Saturday, May 29, 2010

How did this happen!

I don't follow celebrities. Until now. About a year ago, I picked up the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Mysteries after seeing the first season of TrueBlood on HBO. My reading habits are very broad, but for entertainment it's gotta be fiction. So often I would buy a book and not be able to get passed the first 50 pages. Recommendations from my brother had a better success rate. I can't choose books very well. This series had my attention, completely.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries (SVM) was also my first foray into audiobooks. I consumed all nine books in this series over a month.
It was an all consuming experience. Now I only do audiobooks.

After finishing the ninth book I was desperate to find that level of interest.

Twilight was already a couple of years into it's madness. But it was for Teens, right? I avoided that series as long as I could. But I could not find anything to fill that gap left from finishing SVM. I bit the bullet and gave Twilight a try. It was just as addicting. I consumed all four Twilight books in about 14 days. I had yet to see the movies and had not even heard of Kristen Stewart.

I watched "Twilight" when it came on Showtime earlier this year. Kristen did not fit the mold of the type of women that usually attract me.

But that scene when Edward returns to biology and begins talking to Bella, she looks at him and bites her lip. She was beginning her addiction to him. And that scene did something to me. I kept playing it over and over, fascinated with the facial expressions she was making. I have been hooked since. In the weeks to come, I learn the actresses name and read all the positive and negative hype. She is unlike any actress I have ever witnessed. There is so much more to this. Primarily, this obsession has been about her, but I cannot deny the other side of the phenomenon, her co-star. Bella with Edward on the screen seemed SO REAL. As I learned more about Kristen I am convinced that her talent is very rare and I would have noticed her at some later point in her career. But what she and Robert created left me speechless. Honestly, I have never considered the chemistry factor between two actors before. I could not have cared less about Angelina/Brad. Meant nothing in my world. Did not pay attention to that kinda stuff. Only women think of such BS, right?

Well this is all very new to me.

Enough for now. Bye.

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I am obsessed with Kristen Stewart

Hey. I am not sure how this is going to work but I decided I might as well create a blog about my embarrassing obsession with one Kristen Stewart. I'll probably never meet the girl. I am not one to seek out celebrities and even when I do run into one, the last thing I want to do is bother them. I have been on sites for the past couple of months that celebrate "Robsten" and usually I am the only guy on these sites. This is a vice that I will not reveal to my male friends. It's embarrassing. The women on these sites are usually pretty friendly. The say the like to have a straight male viewpoint.

I don't know if I will update this blog or if It will be public. Also, I am doing this from an iPad. may have some limitations as far as this device. I refuse to use my employer issued laptop to do this, so the iPad limitations are not going away.

I am going to ahead and post this to see how it looks. The next entry will be about how I came to be obsessed with Kristen.

That's it. Bye