Saturday, September 8, 2012

Open Letter to the media and Universal

To the media & Universal:

In your coverage of Kristen Stewart's personal life over the past few weeks you have sent out a few messages to our society.

Older married men (even with children) will suffer few consequences for having a tryst with young women half their age because you, the media, will focus on the girl.  Oh, you will say she got the focus because she was more famous.
Don't think so.  You were much more concerned with Monica Lewinsky as most of the public was forgiving to Bill Clinton.   I am not saying either party should be treated so badly, but you have a record of destroying the girl and letting the older guy off the hook.

Their is no benefit to admitting guilt and apologizing, as Kristen did.  Those who might deny their part or make excuses haven't been discouraged from doing so.  You seemed to dismiss her admission and have been more focused on reading more into it.  She apologized and said it was a "momentary indiscretion" yet you have been trying to prove (without success) that there  was a longer history.  

You had to notice how uncomfortable Kristen looked in those pictures.   But you haven't followed up on this because that leads to ideas and thoughts that don't sell as many magazines and gain as much web traffic.

Rupert Sanders involvement just doesn't interest you, so you keep focusing on the easy target who has been reluctant to defend herself.  She obviously feels terrible about what she did.  And she apologized.  But you just smelled blood and attacked like a pack of sharks.

You have sent a very poor message with your coverage.  Guys like me who might be contemplating such behavior know we will get off with a slap on the wrist at most.  

And Universal Pictures: Are you seriously contemplating giving Sanders additional work while discontinuing with the star who gave that professional engagement a chance to succeed?  If this is your move, rest assured you don't deserve the rare talent Kristen brings.  And I for one will not consume any product you produce in the future.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have I missed anything?

I've had a few requests to do an update here.  One reason I haven't is 99% of the so called "news" is fabrication.

Please correct me if I am wrong in the comments, but this is all we know to be true.

(1)pictures come out
(2)Kristen's public apology to Rob seemed raw emotion
(3)Rob goes on promo.  Many talking heads tried to get him to comment.
He didn't bite.  He even rejected Jon Stewart's "kick her to the curb" with a response "is this an impersonation of yourself?" 
One comment from Cronenberg that stood out to me was "people think they know what is going on, but they don't"
(4)Conflicting reports of what Universal is doing with Swath part #2
(5)Kristen chose not to do Cali
(6)sad news about Kristen's parents

Did I miss anything?

There have been endless stories with unnamed sources.  I can't believe a single one of these, even if I like what the story says.  Even People Mag will do this unnamed source stuff to a lesser degree.  What is more surprising is the standard of journalism in the UK.  Brick and mortar news outlets like the Daily Mail are just as bad as many "gossip" outlets with their use of unnamed sources.  I have experienced this poor standard of journalism in the UK all summer when following their sports pages.   They speculate and say things like "it is believed."  This week, an 18 year old kid with 45,000 twitter followers, admitted he made up numerous reports about transfers in the English Premier League.  The Daily Mail, The Mirror and others took his bs tweets and published stories on them.
This week he admits that he made it all up.   When this is happening with sport, their celebrity news certainly has no credibility.    US based newspapers seem to have a higher standard, so you see less about Kristen and Rob, because they and their real friends are not talking.

My take on this "scandal" has changed a little.  Even if Kristen did have an affair, she should not be getting near the negative coverage she has gotten.  It's unprecedented in my memory of the press bashing a 22 year old woman.
If this did happen, then she is worthy of forgiveness.   But I don't think what has been reported is the whole truth of what happened.  And I am not saying anyone is entitled to know the truth.  We aren't.  But when I look at those pictures, besides wanting to vomit, I see a girl who looks very uncomfortable and had major misgivings about being there.    I don't think she knew what was going to happen when she met Rupert that day.   I think she admired and respected him in the same manner that many college age girls view their favorite professor.   But if an affair was in progress, she would not have conducted it like that.  It would have been too easy to meet somewhere private.
So I think she was taken by surprise.    She didn't kick him out of he car.  I don't think she had any reference for this type of experience.  For as wise beyond her years Kristen often seems, she also lived a very sheltered life, IMO.  She didn't realize Rupert's intent, IMO.

So what happens now: I think they want this story to go away.  Commenting on it, even to defend herself, gives the story a boost and keeps it in the papers.
Kristen will go on to have a great career.  This setback won't last much longer.
As far as her relationship, my hunch is that she and Rob are not over with.  There may be a long break, but for all we truly know, they might already be in couples therapy.   We won't know for sure until all the BD2 cash has been counted.     If I was Rob, and I knew that Kristen wanted to fix whatever was broken, then I certainly wouldn't give up on her.

As Kristen's fan, I won't give up her no matter what.  I am not a fan of celebs in general, but I will always be drawn to her.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mistakes don't erase everything

I've made several attempts on this blog to "not discuss her personal life" because I felt the guilt long ago.  Knowing that they didn't want to be tabloid fodder I didn't want to "feed the beast." For this reason, and the fact that my interest in English football had really grown into a passion, this blog was on its dying embers.  I was ok with this, because there is only so many ways for me to say how awesome Kristen is.   Plus, the news was always good.   Talented bloggers, like KJ, could spread the right message.  There was not much for me to contribute, IMO I felt like my interest in Kristen was in this department over there, and they are doing great over there, so I'll move on to other interests.  Now the Kristen department is full of sadness and I feel it right along with many of you.   How many scandals like this have you seen over the years without giving it a second thought? Kristen, and by extension Robert, were the first celebs many of us had EVER cared about. Before Tuesday, the time I spent reading about Kristen  had gone down to 15-30 minutes a week.   My mind was on the upcoming Barclay's Premiere League and all the transfer news.   I glanced at the positive Kristen news and moved on.  The past couple of days, @poptrashmoviee has expressed a very valid point that all the good news was due to her being pushed to max to become "the highest paid actress in Hollywood".   More down time was probably needed and might have prevented his.   There is also opinion out there that the facts don't add up.  It doesn't despite the pictures.  If everything that meets the eye is true, then I feel it was all about self-destruction.  This is a psyche issue that can be healed. I have a desire to know those involved are progressing into healing.  I know this will take time.     I wish i could forget about all of this.   Its best to ignore as much media on this as possible.   So little out there is reliable.   What Kristen least wanted to happen is happening.  The money being made on her private life is at an all time high.   Kristen is still a very good person. This mistake doesn't undo all thats good about her.  I think Rob knows this, too.  She is still the one I wouldn't want to get away.   But maybe she needs to be alone to work on herself.   I am not qualified to say what's best.  Her comments, during SWATH promo, about her life being boring and wishing for some conflict,  haunt me.   Therapy is needed, with or without Rob. Me saying that isn't exactly "minding my own business."  Sorry.   That guilt will probably stop me from doing more blogging on this. Like many of you, I  want everyone involved to stop hurting.   I  care about that girl.  And him.  This is true despite the fact I don't know them. Please don't take this next comment seriously, because its NOT.  Its intended to make me (and maybe you) smile.  Rob has a movie coming up where he goes to Iraq, right?  Kristen should cancel Cali, go with him and wear a burka (;

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Humans make mistakes. Even good ones.

Shock & Sadness are my immediate reactions.   There was brief hope this was a hoax.      She is human.  Regardless of what happens going forward, at one time these two had a very special relationship which appeared above the normal trappings of Hollywood.    We will probably never know what changed.  Not saying they are over.   I hope they aren't. I will always be a fan.   I still think she is very unique.  However, this incident does take her off the pedestal of being completely different from the rest of Hollywood.   She can learn and grow from this "common" mistake. Guys can easily fall in love with her, IMO.   Why she was vulnerable to this bloke i'll never understand.   His age isn't the issue but his wife & kids are.  I remember from Swath promo that Kristen indicated her life was too easy.  That she almost looked forward to something bad to happen to bring some conflict into that perfect life. I do feel bad for Rob and that director's wife.  But I have no hate for anyone. I've been through this from Rob's perspective & I wanted to salvage it.  But the woman I was with doesn't have near the integrity that Kristen still has (though her integrity is weakened, the heartfelt admission did show some character, IMO). If Rob and Kristen are too be salvaged, it will take sacrifices from them both on their careers.   It would take time to rebuild trust.   And being miles apart is not good if rebuilding trust is the priority.   Its probably unrealistic for them to cancel their projects and work on fixing what was broken.  Maybe they take a break and come back to each other after awhile.  I don't know.  Even if they split they will still love each other.  There are old quotes from Rob along these lines. There is no point in pretending the same relationship can exist.  Maybe something new can start, if the love is still genuine, but its up to them. Robert Ebert's tweet was about the only "comforting" item I saw.   He pointed out an article about Kristen's apology in the Atlantic,, and stated it makes him respect her more.  Damage control protocol surely would have called for something other than an immediate, heartfelt apology.  She seemed to be grieving the trust she violated. She broke his heart and her own.   Time will tell, but as of now I think Rob might get past this and choose not to give up on her.  I don't want to raise false hopes, but if you consider this happens to couples and they survive it.   Kristen didn't get to live four years in the relative obscurity of college to make mistakes.  Movie sets were her college and what his name the older professor.    What she did is done by 22 year olds with boyfriends.   Her offense is a considerable one.   But should her fame make her offense so much worse than the people who can get away with this? Clique of the moment (its fits): Time heals all wounds.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Jumping off buildings for Kristen

I've started to blog and then blogger would flake on me and I wouldn't have the patience to start over.   There is positive news about Kristen all the time now.  Be it more photo-shoots, co- workers gushing on her, having fun and not caring, and a new project. This continues to be a year where the girl is somewhat of this unstoppable force that can do whatever she wants.  But I think Kristen is still humble enough not to see it as having power, but rather the privilege of doing what she wants. Whenever I go though Twitter, some of you always have this positive news that I've come to take for granted at times. That video of Charlize gushing about Kristen: “I really, I really, really love that girl. I love that girl, like, I would jump off a building for that girl" This was really cool.  I know I say I don't pay attention to celebs but i knew right away this would be a good working pair.  Charlize is a beautiful woman.  Yet when she was closer to Kristen's age, she takes a role in which she was deliberately physically unattractive in "Monster" and got an Oscar for it.  Because of that, I knew the two of them would have similar passions about the job.    It's similar to how Kristen cut off the beautiful hair to play Joan Jett & had bad skin (on purpose) in Welcome To the Riley's. The way Charlize feels about Kristen is further confirmation for me of what  an extraordinary person Kristen is.  Those that are fortunate to be friends with Kristen will protect her & love her because they can see how rare she is. To know her in any capacity, even as an employee, would be the biggest privilege.  The challenge would be not to let her see how highly you regard her so she felt normal around you.  I bet this is a challenge for some of her friends. BTW: I just read about Cali.  I think this is the project she has been longing for. Many great Kristen events will continue in 2012.  As always, I'll enjoy it all. PS: I'd love to know what Kristen thinks about Arsenal FC.  Is it something she just tolerates because it's on her TV early on weekend mornings, or does she like it?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick update

Just a quick update.  And I am not even going to tweet this because this won't be much of a blog post.

All three movies that Kristen has coming out are ones that I am pretty excited about.  All three trailers look good.

For OTR, I haven't read that book, but I feel like I should and will make an effort to do so before the film comes out. That director is pretty unique.  The MotorCycle Diaries was a really good film.  I usually don't care for subtitled movies, but that one was really good.  This is going to be a really good art movie and I think the lovers of that book will be happy with it. I also think Kristen will pick up a new group of admirers from a completely different demographic.

Then Snow White and the Huntsman.  When you first heard she was going to be in a Snow White movie, did any of you know how cool of a movie it was going to be?  I know I didn' think so.  But I trusted then that she wouldn't be in some cheesy kids movie.  The more I learn of this movie, the more I think it was the perfect transition for Kristen.  This is a first time director but he obviously has a talent with visual appeal.

Even the Breaking Dawn II teaser trailer looks good.  I've looked forward to Vamp Kristen for a long time now.   One more round of Twilight publicity.

I see nothing has changed in the whole "topic" of Kristen and her personal life.  I try to ignore this topic and to be honest, its one of the main reason's I don't blog much here anymore.  I do not deny that I still get a big smile on when I learn of them vacationing and spending private time together.  They do as much
as possible to avoid "selling it" and that is just further confirmation that its too important to them.  I like how they won't do what so many want them to do: pose
together in public for that pap shot.  What they have is rare in this twisted world we live in.  I think they are handling it just right.

I would like to know what Rob think's about Arsenal FC's amazing come back this year.  I have become a big fan of that football/soccer club and I wonder how much Kristen is in to it.  Maybe Rob will leave a comment here.  LOL.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I am still Enamored with Kristen

As I knew it would be, 2012 is starting out to be a huge year for Kristen.  So many good things are happening for her.  I don't know how the life of such a famous person is supposed to evolve, but it seems to be going well.   Three big movies, with awards a strong possibility on one of them.   I have learned that the fragrance endorsement is a big deal.  If you have read this blog, you know that I have never really followed a celebrity before.   She is the only one that's ever compelled me to say, "I am a huge fan." Her reluctance to fame, the awkwardness, the not really seeming like she belongs in that world, despite her effortless beauty and magical rare talent -- these were things that drew me to Kristen.   She has gotten more comfortable with the fame, yet she still maintains an integrity that few in Hollywood posses.

The absence of updates here may lead some to think I don't care anymore.  I don't blame anyone for drawing that conclusion.   I do care.  But the reason I started this blog was to make sense of the spell she had suddenly put me under a couple of years ago.  It's no longer a sense of "why do I care about this girl and all that surrounds her.  Why I am into this topic whose followers are 99% female." I have accepted that my interest in her is a bit unusual.   I also used to really get angry with those that criticized Kristen.  That doesn't happen anymore and other people are doing a fine job of defending her honor when needed.  I've developed other topics that interest me greatly.  These are interest more in line with what you would expect a guy like me to be into.    Honestly, isn't the fact that I am a guy what made most of you read this blog?   

I had also gotten caught up in what was happening with her and Robert.  She was never going to be my girlfriend so its nice to see her with such a seemingly good guy.   Interest in that topic always led to guilty feelings because we know how she feels about that topic being discussed.   It's that desire for the real life story to not be the story that made it so real and appealing.   That topic will affect anyone with a pulse if they sit down and look at the pictures that tell the story behind the story.   I know she hates this discussion so I'll limit it one paragraph.   The good news is that story will continue even as interest in it wanes down.  I hope so much for their sake that the interest does die out.  But, there is a definite feeling of permanence there.   This last promotion tour and the interviews in which she discussed the parallels in her life -- it's almost like Twilight was her high school and that wedding was hers.   I am certainly not the only one that got that impression after hearing her discuss it.  But the key was the promotion allowed them to dangle around the edges of reality without ever coming out and saying it.   I don't think about this topic anymore but I also don't think it's going to change and thats pretty cool.   Ok paragraph over.  I'll feel guilty for a day for writing it.

My newest interest has given me something in common with Rob.  And it wasn't planned at all.  I became an Arsenal FC fan over the past year.   Then I learned a couple months ago, thanks to readers of this blog, that Rob is a life long Arsenal supporter.   Fox Soccer has made the English Premiere League one the most
 growing sports watched in the USA.   Its even being broadcast live on the big Fox network these days.   I am sure Rob is glad that he doesn't have to miss a single Arsenal match.  I would love to see the two of them at at a game.   I hope a reporter asks Kristen if she is an Arsenal fan.   I am sure she sees it on her TV often enough.

So I am still a huge Kristen fan, it just wasn't sustainable for me to keep blogging about it.  This isn't my last entry, but the updates will be sporadic.   I look forward to that day, which will come, when Kristen thanks the Academy.  It will be even better if she drops the little statue.