Monday, October 18, 2010

Why the infrequent updates

I had hoped to update this blog twice a week, but that is just turning out to be unrealistic for me. Nearly all of the posts, and especially the ones
that were widely read, were written in about 20 minutes because I knew exactly what I wanted to say and got it done. I feel like I have gotten all of
my opinions out there regarding Kristen. I do find myself more impressed with her every time she is in the news. She is very rare and I have never
felt compelled to write about anyone before. I won't let her go undefended and I do want to know about instances when she is criticized. But at the same time,
I am not going to respond to the daily "foam" as some of my friends in this fandom would call it. The people out there claiming PR are just not credible. And PR professionals are getting ticked off
about their vocation being tarnished.

Message boards aren't credible. And for the record, I am not credible. Anyone can start a blog. Its up to the
readers to decide if they think you are credible. All I do is give my opinion. The lunatic fringe that hates Kristen or Robert will say and do anything to try and make
their case. They have to save Robert from himself. ***Yes. I acknowledge that the exact opposite exists as well**** Its so annoying. The haters on both sides combine to make
a loud minority. Some of their attacks are tragically personal as well. They might make interesting subjects of a sociological study.
I want to avoid this nastiness as much as I possibly can.

If someone dares to go negative about Kristen on a widely read blog, then I will step in and counter them. --- If you guys tell me about it. Other than that, I'll update this blog when I am inspired to say something.

Its hard to find a credible critique of Kristen as an actor. Anyone that has taken the time to see her in more than Twilight knows that she is a rare talent. The Roger Eberts of the world have been on board
with Kristen since Sundance last January.

Any remaining doubts of Kristen's talents will be gone by the middle of next year. After Welcome to the Rileys and On the Road have been seen, Kristen's skill will be widely known. Plus, we might be in for some joy come award season.

A few quickhits

---Kristen's hair change. Last summer, when I heard she was going blondish for OTR, I didn't want her to change. But now I have grown fond of the strawberry. I love the Bella hair too. Anytime she changes, whatever it had been will be missed.

---All the R/K date nights. I sure was glad to see that smiling picture came out. We don't know that they were aware of being photographed at that moment, but I hope they were. I decided six weeks ago that all pap pics are bad, even the cute ones. But they are going to happen regardless. And I have found myself unable to not look at them so far. If they did know they were being photographed, then there might have been some shift in the way they think about their public perception. Perhaps Rob's agent, who was in that picture, had convinced them to loosen up. Pure speculation here on my part. But I want to remain vigilant of not encouraging pap photos. I wish there was something I could do.

---Kristen did some serious flying over the past few days. We saw her with Rob on Friday in Baton Rouge. Then she was at the Scream Awards Saturday night ( I have my dvr set for 8 p.m. CST Tuesday) Then to NYC today. That's allot of air travel. I hope Summit or someone put her in a private jet for some of that travel.

--Need I remind anyone that Kristen is the Sexiest Woman on the Planet? See my post from 8/17. There will be lots more guys that feel this way over the next few years.

Till next time. I love the lip bite.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I always enjoy your posts. Hope you are right about the smiling pap pic... I like thinking that they are just enjoying each other and ignoring all the b.s. =). Much as we do to all the nonstens and nasties out there in this fandom... =). Keep ignoring them. Hope you get to enjoy the pics of Kristen tonight at the screening - amazing that after her crazy week and long day today - she looks more beautiful than I think I've ever seen her before! =)