Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The mere existence of Nonsten is absurd at this point

Over the past nine months many events have occurred involving Rob and Kristen that are consistent with how committed couples behave. A picture. A sighting. Whatever. These are all events that only reinforce what sane people already know.
The only people who would deny these events as being relevant are those that have an
irrational need (aka fantasy) that Rob and Kristen not be together. For whatever reason, these fantasies require that R/K be single.

I started following all of this in March of this year. No one influenced me into
believing anything. I just looked at the pictures and read the interviews that were in the past. At that time, I could see the possibility for reasonable doubt.
I can't anymore. In my opinion, as much as Rob and Kristen don't want to talk about their private lives, they know their actions have told the story and they must be frustrated (and/or frightened) with the fantasy & hate fueled groups who can not accept what its front of their eyes. R/K don't want to discuss this with the media, but they have shown enough that it should not be necessary for a verbal confirmation. I suspect this frustrates them a bit.

If these events were happening to any other people, the matter would be dropped.
End of discussion.

I find it difficult to believe that such a thing as Nonsten actually exist. There have been so many events over the past year that platonic friends do not do. When confronted with these facts, the Nonsten crowd --- and actually I am finding the gayStew crowd to be just as viscous ---- resorts to their "PR" claim, as if R/K are so under the control of Summit, that they would carry on a fake relationship through 2012.

Kristen has said for a long time now that something so personal must be kept close and not be used for profitable entertainment. The two are consistent in their "we will not talk about it" stance when it comes to the media. There was a time when they might have denied the relationship, but that has not happened in over a year. Their actions over this time frame tell the story and I think Rob and Kristen are very aware of this fact.

There is an OVERWHELMING amount of evidence that anyone with common sense should be able to figure out. When those with no axe to grind learn the story, read the facts, and see the pictures, they will invariably see these two as a committed couple. There is no doubt these two are very much together. Its no longer debatable.

Some known events that platonic friends just don't do
- spend the Holidays together, including New Years Eve
-fly around the world to see each other on the others movie sets
(especially on ones birthday - Kristen spent her 20th birthday in
Budapest, Hungary where Robert was filming Bel Ami)
- then Rob goes to Montreal and New Orleans.

I thought that Budapest was the end of the debate. But I was still new. Anyone that lives by common sense would say that was the end. I underestimated the level delusion these folks maintain in order to keep their Rob fantasies alive. I find it odd that the most common term these Nonstens use for who they call "the sheep": delusional. As if these "sheep" were reading something into nothing when a girl leaves LA days before her birthday to spend time in Budapest, Hungary with Robert.

So many events followed. These events keep happening with regularity. More pictures are out today. But I will refrain from mentioning these in the discussion. I'll leave out the common knowledge that Rob and Kristen have pretty much lived together since he returned to the States to begin working on Water for Elephants.

To me these pictures from the Eclipse premiere made it obvious. People don't look at each other this way unless you have deep feelings.

Nonstens were adamant that Rob wouldn't visit Kristen in Montreal. They were positive he would go to London instead. Wrong. Montreal was a PDA filled visit. Not until Robert visited Kristen in New Orleans did he make quick trip to London. Then he returns to LA and the couple has numerous dates. But oh no, they had frowns. They
were hating their time on those dates. SHUT THE FUCK UP you morons. Those frowns were about the paparazzi. But for good measure we see a picture days later of smiling and holding hands on a date. That forced idiots to revert back to their standby argument: PR

A Brazilian news outlet had a translation of a Kristen interview in which she said after Twilight is over, she will "tell everything" I don't trust that she actually said that but I wouldn't be too surprised because like anyone else, Kristen's attitude may change over time. The couple used to avoid being photographed together. There has certainly there has been a loosening of their determination to not appear as a couple. They seem to have become less concerned with it each month.
I am sure it's too much work to conceal it. The attitude we saw
in Brazil in which Rob and Kristen did not seem to care who was watching in between takes is definitely consistent with a softening of their stance.

Again its my feeling that they have already said "yes we are together" with their actions. Many, many, actions. And it annoys them, IMO, that some people can't interpret, or refuse to interpret, what they see.

Again, someone without an iron in the fire will have no doubt when shown the actions ( and non-actions like not being seen ever with other members of the opposite sex) However, you have a group of women determined to hang onto their fantasies about Rob, and this means he can't be in love ( as he appears to be).

Some Nonstens have shifted. A few finally understood it was absurd to keep claiming these two are not together in the face of insurmountable evidence. But their new views are still hateful, shifting to "I hope they make themselves miserable." Perhaps R/K do long for the end of Twilight --- but it won't be the end of R/K. Not from what I have seen with my two eyes.


  1. Well said! I have really started to become more aware of the group out there that thinks they are together but still hates Kristen. I think this group, in the general public, is much larger than people who actually think they aren't really together, because I have heard idle comments from people at work, in movie theaters, etc. IMO it's really sad that some people feel this way, because anyone can see looking at Rob (and listening to the Eclipse commentary also) that Kristen makes him very happy and that they have a loving and humorous interaction. I'm just going to have to chalk it up to "women like to tear down other women." Something I hope you appreciate not having to be the recipient of yourself!

    BTW, linking you to my tumblr again... and you live in Austin? Some of us twitter gals are coming down for SXSW, and I'm blogging about the 2011 bands! Let me know what you think!

  2. Love it!!!!! Very true!!!

  3. love, love, love your blog!!! it's like reading my own thoughts! you should post more often :-)))
    peace! xxx

  4. Once again you are so right on in your blog. Love to hear someone sane describe my favorite couple and enjoy seeing two people in love. Kuddos.

  5. why do you keep on writing blogs that make me want to propose to you? its embarassing :D

    and I very much agree. I actually thought that New Years and RM premiere would be the clincher but after Budapest? yeah, its not an issue anymore. its not a question of what you believe, its just a question of what is and what isnt. what is, is actions of a couple. committed couple. what isnt, is doubt.

    I sort of think that the softening of their stance on not being fotographed together comes also from the relationship getting more commited, them being more secure with it and within in. that they are at a point where the outside world cant really do any damage to them. if that makes sense

    sorry, I stop now :)

  6. Yes, I agree. R & K have adopted more of a natural PDA, but they also know how to fly real low under the radar and for them, I am very happy.
    As far as if R & K will continue on "after Twilight", who knows? It's in the lap of the Gods. Personally they presently look happy and in love and I hope for their sakes, it lasts, so long as they are happy. Bless them both.

  7. I have been pondering. Rob is 24 and Stewie is 20...Young. Yes.
    I wonder, does anyone think it possible that in a year or two, that they might want to marry? I mean they both come from good, happy, stable family backgrounds, so they might stand a very good chance of making it work together.
    Just drifting here....

  8. Please don't take this personal and I am not trying to be rude but I would prefer we not get into marriage talk.

  9. Beautifully stated, as usual, Dano. I am playing around with the idea of writing about FILTERS and PERCEPTIONS...The filters through which we view a certain situation/scenario/couplehood, are comprised of our personal experiences. There seem, at least estimating by the resurgence of participants involved in these hategroups, that people have experienced some pretty horrific events in their lives for them to cast their judgment and expend so much energy on tearing down a couple of young artists, and disproportionately Kristen. They have stated their case in every possible way outside of verbally uttering: WE. ARE. TOGETHER. It is very clear that nonverbal interactions and their behaviors have confirmed what was suspected for a long, long time. They are beautiful, complementary match. Thanks for your generosity with us, my friend. Well done.

  10. Thanks KJ. I just left a comment at your place. Everyone should be reading her blog she has incedible insight and I always feel more enlightened once I have read her posts.

  11. All right people here. I've been reading KJ blog for a while and truly enjoy it... Now about Dana's blog. You are like reading my thoughts, just verbalizing them much much better than I ever would. R&K just giving me great enjoyment. Their talent, personalities, affection and care for each other and a lot of more. I still can't comprehend how those vicious hate groups can exist, aren't they ashamed of themselves?! Some of them are mothers, for god sake.. Anyway, looking forward for your next post.

  12. You mean dano or dan, right? The auto corrector feature on the iPad makes as many mistakes as it saves.

  13. I like blogs and website where there is not hate for KStew. I am so sick of and enraged about that.....

  14. I have just stumbled across your blog and I must say, I share your feelings entirely. Your musings are beautifully, especially on K/R's relationship.

    I praise you for doing a wonderful job and feel your sentiments completely; Just simply by observing the way R/K gaze at each other, their love and admiration is something worthy of being protected in the acting industry. Great job!

  15. Thanks Opy... today i read your comments on Rose's blog. Like i said before i'll never comment on Rob's sites and iam only visit and read the comments...but i love Rose's blog, she loves Kristen! I love Kristen so much, sorry english not my language.

  16. WHAT.A.LOAD.OF.CRAP. i hardly can take it. none of your evidences holds up one second in court.
    especially after listening to the eclipse commentary i am more convinced than ever that they are friends and nothing else.
    it's the fault of people who desperately NEEEEED them to be together. they tried to tell the truth and because their constant forcing they are not speaking about it any more, after all you pay their bread and butter. somebody described the saga as "Kristen and Rob's real life story". poor poor rob and kristen.
    on another note: i would really like them to be together since they are grown ups with adult needs, but there is no way she lets him get in her underpants. i wished it would be the case.
    and i can see why you would be led to believe the media.
    btw i spent a newyears eve with my best guy friend when i was single. was fun.

  17. Yeah I bet that bff was on another continent from you also.
    All of my postings are opinion as I make very clear.  Sure it won't hold up in a court of law, but it does hold up in the court of common sense.

    So I let an opposing view in.  But I can see right through your "I wish they were together" tactic.   That's an attempt to buy yourself some credibility.  

    The commentary was Rob and Kristen working.  It was humorous and gave nothing away.  Rob's little bouts of jealousy were in jest.  People are going to take what they want to believe from the commentary.  There will be no analysis of it here.  

    No more comments on this thread.  Let's move on.  I did this post last week in frustration as a reaction to hate towards Kristen from grown women who should know better.  I am going back into the ignore mode for awhile.   The last thing I want to do is annoy Kristen and/or Rob and I would delete all of this if I knew it was.

  18. I cut off comments for this blog entry last weekend. Several more supportive and one hostile comments were submitted. I am not posting any more on this thread. I appreciate the support. However the debate is over as far I am concerned. Please do not take it personal that your comment is not showing up.