Monday, August 30, 2010

Why do you do this Ted?

When I started my obsession with Kristen, I quickly liked the idea that she was with Rob. Mostly because Rob seems so humble and I can't stand the idea of her being with some egomaniacal Hollywood type. I have seen more than enough that I have come to the conclusion those two are together. April though June erased any doubts I had. What has happened since has been SO unnecessary AND Rob and Kristen have been treated like zoo animals.

I started reading Ted for the first time last spring. For a few months, I could not understand why he caught so much crap from people that shared my views on Kristen ( including the real life deal with Rob ). He certainly said that Rob and Kristen were very real. And he seemed to like Kristen as much as I did --- and he is not straight. So why where people that agreed with me so angry at Ted?

I finally figured it out. Ted has to stir the pot. He can't just let it be. Perhaps he needs controversy -I don't know. Showing the pictures of the house was too much, though I thought he was acknowledging that as a mistake.

But Ted, why the hell are you providing a platform for the hateful side of this fandom? I read his entry this morning and some of the comments. Whoever wrote this comment sums it up for me.

don't feed the pigeons Mon, Aug 30, 2010, 7:17 AM
This embarasses me. I have WAY too much respect for Rob and Kristen to partake in this. I think you'll find, Ted, that most of Team Robsten is far more interested in protecting Rob * Kristen's relationship than proving they were right all along.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why not walk away from this?

Remember the story that came out a few weeks ago that suggested Rob and Kristen were going to stop doing Hollywood movies after their Twilight obligations were over? The story was quickly discredited as false.
I am sure it was false. However, from what I have learned about Kristen (and Rob ), the concept of escaping this rabid fandom has to be appealing.

I didn't pay attention to Rob/Kristen news for a few days and then learned late last night about the Kristen airport situation. What I am concerned about is it was ANOTHER airport situation for Kristen. This time was more about fear for her safety. It's not the same as what happened two weeks ago in LAX, but it is another event where large crowds are surrounding a person who sometimes describes a party as being "claustrophobic." I can understand that feeling.

After the Twilight Saga is over, Rob and Kristen will have a substantial combined wealth. Should they choose to live off the radar screen it can certainly be done. I would be happy for them if they went that route.

Of course the reason NOT to do this: they must take advantage of the iron while it's hot. How can they walk away from 15 million a movie right now?

Just thinking.

I apologize for the short blog entry. Just not feeling it right now. Good thing I am only writing this for myself, right? (-;

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blogger accusses Kristen of being miserable and bringing others down

In my last entry, I stated that those who feel Kristen Stewart is not handling her trips through LAX and have taken liberty to criticize her, then you need
to show us your qualifications. Show us an equally unpleasant situation and how you handled it with such grace, otherwise STFU.

I was shown a blog today by one shallow being name X. I decided not to name her or show the URL because she says nothing unique. To be honest, she has nothing original to distinguish her from fans who are simply jealous of Kristen.

The blogger says Kristen's middle finger is ultimately directed to you and me. Actually, Kristen is only flipping off the photographers who followed her on that long airport journey, or the ones who spy on her with a long lens. However, I will accept that I deserve anger or disapproval from Kristen if I am providing a market in which these pictures are bought & sold. I didn't elect paparazzi to represent my interest in the airports and other public places. I guess blogger X feels that she & paps are one in the same.

Blogger X has not only taken liberty to judge Kristen's LAX walks, but she takes it much further, basically equating Kristen to a miserable person who wishes to spread her misery to those around her.

For the sake of argument only, lets say this blogger is correct -- that Kristen did a bad job of handling her walk at LAX. So that also means that her all around behavior and demeanor is that of a miserable person with no joy in her life.

This blogger, and others like her, have two things they use to make this broad characterization. (1) Kristen hates being photographed by the Paparazzi, especially at the end of long plane trips (2) Kristen prefers to keep her personal life as private as possible. She won't spill to the press. Since those two items are true, then she must be a miserable person, who brings those around her down, and poor Rob is her biggest victim.

Forget that Rob and Kristen spend more time than any other celebrities signing autographs and taking pictures with their fans. I wasn't aware that ungrateful, miserable people do that.

So no other celebs have a tendency to raise their middle finger at the paps? Really?

Interestingly, X writes that we fans are fortunate that people such as Johnny Depp have not misbehaved so poorly in response to paparazzi intrusions. Depp has not only used the middle finger, but he was arrested for fighting with the paparazzi in 1999.

Forget that anyone who has ever worked with Kristen goes on and on about how much fun she is to be around and how easy she is to work with.

Forget that her personality is far from typical. She is shy and perhaps a bit introverted. She is very intelligent and she doesn't behave exactly like every other
Hollywood celeb. Don't cut her any slack for not being a robot.

And she is dragging down Robert with her? According to blogger X Kristen manipulated Robert into a relationship. And he is so weak and helpless, that he is stuck with Kristen and her miserable ways.

If there are chains that would attach one to Kristen, then sign me up.

Is it not possible that Robert wanted that relationship even when he thought he had no chance at it? Is it not possible that Robert might be attracted to confident women who are very much on the non-conventional side? Oh, and when he is not with Kristen in airports, he is just full of joy and smiles right?

And since the Teen choice awards were addressed --- in that Robert kept his hands to himself and did not seem to be having a good time --- it must be that damn Kristen
has taught him to be miserable. It couldn't possibly be that he misses her? That he is the happiest when she is around?

It seems to most observers, but apparently not blogger X, that Robert's smile with Kristen around is huge. But if you take her away then it appears he is just going through the motions. Because she makes him miserable, ya know.

The blogger even had a solution --- dump Robert and date someone not in the business. Because you know we have complete control over who we are attracted to. If its not convenient, then it certainly can't be worthwhile.

Our blogger says she knows what's Indie, and since Kristen prefers this type of movie to box office smashes, she sold out by doing Twilight. So when everyone who made Twilight thought it might be a cult classic --- they were all lying? When did Kristen say she would only do Indie movies? What I have heard her say is being famous gives her the choice of roles to take and for that she is quiet grateful for what has happened with the Twilight Saga.

Also, per the blogger, Kristen's decision to be in movies means she chooses this rabid attention. The blogger compared it to enlisting in the military and hoping to avoid war. So Kristen must be the only private person to make it in Hollywood. Anyone else, say Sean Penn, Chris Cooper, Jody Foster --- their lives have always been an open book, right?

X's garbage blog is full of accusations that Kristen is ungrateful and miserable, yet she has only the airport example and Kristen's refusal to discuss her relationship. There is no weight to her claims. She seems no more than a jealous Rob fan who resents Kristen for having what she wants. Rob, on the other hand, thinks Kristen is very special. He doesn't want or need the support of blogger X.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Airports, paparazzi, and Kristen

I do not enjoy watching Kristen go through airports. Its not a pleasant experience for her. This is made worse by the people that judge her for not handling it better.

In order to have the right to judge her on this, first you must have taken a long cross country flight and when you get off the plane, you had 20 guys with cameras waiting for you who then follow you on the very long journey to your vehicle, and all along the way they pepper you with questions in hopes of getting a reaction out of you that will make their pictures worth something since you didn't do what they hoped you would (like hold your BFs hand for the world to see) If you have handled that situation gracefully, then speak up. Otherwise STFU.

When you are treated that way, all the negative energy builds up and you have to react. I would probably get aggressive with the photographers and hopefully not end up in jail for assault. Kristen is tiny, the only recourse she has to get rid of some of that negative energy to raise her middle finger. No one should fault her
for that.

Because of the news that occurred the previous day, with the grainy kiss, gossip outlets that pay the photographers are hoping they get some additional PDA, such as hand holding in the airport. I never see anyone holding hands or being affectionate in the airport. Walking through the airport, regardless of who you with, is not fun. All I can think about is getting to the vehicle and getting the hell out of there so I can get home.

It may even be worse that what was happening at the airport. Rob and Kristen might not have had the option of going home because of those same guys may know where they live or they are going to follow you home to find out. Anyone would be angry about this.

Some of the reasons I am drawn to Kristen is I see myself is some of her personality traits. She is the opposite of an attention whore. As matter of fact, excessive attention, for people like me, drains you physically and emotionally.

Rob is not having an easy time with this, either. He is primarily concerned with Kristen but there is nothing he can do to make it better until they get the hell out of there. The guy probably feels helpless because he can't do anything for her.

It probably would have taken me a couple of days to recover from an experience like that because of the negative energy I would have absorbed.

The whole idea that Kristen deserves this because she is famous and gets paid well is just wrong. What Kristen did was spend several months using her god given ability to create a product that people want. They work hard during production. Sixteen hour days are common.

Rob and Kristen did not seek this degree of fame, but its here and they really do go out of their way to show appreciation to their fans by signing autographs and allowing people to get their picture taken with them. They probably do this more than anyone. I have not heard of them refusing fan pictures or autographs, even when they are approached having dinner.

Please pardon me while I go off on a tangent regarding autographs and trying to get close to celebrities. I am not the type to seek autographs and pictures. Its a personality trait that I think I have in common with Kristen. If she were not famous, i cant see her seeking autographs. She would admire at a distance (as i do). That's not being critical of autograph seekers, it's just that i don't see any value in an autograph or quick picture. So I would just stay out of the way. If i were in their shoes, I would not be comfortable with the attention, but i would certainly make an effort to let folks know i appreciate the support (and they do). As a fan i would only travel or go out of my way to see someone I admire if it was to see them perform OR if I knew I could have an actual conversation. If I did spend some time with the admired individual and shared a few laughs, then a picture would be a token of that experience. Otherwise, an autograph or picture isn't worth the trouble. I collected a few autographs when I was younger and the memory I have is of this person doing something they felt obligated to do, despite the smile on their face. end tangent

Robert and Kristen have gone through LAX before and it looked uncomfortable, but this time it was really bad. The pap from Montreal and that bitch Lainey made this 10 times worse by talking and tweeting about while they were in the air.

I won't blame Rob and Kristen's management because I don't know how the timing of all this went down. However, considering the news from the previous day, this would have been a good time to get them on a private plane.

Kristen wasn't raising her middle finger at me or you. But I deserve it if I am providing a market for paparazzi pictures. As I have said, from the Orpah show through the Eclipse premiere, Rob and Kristen did enough that reasonable people should have figured out (if they hadn't already) that these two are more than friends. They joy in their smiles as they looked at each other on the Eclipse Black Carpet was more than enough confirmation. They were working that night, but those smiles kept on and they were truly loving each other. They had to know we could tell what was going on. To me, that is what loving Robsten is all about. That was the modern day Romeo and Juliet on display. And those pictures were no violation of their privacy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kristen Stewart -- sexiest woman on the planet

I am officially declaring Kristen Stewart the sexiest woman on the planet.
In a couple of years, when the rest of the men learn about her because they will have seen her in movies not target towards teens, then I will say "told you so"

It's logical. If you take a poll, most women today are going to pick Kristen's BF,
humble Rob. And it's become quiet clear that if he is given the choice, he is not letting her out of his site. I wouldn't either.

When I use the term obsession, I don't mean the literal. I mean a fixation or a crush. I have never fanboy'd before so I have nothing to compare this Kristen obsession.

I only have personal experience. I have obsessed before, but I knew and dated those women.

UPDATE 11/22/10 This post seems to have legs and is showing up on google searches 3 months later. I am removing the personal experience.
I do want to add that certain groups of women persist with their absurd claims that Kristen isn't good enough for Robert. That is absolutely ridiculous. Kristen is so unique. There isn't a more attractive woman in Hollywood. Obviously Robert Pattinson agrees with this.
Also, whoever keeps spamming the comments section of this post with a soft porn URL, please stop it. END UPDATE

So I have little tolerance when I hear of these crazy Rob fans who would do Kristen harm because she has what they want. Violence towards women is unacceptable in all cases. But I was ready crawl through the Internet and xxxxxxx these bxxxxx on Monday.

Montreal is over. It was memorable. Kristen was treated well there. I hope the picture didn't cause her any grief. I am glad Rob is with her. They belong together.

Two pictures here. Catching a plane with Rob, sexiest woman in the world and not even trying.

Here she actually got dolled up. Amazing.

My apologies that these pictures are showing so small here, but you already have them anyway.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Take #2

OK. Maybe I am over reacting. Yes, it seems intrusive. But I have spoken to a few people and I said I am open minded.
I will always be against paparazzi photos. Last week i was concerned that the release of those picture would drive Robert and Kristen
into seclusion and thus an even less normal existence. Apparently, it didn't. They aren't being more careful. I am getting off this soap box for now. Sorry this post is so short.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday was Bittersweet

Yesterday should have been an end to all of the doubters, haters, or whatever they are called. But this is at least the 5th time I felt that way.
Even if Rob went back on Oprah and jumped on the couch like Tom Cruise, shouting his love for Kristen, then those people won't go away.

Now that the excitement had waned just ever so slightly, I hope some of us will ask ourselves the question: is this acceptable to use these pictures for our happiness when we don't know how Rob and Kristen feel about these pictures?

Everyone gets upset when the paparazzi makes Rob and Kristen uncomfortable. I was so angry after Sydney I was ready to fight. I still don't know if it's ok to
celebrate because of the means in which these pictures were gathered. I said this yesterday in the midst of all the excitement. I should have waited until today.

I may not say anything else on this topic. I don't want to turn this blog into a downer, but I always say whats on my mind. I just hope most of us are thinking about this. It's makes Friday 8/13 bittersweet IMO.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rob to the paps "off my dick"

I am pleased that Kristen has her choice visitor. And I got a little pumped
when I saw these pictures (BTW: I just can't say Squee (-:
so I certainly can not criticize anyone for enjoying them. The sites I visit
on this topic are responsible and even protective of the couples privacy.

But aren't these the guys that harassed Kristen so badly in Sydney, the guys that chased Rob around Malibu, the guys that were chasing Princess Di in 1997.

Do we say some pap pics are ok but not others? I am not lecturing here. I am trying to answer this question for myself. As I said last weekend, I didn't need anymore evidence of the relaysh. What they did on the Eclipse Black Carpet alone was enough ( it was that obvious ).

I am curious as to what Kristen thinks about these pictures specifically.
She was on a movie set. Does this make it OK?

Or was the message on the back of Rob's shirt their prepared statement?

Just thinking!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Worthy of one another

Some people have this insane idea that either Rob or Kristen is not worthy of the other. I have seen a few Kristen fans with this attitude but for the most part, it's female fans of Rob who are relentlessly hateful towards Kristen. The reason this is more prevalent among the Rob only fans is because men don't "fanboy" the same way women (or young girls) "fangirl"

During the Jimmy Kimmel Twilight special in June, a girl asked Kristen if she has similar experiences to what Rob and Taylor deal with in the fandom. Her response was clearly no. Ashley Greene reinforced this when she said "nobody is here to see me" while pointing to the audience, which was the typical Twilight gathering of 90% women.

Rob gets the screamers. Screamers are not the problem, but I mention them because it emphasizes the intensity of some fans of Rob.
There are healthy levels of fandom. Most of the healthy fans like seeing Rob and Kristen together and wish good upon them both. And there is the extremism, which leads to hatred

Oprah compared this fangirling to Beetlemania. She was referring to the Twilight fandom in general. But I think 90% of the screamers who camp out are doing it for Rob or Taylor. The screaming is symbolic of the degree of obsession. Older female fans aren't screaming but they may be more obsessed.

Men don't go overtly nuts over a female celebrity. Teen age guys may have posters on the wall, but it's of many different women. Rob has millions of female fans exclusively devoted to him.

To be fair Kristen has many devoted fans as well, and most are women. However, it's not the same as the obsession for Rob. For hetero women, they think she is the coolest chic ever. Plus, everyone appreciates female beauty, not just men and lesbians.

Men will buy a magazine like FHM to see Megan Fox, for example, in a thong. It's temporary and mostly physical. We don't think about who she is dating nor do we obsess. Kristen could do FHM if she wanted to --- maybe she has. The magazine has a new set of girls every month and our pattern is to see
as many different ones as possible.

As Chris Weitz said about Rob in the Time magazine of the 100 most influential people, "Rob is what women want." There is rarely one woman who holds that position.

My assertion is that Kristen is very much Rob's equal. But men don't camp out and scream. If we behaved like women, then we would be screaming and holding "marry me Kristen" signs.
She is the whole package. Most men have not really paid attention to Kristen. Some of us are not attracted to strong personalities like hers. My opinion is that those of us who have paid attention to Kristen (and if we are unattached or happen to be Rob) then there is not a more attractive choice than Kristen. For those that only look at physical appearance --- she completely satisfies that aspect as well.
To say Rob could do better is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard.

For the women who have deluded themselves into the idea that Kristen got Rob because of luck, or you don't understand how she has him when he could choose between so many ---- Stop it. He got the best one available to him. And he had to pine for a while until she became available.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It doesn't matter

In my opinion:

Nothing that does or does not happen over the next couple of days has any bearing
on the future of Kristen or Rob, their careers, and their relationship.    

I have admitted to being a shipper.  I don't need any more "evidence."
They showed me enough  between May to July that I know that relationship is made of strong stuff.    I would have known this before then if I had been paying attention.    Actions always speak louder than words.  

First off, if I were either one of them, I would not want anything to do with the Teen Choice Awards.    I am glad Kristen doesn't have to go.   She is busy doing what she loves.   She doesn't need the recognition of this award show.     

Twilight is the one part of her resume that fits into the "teen" category.    As it turns out, the demographic of that fandom is very broad.    The teen part of the Twilight fandom seems more interested in Taylor/Jacob.

I suspect Rob has to attend.   There must a contract by Summit of some other entity that has money invested in him.   Being on another movie set is probably one the only things that can get you out of these award shows.

Rob may smile and put on a good show at this event, but it won't be the same smile he has when Kristen is on his arm.   I don't need to watch to know this.     If Kristen were there, then I would DVR it, then read what all of you had to say, then watch selective pieces of it.

Then after this silly show, it doesn't matter where Rob flies too.   He has plenty of good reasons to go home.   Plus, they might have already seen each other since Kristen left LA.  It's called private air travel.    The best case scenario is they get to see each other and we hear nothing about it.

Nothing changes over the next few days.  The end.       


Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is it about Kristen?

Why am I drawn to Kristen?  There are too many reasons to answer in one sitting.

What started my fixation on her were the facial expressions, which some people criticize as nervous habits, and maybe they are to a certain degree, and she has acknowledged some of these as "tics."   As I began to learn more about her, I have seen her own up to alleged "flaws," such as being nervous at award shows when she has to speak live in front of millions.    What is even better is that she has no intention to change these traits about her because that is who she is.

Kristen seems to put the highest value on being genuine.   Growing up in Hollywood must have exposed her to the fakeness that permeates much of it.   She avoids what she has seen that turns her off.    Rather than be coached on how to behave in public, she allows us to see her true colors even though this has drawn criticism.   Those critics are not worth listening too.  This girl was really raised right.

Despite the shyness and what I perceive as some introverted traits (I consider myself introverted and its NOT a bad thing), she is very confident.   She knows what she is good at and has enjoyed enough success that she seems not to need constant reassurance.    I believe this in part because of interviews by Rob.   He has said recently that she helps him understand the role of Edward.   I doubt Kristen does this with other actors, as many wouldn't appreciate it.   However with Rob, she must have seen the potential and knew they could make it work.   Rob has acknowledged being intimidated by her in the beginning.
Oddly enough, it was Rob's doubts about himself that convinced Kristen he was right for the role.

I think this same dynamic they had with the Twilight audition is what eventually led to them becoming a couple.   The other guys that were up for that role must have put on an air of infallible confidence in their appearance.   Kristen had to be turned off by this.   I read an interview recently in which Kristen discussed meeting guys.  She said if they aren't looking at her, then forget it.   This goes against the grain in most dating situations where the guy tries to seem uninterested.   The old reverse psychology method just doesn't fly with Kristen.

Its the genuineness about Kristen that is the biggest draw.   I will surprised if i ever learn she has plastic surgery.
Her beauty is the born-with kind.   She did look amazing during the Eclipse tour, but I have seen that beauty with her wearing a hoodie and very little to no makeup.

Music.  I continue to be stunned with her taste in music.  I could write allot about this alone.  She is only 20 years old, but must be an old soul.   In a recent interview she said that she would rather read a book and "listen to Led Zepplin" than spend hours on the Internet.  I first began to think she and Rob must be a couple after I heard her say that, because of him, Van Morrison was now one of her favorites.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh the Power of Twitter

What's happening people? This blog has an audience now. I was working from home today. That probably sounds like an easy day but it's not always. Yes you can sleep late but for me it makes no difference where I am. The phone is either going to ring or its not. Some days I can get away with doing whatever online but not today. It was 2 p.m. Before I checked email and I had several messages from blogger, stating I had about 15 comments. There was only one comment before today. Also, statcounter showed 800+ hits today (as of a several hours ago) That's pretty smalltime but before today I think I might have had 30 hits total since I started this in May.

I just checked stat counter again. It's 3,000 hits now.

This blog is not polished as you can tell. Its been sporadic. I don't promote it. Those entries all happened after I felt compelled to write and I am obsessive/compulsive. I wasn't expecting an audience but I am flattered with this response. I hope I don't disappoint but that's what I am concerned about right now. Like I said in the beginning I can't share this obsession with my friends here locally. I have admitted it to a few women here in Austin and they are not fans and don't understand it. If my male friends ever find out it will be fun trying to explain this. I don't fear it, because I am not ashamed, but I dread it. Fortunately no one I talk to in person does Twitter.

The blog got promoted today. It would have been fun to keep up with it in realtime, as the emails and tweets were happening, I but I had allot of angry clients to deal with. _DeeVee hit this blog at random. In Blogger, if you click "next" there no telling who's blog you are going to land on. Or maybe she saw my comments on Rose's blog. Either way, _DeeVee has lots of followers on Twitter and here we are. Thank you, DeeVee, and everyone who said nice things to me today.

I do very little on Twiiter as you can tell. I go on there and search for news but I don't Tweet.

So what now? Do I get all disciplined here and update on a regular basis? I am not unwilling, as long as my job stays relatively tame, but there is only so much to discuss.

I don't want to engage in daily disputes with morons (nonstens) who think the Earth is flat.

Yes I adore Kristen. That's not going to change. Seeing this young couple look at each other makes me smile.

There is no real news going on right now regarding Rob and Kristen. There are lots of people overreacting about nothing, but is that worth blogging about?

So I asking you all to give me suggestions. Otherwise, we have to wait for my OCD to inspire me.

I may write again later.