This isn't his fault and they have harmed him as well.   I I hope you know the number of people that love you is much greater than those that spend their time finding ways to hate you.

There have been child actors who have struggled in adulthood.  So far, it looks like you will succeed, if you want to keep this up.  I hope you keep good mentors that you listen too.

You have been the first and definitely the last "celebrity" I will have concerns for.  I actually started this blog in 2010 because I was blown away by your performances that i had just discovered.   There are many that know more about you than me, so I will leave that #1 fan tag for someone else.  But if its only males being counted, I must be near the top.

I despise all the forms of entertainment media.  Very few have any ethics and we know when they use the word "source" there is a 99.9% chance they made it up.  The only exception I can find to this trend is Entertainment Weekly.  If they don't name a source, its a lie.  If you were not out there making news, I would not pay any attention to any of these entertainment outfits.

  The trait that made me identify with you so much is your introverted ness.   I'm not really talking about shyness and I agree with those that say you are not awkward but rather supremely confident.  But
those moments on TV when you appeared nervous, yet you faced the fear, this made many of us love you.

--those that have met and worked with you rate you as a top class pro and fun to be around.
--you make funny random gestures that are very endearing
--You can act in any genre at a top level
--your intelligence is off the charts.  This comes out in interviews when your words have trouble keeping up with thoughts.
--your beautiful even if you try not to be.
--there is not a celebrity I would put above you when it comes to beauty
-- your love for animals and loyalty to your friends is wonderful.

If there is trouble in your personal life right now, just know that it will pass.   I'll spare you any cliques.

I look forward to watching you pick up an academy award someday.  Or even if you decide to live a lower profile, I'll never forget you.

Yes I wish I had been fortunate as to have been in the same circles as you so I could really know you.  I wish I had been born a couple decades later in the Valley to have had a chance to know you.    I hope you have what you need around you in the way of friends.  It seems that might be the case but I'm in no position to say.   I also hope you are not too proud to seek therapy, regardless if its for individuals or couples.

No matter what happens in your life from here, thank you for the joy you have provided so far.

Best of luck

Austin, Tx

(Note for the comments.  I moderate it so fuck off haters.  Also, I try to accommodate international  comments most of the time, but I want this entry to be very English.  The translator programs don't work very well)


  1. Great post Dano, thank you for loving Kristen. I admired Kristen as an actor and i would never involved her personal life like last year at first regret and would not do that again, i see drama on twitter and i dont care. I hope Kristen's happy and success in life and karier✌


  2. Perfect. you said it all. I'm here too, and i'm sorry that their PRIVATE lives are this chaos.


  3. Dan, very, very nice letter to Kristen. I'm sure she truly appreciates fans like you (and me).

    We are not really sure when these pics were taken BUT yes it's obvious that they have gotten to her again. I only hope this "pap fiasco" passes soon and that Kristen (and the one she associates with) can weather this media storm.

  4. You make me proud of to be at your side as a fan!
    Great open letter!
    Kristen Stewart uniqueness brought together very interesting people of all ages, genders and cultures. It says a lot of her.
    It is good to read your thoughts and follow you on twitter

  5. Dano,
    Your last two posts are excellent as usual! I think you are one of a few who know how to support/defend her INDEPENDENT of her relationship with Rob. What fans & haters can't seem to understand clearly is that she is just HERSELF - alternatively strong and weak, confident and awkward, capable of phenomenal accomplishments and mistakes as well. A REAL PERSON! Who knew there actually could be a Real Person in Hollywood who is talented, smart, introverted, down-to-earth, and attractive. That just drives the media & conventional PR people crazy...and makes me support her even more!

    I was so glad to hear that "Camp X-Ray" is in the works. She must be VERY LOYAL because this sounds like the script for "An American Girl" that James Woods (seasoned actor/producer) raved about her involvement several years ago. It's not commercial and it spoke to her. Therefore, it speaks to me. And really, why would she "need" to do a big-budget Ben Affleck or Will Smith movie? I seem to remember her films that were low-budget indies, co-starring with THEN-unknown young actors (E.Hirsch, J.Eisenberg, E.Redmayne) that are among my all-time favorites films = "Into the Wild", "Adventureland", "Yellow Handkerchief"...The girl knows what she is doing. Period.

    I could ramble on all day about her films. But BOTTOM LINE: her relationship status does not matter to those who really appreciate her and her talent. Believe me, I will always support Rob too. However, it is OK if they are not together. I feel sure they will always have love and respect for each other, no matter what happens. They have tried to navigate the high pressure privacy wars as well as any couple could have, and they don't deserve this media/pap/hater treatment.

    Sorry for the babbling. I really appreciate your thoughts & passion for your interests (K as well as sports!) Keep up the great work.

  6. Very nicely well written letter. I have always been an admirer and fan of this young woman. I agree she has much talent and a very polarizing personality. Just look at the comments and blogs and mag stories written about her. I have never seen so many people with so much addiction to one person in my life. Be it good or bad opinions, like her or not, you must admit that she has a lot of people totally (to use your word) enamored. I really don't think that it even has to do with RP so much now anyway. I think that the more people hate on this young woman and put her down, the more defenders she gains. And the more that you think about it, she really does seem to have more people talking about her and following her every move than really RP has fans. Not saying he doesn't have fans but most of them accept him as a couple with her (sorry if that offends anyone, just my opinion). It will be very interesting to see what happens in the future with their careers because although RP has upcoming projects, I think this un-coupleness will hurt him more than it does her. Again, just my opinion. I do look forward to more of KS upcoming projects and career news. She has accomplished so much at such a young age and I think she will continue to go far. Cant wait for more.

  7. sorry to anyone that noticed the typo. Its Friday now...The incident happened on Thursday