Saturday, August 7, 2010

It doesn't matter

In my opinion:

Nothing that does or does not happen over the next couple of days has any bearing
on the future of Kristen or Rob, their careers, and their relationship.    

I have admitted to being a shipper.  I don't need any more "evidence."
They showed me enough  between May to July that I know that relationship is made of strong stuff.    I would have known this before then if I had been paying attention.    Actions always speak louder than words.  

First off, if I were either one of them, I would not want anything to do with the Teen Choice Awards.    I am glad Kristen doesn't have to go.   She is busy doing what she loves.   She doesn't need the recognition of this award show.     

Twilight is the one part of her resume that fits into the "teen" category.    As it turns out, the demographic of that fandom is very broad.    The teen part of the Twilight fandom seems more interested in Taylor/Jacob.

I suspect Rob has to attend.   There must a contract by Summit of some other entity that has money invested in him.   Being on another movie set is probably one the only things that can get you out of these award shows.

Rob may smile and put on a good show at this event, but it won't be the same smile he has when Kristen is on his arm.   I don't need to watch to know this.     If Kristen were there, then I would DVR it, then read what all of you had to say, then watch selective pieces of it.

Then after this silly show, it doesn't matter where Rob flies too.   He has plenty of good reasons to go home.   Plus, they might have already seen each other since Kristen left LA.  It's called private air travel.    The best case scenario is they get to see each other and we hear nothing about it.

Nothing changes over the next few days.  The end.       



  1. I loveeeeeee ur blog! its soo good to see a guy shipping R/K
    Greetings from Paraguay :-)

  2. "The best case scenario is they get to see each other and we hear nothing about it."

    I concur completely.

    As usual, wonderful thoughts. Thank you!

  3. OpyTaylor, i know exactly what you mean!!! without Kristen that genuine heartfelt smile isnt there..sad but we respect that Kristen has to work...i personally will DVR and watch Rob's part..dont want any damage in my eardrums since its going to be screams for taylor..he IS made for this type of stuff. I prefer a smiling Rob with his beautiful girlfriend :)

    As you said, it changes nothing..we know they are together and dont need so called “proof”

    Please continue writing!! your blog is awesome and i have instantaneously become a huge fan of it xxx


  4. wow! rock :)

    love the blog and love that you love Kris and love the way you see Robsten. Love the very "objective" respect and affection you show for both of them.

    And I agree with the TCA show post. It's sad that Rob couldn't skip it, though I'm happy Kris had a VERY good reason to not attend


  5. Amen! Opytaylor, you speak wisely. Thank you.
    [ Also a believer : ) ]

  6. Someone tried to hack my google account tonight. That's never happened to me. Suspect it has something to do with this blog.

  7. I agree completely.

  8. I totally agree with you. They're in a solid relationship and those believing day to day thinking that rob sitting next to ashley greene changes their relationship, obviously does not understand what a comitted relationship entails.

    by the way, hope everything is alright with your google account. If it has something to do with this blog, i wouldnt be surprised. this fandom is drama central.

  9. hey Opy I always enjoy your POV.....I wasnt being offensive with my comment to you on you brought a new friend to the mix?????Be sure to tell them...that we are most welcoming of them...and would be pleased to have another POV to our little congrigation......

  10. Hey Louisa. It's just me but I know why you got confused. I had my name displaying as opytaylor / dano328 so as not to confuse people looking for the 2nd user name, which is on Twitter and nearly every other website I am registered on.

  11. I try to insolate myself from the hate I see in parts of this fandom. When i see it on accident its damn disturbing. I will blog about this but for today people are excited for good reason and I don't want to sour that mood with seriousness.

  12. What are you? A fortune teller??? LOL You just wrote what happened to Rob at TCA, he got bored most of the time, and it's completely different when he has K by his side, there are 2 kinds of Rob 'the Rob without K(sad)' and 'the Rob with Kris(extremely happy)'. Rob seemed a fish out of water...LOL