Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am such a sap, sometimes

I've admitted to enjoying the fan made R/K videos. When I see one and I am still thinking about it 15 minutes later, it's a damn good one. A shout out goes to the person with YouTube account Fiorels90 for the one titled "True Companion".

I am going to be hesitant to post this..... But not really. I'll sit on it for 24 hours, though. There is just so much unique and precious about these two individuals. If they weren't so special, I don't think i would have overcome the tendency of a straight male to deny being affected by these types of emotions, especially in people I have never met.

I remember with shame some of my experiences as a younger man when it was about conquests, not relationships. We showed the greatest admiration for that male among us with the most conquests under his belt. I played along with it. I am sure it's still the most commonly bragged about attribute among frat boys and even some bachelors into their 30s. But I am here to tell you it's a hollow feeling, and I knew it deep down even when I participated in this behavior. I believe in Karma and I am certain I have been paid back for transgressions of my own when I was the age of one Robert Pattinson. He is above this juvenile behavior practiced by many men and we should try to be more like him.

Frankly, as much as I think of Kristen (it's an admiration that grows stronger every time I see her) I couldn't bear to see her with a man that didn't treasure her the way Robert does. He knows he is the luckiest man on the planet. It's obvious in his actions.

I know many out there adore this couple. The love for R\K can develop quickly.
In one of my first post I discussed how this happened for me. The key part was that it happened quickly and nothing remotely similar had happened before. Within a few days of learning the names, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, I was experiencing the behaviors of what one might call a shipper. I don't need frequent pictures and public confirmations of their love. As special as I think it is, it's got to be protected. This is a rare thing that we may never see again.

When so many Hollywood celebs would eat up the attention R/K receive, they downplay it and seem embarrassed by it. Its a humbleness they exude. Last weekend, they run into a video store and run out, as they have no interest
in being seen. When everyone wants to see you, not being seen is just what they should do. But we have mountains of pictures and videos to refer back to. We may have to wait awhile before we get pictures that are of the same quality as
the Eclipse premier. When I say quality, I mean unguarded moments when they can't help but show affection for each other. But pictures that great should be rare. If those type pictures happened all the time, then we might not appreciate them as much as we do.

There are so many qualities of a strong personality that they show us as one entity, Robert and Kristen. (This is not to mention all of the little nuances that they both exhibit, such as their hand gestures and little habits, such as biting their lips and running their hands through hair).

I think R/K will be around for a long time, thus the "True Companion" video is a heart squeezer. They are nothing even close to a typical Hollywood couple.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why the infrequent updates

I had hoped to update this blog twice a week, but that is just turning out to be unrealistic for me. Nearly all of the posts, and especially the ones
that were widely read, were written in about 20 minutes because I knew exactly what I wanted to say and got it done. I feel like I have gotten all of
my opinions out there regarding Kristen. I do find myself more impressed with her every time she is in the news. She is very rare and I have never
felt compelled to write about anyone before. I won't let her go undefended and I do want to know about instances when she is criticized. But at the same time,
I am not going to respond to the daily "foam" as some of my friends in this fandom would call it. The people out there claiming PR are just not credible. And PR professionals are getting ticked off
about their vocation being tarnished.

Message boards aren't credible. And for the record, I am not credible. Anyone can start a blog. Its up to the
readers to decide if they think you are credible. All I do is give my opinion. The lunatic fringe that hates Kristen or Robert will say and do anything to try and make
their case. They have to save Robert from himself. ***Yes. I acknowledge that the exact opposite exists as well**** Its so annoying. The haters on both sides combine to make
a loud minority. Some of their attacks are tragically personal as well. They might make interesting subjects of a sociological study.
I want to avoid this nastiness as much as I possibly can.

If someone dares to go negative about Kristen on a widely read blog, then I will step in and counter them. --- If you guys tell me about it. Other than that, I'll update this blog when I am inspired to say something.

Its hard to find a credible critique of Kristen as an actor. Anyone that has taken the time to see her in more than Twilight knows that she is a rare talent. The Roger Eberts of the world have been on board
with Kristen since Sundance last January.

Any remaining doubts of Kristen's talents will be gone by the middle of next year. After Welcome to the Rileys and On the Road have been seen, Kristen's skill will be widely known. Plus, we might be in for some joy come award season.

A few quickhits

---Kristen's hair change. Last summer, when I heard she was going blondish for OTR, I didn't want her to change. But now I have grown fond of the strawberry. I love the Bella hair too. Anytime she changes, whatever it had been will be missed.

---All the R/K date nights. I sure was glad to see that smiling picture came out. We don't know that they were aware of being photographed at that moment, but I hope they were. I decided six weeks ago that all pap pics are bad, even the cute ones. But they are going to happen regardless. And I have found myself unable to not look at them so far. If they did know they were being photographed, then there might have been some shift in the way they think about their public perception. Perhaps Rob's agent, who was in that picture, had convinced them to loosen up. Pure speculation here on my part. But I want to remain vigilant of not encouraging pap photos. I wish there was something I could do.

---Kristen did some serious flying over the past few days. We saw her with Rob on Friday in Baton Rouge. Then she was at the Scream Awards Saturday night ( I have my dvr set for 8 p.m. CST Tuesday) Then to NYC today. That's allot of air travel. I hope Summit or someone put her in a private jet for some of that travel.

--Need I remind anyone that Kristen is the Sexiest Woman on the Planet? See my post from 8/17. There will be lots more guys that feel this way over the next few years.

Till next time. I love the lip bite.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kristen reappears

So last weekend (10/2) I wrote about people missing Kristen, but I was certain she was having a good time around good friends. The news that E reported last Sunday confirmed it and on that night there weren't any invasive photographers waiting on them. The other nights did have predatory paps. I tried not to click on any links to those pictures and failed. But I will keep trying.

Leno is a good platform for Kristen. She seems comfortable with him. And he took a break at the right time, right as her restless leg started to move (with no Rob there to anchor it down like on Kimmel). I still have to deal with genetic tremors when giving presentations at work, on a scale so much smaller. She faces this whenever it happens and her charming qualities are what those of us that love her will remember: How beautiful she looked. The adorable giggle.

Last month I had mentioned what a prick Letterman had been to her in June. But she never seemed nervous during that interview. That's interesting to consider. She probably knew that Letterman wouldn't be so cool, so she had the mentality necessary to deal with him and never let him intimidate her, though he tried. Then on Leno she had no reason to put her game face on and the nerves reared up for a moment. J took a break at just the right time and she was fine afterwards.

I have never been one to make a habit out of watching Letterman or Leno, but until this year if I had to choose one it would have been the former. I have never thought either was particularly funny. I am still not great fan of either, but I now have much more respect for Leno. This is directly related to how each has treated Kristen.

I wish there would have been a different clip for Welcome to The Rileys. For the most part that just looked like Tony Soprano yelling at his daughter. And I saw that clip six months ago. Why not show one where she had more lines? Granted she does her best acting with body language and facial expressions. This movie is the one that may get Kristen some big time nominations. She had no control over the clip but I wish it had been a new one.

So Kristen has reappeared after a long break from the public eye. No wonder why she loves New Orleans. She has been there on two occasions to work and manages to avoid the paparazzi. Even after that road trip by Rob and his mates they both avoided the cameras. I wouldn't be surprised if the people there looked out for them. Rob was definitely there but no pictures. They should consider living in that area.

I am looking forward to the weeks ahead.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Missing Kristen

Everywhere I look everyone is talking about how they miss Kristen.

I can certainly relate. That beautiful smiling face, which can be shown in more different looks than I have ever seen, is addictive. Fortunately so many of you have archives of photos. I am guilty of watching the sappy R/K youtubes as well.

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon and I suspect Kristen is having a great time in the company of good people.

What a strange hobby\obsession this is! It's unlike anything I have experienced before. I love this time of year. And I am enjoying the things I normally do. Football. I do the whole thing: fantasy leagues, I have a nephew playing at the HS level. And I like to wager online. The weather is perfect. In other years I would go on a long bike ride on Saturdays. I plan to get back to that soon.

I don't need to see Kristen today. If i did see her, what are the chances it would be a photo in which her privacy is not being invaded? Not so great. If she isn't happy, then I don't want to see it. So the archive it is.

She and her company are probably enjoying this day. Believing that is good enough to feed the addiction, for me anyway.

I have mentioned before that when I have had an obsession on a female in the past, we knew each other, and had dated or at least had some type of banter going. If the said female was seeing someone else, then naturally that guy was the biggest jerk I knew. That is just not the case at all here. I like it that she is with Rob. He is not a jerk. I don't think Kristen would date a jerk. She has said she likes funny, self deprecating men. That is Rob. He seems like such a good guy. I wish the best for him as well.

We will see some pictures soon. The kind they don't mind us seeing. They will be working, but still enjoying each the company of one another. They may fight a few times over the movie. Then makeup.

For them, working on a movie together must cover a whole range of emotions. I am sure they feel some stress and the pressure to deliver. But this is what they are good at and why they are in demand.

Until then, cheers Rob and Kristen. May your weekend be as relaxed as mine.