Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Ramblings

I wanted to get something written so those that follow this blog don't assume I have decided to stop. I am not going to stop but there might be longer gaps in between posts as this is a busy time of year for me. Plus New Years resolutions usually involves a time commitment, right?

Since last March i have spent enough time to learn the basic story of Kristen Stewart over the past few years. And i have stayed fairly current. But honestly i don't need to be as current as I have been. The daily stuff that happens should be less of a priority because there can be too much drama. Drama can put me in foul mood. The large parts of the story aren't going to change.

Kristen continues to define, for me, the perfect woman/actress/good person. It appears a Jolie like philanthropy is in the development stages. I know of Jolie's work from watching CNN. And sure she is pretty and all. But as you know, I much prefer Kristen for many different reasons (which i have covered on these pages) and when she gets her projects going, I'll contribute. Kristen is in good company with Robert. I really don't think that relationship is going to end anytime remotely soon, even after Twilight --- despite the best efforts, lies and propaganda from Hatesten. So the right thing to do is accept it and let them be. Its a very honorable trait to stick to your principles as R/K have. Don't you have allot more respect for a couple that keeps it private as opposed to the ones who will tell you all about it on E? I don't understand why some people don't get that.

It kinda sux that there will only be one movie with Kristen in it this year. I read that we are probably looking at this time next year before On The Road comes out.

I rely on several of you, including Tammy @PattzStewGlobal to fill me in on stories that I might miss, sans the drama. I'll never understand most of the drama, except that it's about two exceptional people. I hope they are sheltered from most of it. When I first started into this, I stayed on another heavily moderated, drama free fan site. That was the best place to be as i learned about Kristen. They sheltered me from even knowing about all the BS out there. I should have never ventured out from the safe confines of that site. They know who they are, and if they happen to read this I am grateful for the experience I have had and will continue to have there. If only the worrisome R/K fans would limit themselves to that type of drama-free, heavily moderated content, then much less crap would be seen from day to day by the rest of us.

I'll be buying my first ever copy of Vogue. I seem to remember discussions last spring of an Editor with a God complex who was determined to have Kristen's account of her and Robert. Kristen wouldn't give into her principles. You gotta love that. This may not be true, but lots of people discussed it back then. The pictures out this week are incredible, except for that one -- and it wasn't Kristen's doing that resulted in that bizarre creation. The interview was lacking the warmth and camaraderie of the British Elle article. Plus one statement from the writer kinda ticked me off. They basically said Kristen still struggles with on camera interviews. I call bullshit on this. I saw dozens of interviews on camera between Eclipse and now and she did very well on all of them. I also grant that Josh Horowitz with MTV does the best job with Rob and Kristen. They like him. Thus he can get away with a bit more than the rest.

I am all talked out for now. Take care.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How did Kristen become even more beautiful?

There are aspects of this new hobby of mine that are a bit embarrassing. Like watching second rate award shows. When I get back to doing what I really should be doing, I will not watch much TV at all. I went through a time a couple of years ago when I was training for triathlons and I gave my TV away. Not until I was injured did I buy the 50 inch screen and the premium cable package. That period of time without a TV was great. I don't plan to goto that extreme again, but I won't be seeing these award shows live.

Last year, I didn't watch any award shows, not even the Oscars. Its just too boring. And some of you know how I feel about most of Hollywood. Freakin attention whores "look at me!" I don't want to see them. I still will not make watching such a show the priority of the day (there weren't any college Bowl games last night). If I had plans last night, I would have still DVR'd the People's Choice Awards because I haven't seen Kristen in public in a long time. The first 90 minutes of the show was pretty unbearable and I actually hit the fast forward button once. I didn't work. I did enjoy those 10 minutes in which Kristen was on the screen. She looked more gorgeous than ever.

I have mentioned Kristen's beauty many times. Its a rare kind of beauty that I'll mention again and again. There are other traits about Kristen that have made her the first celebrity I have ever really cared about. As I have said repeatedly, I think highly of Robert too, but it was Kristen that made me notice his uniqueness as well. There have been times in my life when I was complimented/admired/honored. I get nervous and my leg shakes and I hope like hell they don't ask me to speak. Yes, this rarely happens and when it does, its on a scale that can not begin to be compared with her moments. But my moments have happened and I never outgrew those nerves. For me a "crowd" might have been ten or less people. I doubt Kristen gets nervous in small groups. But its adorable seeing her still react so like me. She is the talk of the town. No doubt she and Robert are who everyone wants to see and be seen with. Last summer I remember there was a story about Rob and Kristen at the after party of the Eclipse premiere. They were the two most sought after people at the party everyone wanted to be at. I read that, after some R/K PDA, she left early, saying she felt "claustrophobic." I was stunned to hear that because I have left parties citing that reason exactly. I thought this odd trait only affected me. This behavior of mine sometimes made people think I was rude or uncaring or full of myself. They had no idea how I really felt. I see this type of behavior in Kristen and I know I'll always be a big fan.

Kristen was nervous last night. And still private. She is not going to behave like people want her too (or think she should) when she is in a fish bowl that the world is watching. I was curious if the days of not allowing herself to be too affectionate with Robert were over. But she isn't ready or she was just too nervous. That's her business. Fans do not get to dictate how she behaves. What she has with Robert is very private for her and when she becomes ready to let her guard down (all of the time) it will be when she is ready. Yes we have seen many unguarded moments. Last night, however, was very guarded. When she is conscious about being watched in such a large fish bowl, she is intentionally more inclusive with Taylor. It was clear she was playing the Twilight card last night. There may have been something too Robert not initially planning to go. It kinda seemed staged that Taylor walked her up the isle. But this is not worth a second thought. What happens in public is not too relevant in the big picture. Its such a small window of their day. Last night Kristen was being professional. Even still her tendency (when not guarding herself) was to lean closer to Robert and to look to him in those instinctive moments. There were some good R/K pictures last night. Despite her guarding, it was clear there was a difference between Robert and Taylor. If people are trying to make something out of her attempts to be neutral (I am sure they are...keep it away from me) don't listen to these people. You know the truth about what is real. Its been less than a week since she was with Roberts friends and family in the UK during their very brief vacation. You know they are aware of what is said about them, good and bad. This might affect how she behaved (I hope not), but I think it was really just her being nervous. She is anything but predictable.

I was stunned by Kristen's beauty last night. I didn't think she could become prettier and hotter. Those legs looked even better. She is not completely done with her transformation into a woman, so she will continue to stun us. As gorgeous as she is, I feel a slight bit badly for Robert, because as he joked about on the Eclipse DVD, "someone is always getting in her business" Rob has the legions of female fans organized online, but some of his peers, young good looking actors who aren't his friends, are going to be attracted to Kristen. Its unavoidable. He doesn't have anything to worry about. She has demonstrated over time her devotion to him. But still, if she were my GF I would get nervous about taking her out and watching her admirers grow by leaps and bounds as she continues to get more beautiful. Yes Robert can have many women, including her peers. But she is too unique. I think he is enamored with the same traits about her that I find so adorable.

Till next time

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