Friday, April 27, 2012

Jumping off buildings for Kristen

I've started to blog and then blogger would flake on me and I wouldn't have the patience to start over.   There is positive news about Kristen all the time now.  Be it more photo-shoots, co- workers gushing on her, having fun and not caring, and a new project. This continues to be a year where the girl is somewhat of this unstoppable force that can do whatever she wants.  But I think Kristen is still humble enough not to see it as having power, but rather the privilege of doing what she wants. Whenever I go though Twitter, some of you always have this positive news that I've come to take for granted at times. That video of Charlize gushing about Kristen: “I really, I really, really love that girl. I love that girl, like, I would jump off a building for that girl" This was really cool.  I know I say I don't pay attention to celebs but i knew right away this would be a good working pair.  Charlize is a beautiful woman.  Yet when she was closer to Kristen's age, she takes a role in which she was deliberately physically unattractive in "Monster" and got an Oscar for it.  Because of that, I knew the two of them would have similar passions about the job.    It's similar to how Kristen cut off the beautiful hair to play Joan Jett & had bad skin (on purpose) in Welcome To the Riley's. The way Charlize feels about Kristen is further confirmation for me of what  an extraordinary person Kristen is.  Those that are fortunate to be friends with Kristen will protect her & love her because they can see how rare she is. To know her in any capacity, even as an employee, would be the biggest privilege.  The challenge would be not to let her see how highly you regard her so she felt normal around you.  I bet this is a challenge for some of her friends. BTW: I just read about Cali.  I think this is the project she has been longing for. Many great Kristen events will continue in 2012.  As always, I'll enjoy it all. PS: I'd love to know what Kristen thinks about Arsenal FC.  Is it something she just tolerates because it's on her TV early on weekend mornings, or does she like it?