Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kristen in W

I had responded to one of the comments on my last post when "DG" asked me what i thought about the W photo-shoot. I had been a little hesitant to express my opinion on those pictures because I wasn't all excited. I said, in that comment a couple of weeks ago, that she was pretty but there are everyday natural pictures I liked more. And It didn't seem like the real Kristen. The way she looks when doing premieres and award shows is when we see how she can look if she wants. Everyday pictures in jeans (or has always been enough to get my attention. So I just didn't think such a spread was necessary.

I had expressed this opinion to @nycrk1 and though she didn't say so, I could tell she wasn't thrilled at my reaction. And I can't blame her. There was so much hate going on when those pictures were posted. Hate that reached a new low with people hiding bundles of the magazine. That action reveals a deep jealousy based, truly crazed hatred. All that negative was happening and a guy you should be able to count on to be supportive wasn't being so. Once I started to reverse my opinion, then @nycrk1 explained to me just how big of deal those pictures are. I didn't understand the concept behind them until she told me but I kept seeing the pictures in random places. I am allowed to change my opinion, right? My first reaction doesn't always stick.

My initial reaction was: glad she is enjoying the success and prestige that goes with that kind of thing but the pictures..... What shaped this initial reaction more than anything else was my lack respect for that industry, especially the advertising. The way Madison Ave creates an image they call success, beauty, and happiness -- this has always annoyed me. They define happiness and they must invest heavily into anti-depressants because few can achieve their definitions. OK, that's an exaggeration but you see my point. The 124 pages of ads before the table of contents reinforced my ill opinion of that industry.

I actually saw the magazine while waiting to get a haircut. And that cover blew me away. Even though I had seen the pictures online, seeing the cover stunned me into a daze. The chic ready to cut my hair had a hard time getting my attention. If Kristen was portraying a 1960s French model or whatever, she gave that image a real boost. No one does facial expressions like Kristen. It was her facial expression that initially put me under her spell. These pouty, sex on the brain, expressions are very convincing. Now whenever I see the pics, I think, damn those are the sexiest pictures she has ever done and probably amongst the sexiest pictures I have seen and they barely revealed any skin.

So I apologize for my initial reaction & glad I didn't say much about it until now.

I don't have any other Kristen topics to discuss right now. She is working and I doubt she is as relaxed as she was when doing Breaking Dawn. I am still paying much less attention than I used to. For one, I have to avoid current stories/gossip because that content ALWAYS leads to something negative. I'll read the heavily moderated sites only. But even that type of content takes time that I no longer have.

The English Premiere League is taking all the time I have for entertainment these days. If you are from the UK and/or follow a club Soccer then you might check out my new blog First Impressions. I seriously doubt more than a few people that read this blog will care for it.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post Comic Con Thoughts

I have been paying much less attention lately.  In part because of work.  In part because of some new time consuming hobbies (FiFa11 on the Xbox 360, a new book series.) Even if the NFL season didn't happen, I now really enjoy what the rest the world calls "football" just as much & my TV stays glued to The Fox Soccer Channel.  Hey, at least it's not FoxNews.   I'll mention the main reason for my recent avoidance in a moment.

I am trying to limit this blog to discussions about Kristen only  If you have read my past entries, you already know why.   You know we have new standard when it comes to male haircuts.  So I took a hair razor (with the setting on #2) and commenced to emulating a certain someone's boyfriend's haircut.  I thought for certain I would have women crawling all over me but it just hasn't worked out that way.   Darn my luck.  Lol.

I liked everything I saw of Kristen for both of  her days at Comic Con.
She has gotten really good at this media thing.  And she is still doing it her way.  What you see is what she is. There is very little, if anything that is rehearsed.  It all comes from the heart.   She seems abundantly happy and hasn't had to budge on her principles in dealing with the public & media.

Breaking Dawn is looking like it will be pretty good.  It's hard to remain interested in that story for so long.  All that remains is to see what this group did between last Fall through the Spring.  Hearing Kristen talk about it reinvigorates that interest.   Another director now gushes over her talent, intuition, dedication, and technical skill in the film making process.

For Snow White and the Huntsman: if there is one aspect I don't think belongs it would be the title because of preconceptions many of us, including Kristen, have when hearing that name.   This movie looks way more like "Game of Thrones," the book series consuming much of my free time lately, than anything close to Snow White.  These preconceptions are actually misconceptions.   I looked up Snow White on Wikipedia.  This type of movie can fit into that old fairy tale.   I know Kristen will do well.  And if Universal does a good job, we will have new perceptions about Snow White.

I enjoyed how Charlize promoted the movie with her "bring it bitch" line at Comic Con.  I like Charlize and I think she and Kristen will enjoy working together as long as they aren't "method acting." I have formed no opinions yet on the others involved.   I think this has a chance of stealing allot of seats away from some other huge movies next Summer. 

One part of ComicCon that  I really enjoyed: there were a few girls there that recorded the whole SWATH panel discussion, yet some of those cameras never left Kristen even while she was silent for several minutes.    Kristen seemed to sense this.  These girls with video recorders had probably stood in line for at least a day to be sitting in that hall and they LOVE Kristen.  On two occasions, I saw her look directly at a girl with a camera and give this sweet little smile and wave.  That moment probably made the year for those girls.  And I think Kristen knows this.   This was the right venue to connect with fans. Kristen understands how these young girls (and some older) idolize her & she made a point to make them feel good.  I was very impressed with her.  Again.

So I have been keeping my head buried in the sand lately because of the never ending drama.  Getting angry can sometimes serve a purpose if it drives us into action.  At the same time, I don't to need to experience negative vibrations all the time.  I can't relate to why people hate on this girl.  So when I see it first hand, my tendency is to fight it.  When I do fight it, nothing changes except now we have haters and an angry Dan.

When the negative affects me, its nobody's fault but mine.  I was the one dumb enough to read GossipCop's account of the SWATH panel at Comic Con.  Correction, not the article, but the comment section.  I thought it would be safe as it wasn't about her personal life.  After wasting two hours arguing with people who will always jump at every chance to hate on Kristen, I kinda stopped paying attention.

Hello Xbox.   I am very grateful for the new BWAN blog.  Let the pros fight that battle, though I would help them or others if asked. 

I am not totally out of the loop.  If something happens that I would want to know about, then I am told, thanks to @nycrk1

As for the name change of this blog: it was past time to do it.  I never would have used the 'O' word had I known what this fandom was like.  I knew very little when I started this blog in May, 2010.   I never was obsessed.  I watch from afar and it's a very small part of my life.  I thought it was funny (to use that word) before I realized that the clinical definition is applicable to some.  I am still Enamored and fascinated with Kristen and I probably will be for for awhile.  She is one of a kind.