Monday, March 28, 2011

Nothing has changed

Everything below is opinion, as always. I am not the repetitive type, so there has not been much to blog about recently.

Nothing has changed. Some gossip columnist decided to stir the pot for some reason. I honestly don't think he believes in an impending split. He is just being a gossip queen and he will do what it takes to remain relevant.
Very recently he said Rob & Kristen are "in it for the long haul." I have seen enough of his pot stirring over the past year to know it when I see it.

I am on record on these pages of many opinions about Kristen, including her relationship with Robert. That seems to be the only thing making news lately. There is an occasional update on her next gig, which has her starting SWATH in August. Outside of those rare updates, all of the news regarding Kristen lately have come from Rob's brief mentions of her during his movie promotion. I like Rob. He is funny. The way he does interviews is amusing at times. I did a little catch up today on his recent interviews. The MTV, Leno, and EW interviews made sense. The foreign ones were puzzling. Has he ever talked about "Green Politics" before? I don't follow him like some of you so I don't know. I would suspect (and hope) that whatever political opinions Rob and Kristen have formed at this early stage of their lives are left of center.

I thought the VF interview was weak, cheap and poorly written. That interviewer asked some very leading questions. Does he have the same intensity towards Kristen as Edward has for Bella? That was an insult. She knew he didn't want to go there, so she tried to trick it out him. How do you answer that question without revealing anything about your private life? Kristen won't allow a question like that to be asked. They have different methods of "not going there" Kristen prevents the question from being asked, Rob let's it get asked and tries to change the subject, usually with humor.

There is no new information regarding Rob and Kristen. Rob reinforced that he doesn't want to talk about it & he looks forward to when people stop caring.

We still only have the actions to go on. Nothing has changed. They are occasionally spotted together. Par for the last year when i first began to pay attention. The list of actions remains a compelling conclusion that a real relationship exists.

Kristen, I am sorry for talking about this!!!!

It would be understandable if the stress were too much and that led to a spilt. But it could also make them stronger. From what I think I know of Kristen's personality (and I could be very wrong) those private pics over Xmas would have infuriated her. I think she would have been less upset over
PDA or other embarrassing situations. But that was Rob's parents, they are innocent of this drama. If I am reading her right, that pic was more over the line than any other situation you can imagine. It might have resulted in a more determined intention to protect her private life and the lives of those she cares about.

Kristen and Robert are so different than the typical Hollywood personality.
How do I know this? Because of what they do and say. Many actors actually seem to relish being papped holding hands, etc. I think it's cheap. I want to like other actresses, like Ashley, because she seems sweet. But I see too much focus on herself. She wants more attention, it's obvious and it's a turnoff. Actually, this is normal 23 year old hot chic behavior. I probably take it for granted now that Kristen rises above this.

If R/K break-up, then so what. It doesn't affect me in any way. There just wouldn't be any more "awww" pictures of the two of them. I don't have a personal investment. The way some people think, I should want Kristen single since I find her so irresistible. She continues to get more beautiful every time we see her, right Matt Perry? Unless she flies to Austin and knocks on my door, I am not going to get to date her. Since she ain't coming for me, i think she and Rob make a good couple. And i have never said that about any two people before. Its their uniqueness that makes them so appealing. They are the outsiders, who are refreshingly different in the way they live and the values they posses, and damn don't they look amazing. It's a chemistry that not only affects them, but most of the people watching them.

So if they were done (and there is no evidence they are or will be) then it's not a big deal. What does bother me and brings out my defensive side are the insults that suggest Kristen would take any part in a "showmance" There is no fucking way. Not this girl. Those making these accusations are the biggest idiots out there. The studio tried to prevent her from cutting her hair to play Joan Jett in a low budget Indie. She didn't adhere to their wishes on that matter. But she would let the same studio dictate how to live her life in her own time? No fucking way!!!!!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The non-post Post

I don't have any strong opinions to share today. I am sorry I just can't be serious right now. Many people tell me they look forward to an update here and I start feeling guilty when its been ten days or more from the last one.

There are some readers of this blog from Asia, including Monica. I hope you are OK. The same goes for anyone else who's lives have been affected by the rumblings of the planet. I don't have first hand experience with that kind of tragedy.

I do support the charity thing for Kristen's Bday. I contributed. I don't think she would care for a public birthday card but I do think she would definitely appreciate giving to Covenant House in her name. That's a signal to her that she has fans who want to support what she cares about. So good job to those who came up with the campaign. If you are unfamiliar, see Twilightish

I am not Tweeting this "non post" either because this is not one I am proud of. I hardly ever Tweeted before last August, and I am still under 400 Tweets since I signed up for the account three or four years ago. My inner Chris Weitz is not ready to get out. He seems to be having a good time. Did he just discover this invention?

I do appreciate the support I get on Twitter despite the fact that I haven't fully embraced that medium. This blog would have remained unread if not for Twitter. If I have ever offended anyone with my lack Twitter etiquette, then i truly apologize. When I make another "real" post again, I'll Tweet it.

I have strange sense of humor. Ted's Awful Truth is one place I can rarely stomach, but I actually got a good laugh from it early last week.

Monday I looked at the AT boards for a few minutes after some "news"
that will go unmentioned. The fact that it was even posted to begin with was annoying but I can't do anything about that. I read up to about seventy five posts and then I had to stop because I was laughing too hard. I copied these three so I could relive the moment.

BobNYC Mon, Mar 7, 2011, 3:07 PM
Please take a reality check * This is news? worthy of a video post??? Rob and Kristen holding hands. Oh, dear lawdy stop the presses. Now if it were John Boehner and John Travolta holding hands, maybe. THIS is news? oh, please!

to BobNYC Mon, Mar 7, 2011, 3:46 PM
Thanks a lot Bob. Now when I see John BoehnerI'm going to picture him with John Travolta. That is not a pic anyone should have in their mind.

Sigh Mon, Mar 7, 2011, 3:51 PM
Who cares? Anyways I'm going to go get my popcorn and enjoy the Nonstens VS Robsten war. That is always entertaining.

Oh, the Nonsten versus Robsten war. It still persist!!! After all that's happened already, how does such an insignificant event trigger such intense responses from people???? Dr. Phil should cover this topic. It's still going on and that really sux for Kristen and Robert. But what else can you do besides ignore it and laugh about it???

Again, sorry I didn't really have a topic this week.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I agree Rob, Its Traumatic

I just read some of the VF interview with Rob (and yes since I read it online, I will buy the magazine...its only right). Like many others, I feel bad for the guy.
I don't know how well I would function in that bubble. Having a wonderful girl like Kristen to get through it would be crucial. And after years of it now, it may be close to breaking him. Maybe he isn't always this down. But the honesty Rob expressed in that interview --- Its not just about him. I doubt he would have used the word "Traumatic" if he was just thinking about himself.

I think Kristen must feel much the same about the insanity of all of this. And you would think I was a damn feminist for saying this,
but its because I am such a fan of hers, but Kristen can't get away with venting about down side of the fame like Robert just did. She actually has before in lesser known magazines and the reaction from some very vocal critics was she was whiny and ungrateful and what a bitch, etc. All those women who railed on Kristen after her interviews last spring are now saying, "Poor Rob."
To me this says so much about the pitiful character of the women who trash Kristen while praising Rob. Why can't you like them both? They are going through the same thing. She has suffered as badly as he has, possibly worse. At the very least, people must understand why these two need each other. Even if you don't buy into the concept that they are probably in love with each other, to not respect the importance each of them has for the other is subhuman behavior.

Since those interviews last Spring, when Kristen vented, she has not really come even close to doing so again --- because she knows what the reaction would be. I have even seen her say the crazy fame
part isn't as bad as it seems. In her last several interviews she has said she has gotten use to, adjusted, etc. I am sure Rob is optimistic many days as well, but what we read from Rob today is a reality for both of them. He can express it. She can't

Both Rob and Kristen are far, far from the typical person out there. Yes, there are many people who would love to take the places of Rob and Kristen. Oh, such people might make a ruse at how their life is inconvenient, but for the most part they would really love all the attention. As I have said before, not everyone wants the same things in life. These two are in the part of their lives when most of us didn't have a freaking clue what our life would be about. Kristen would be a sophomore in college. Rob would be doing what his friends are doing, making a living in music but able to walk around the block without getting mobbed by obsessed fans.

Rob and Kristen want to do good work, but they could take or leave the material rewards. And they damn sure don't want people obsessing over every little move they make. This last point brings me to the thoughts I have had many times. And a blogger I respect asked herself the same question today. Am I fueling the fire that makes their life unpleasant?

If everyone who was doing something online stopped -- say we just stopped doing this --- stopped congregating online ---- with only the exception of discussing the upcoming movies and not the personalities involved, would it help make their lives easier? I would stop in heartbeat if I knew if I was hurting more than helping.

**** a quick note unrelated: As I said in my post from 2/19, more men have shown up.
I am not the only guy out there. I only mention this today because there is a guy named "Dan" who I have seen post comments at a few places. Though his opinions seems pretty close to mine, we are not the same person. If I post somewhere, it will be under the name dano328 or possibly Opytaylor.***