Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

It was a good year overall for me personally. I survived this economy yet again.

This new hobby is something I would have never anticipated or believed. It happened in 2010.

Outside of a handful of musicians, I haven't considered myself a fan before. This is not to say I haven't enjoyed movies all of my life. I have. But there was never any incentive to learn about the actors outside of what they do on the Silver Screen.

I have had favorite actors. I still remember
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck going from relative uknown to superstars in 1996 after they refused to sell the screenplay to Good Will Hunting. They still seem like good guys, but I am not anxious to learn what their next projects will be.
Other actors I really like: Steve Buscemi (I hope he has a scene with Kristen in OTR) and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
I thought Paul Thomas Anderson was the up and coming director who could do no wrong (Boogie Nights, Magnolia) ---> what happened to him? I obviously didn't care enough to keep up. Plus, they are guys.

I am glad I became a fan of one Kristen Jaymes Stewart. There are so many rare qualities about her. She gorgeous in a way that I have seen before in a few women I met but not in a celebrity.

What makes her so attractive is NOT something that she has to work at. She is just beautiful regardless of her efforts. Its the inner beauty that must give her such pretty skin, eyes, and bone structure. And she has the right curves for my taste.

I didn't expect that I would also give a flip about her boyfriend, but Robert is a unique
individual as well and Kristen chose him. I have said many times it would be difficult to see her with some arrogant dude that doesnt treat her like Robert seems to. I'll let others talk about Roberts physical traits and talents but I know a good character when I see it in a man. Like Kristen, he was raised by good people.
The combination of Rob and Kristen's rare personal traits and what they have experienced over the past few years is a fascinating thing to watch.

I am not saying they are the only good personalities in Hollywood, but others just don't have an appeal that interests me. When I check
websites, that I would never goto in the past, I ask myself "what the hell am I doing here?" The news about these other people just isn't interesting.
Obviously I am not the only one that feels this way and unfortunately with this level of interest, their is bound to be some negativity.

I still think the vast majority of followers are good people. But that ugly minority, hiding behind internet anonymity, makes this difficult to stomach at times. Many
times over recent weeks I wanted to distance myself. I realize today that bailing is not fair to the majority of positive, caring people out there who appreciate the same
things about this as I do.

For the record, people that disagree with me are not bad simply because they disagree with me. I only judge people on their actions.

Its nearly 6 p.m in the UK as I write this at noon here. I hope Robert and Kristen have a great night with no intrusive disruptions.
I said after Brazil there were enough pictures to satisfy for awhile. I hope most of us remember that.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

KJ saved this blog

Following Kristen (and thus Robert)is supposed to be fun. I witnessed some people getting too serious about all of this last week. This "hobby" took the place
of following politics for me. If its not fun, then I start thinking about moving on.

I prefer to write positive entries about Kristen and that is what I do half the time. I sometimes react to negativity, and that is what I really want to change. My post on 12/1 really incited the Nonsten crowd. I didn't enjoy writing that. It was in response to me hearing about threats towards Kristen
from some "fans" of Rob. Oh, I do believe in everything I said in that post, 100%, but I can't change peoples minds, so why bother.

After the private picture, or actually, the reaction to the private picture, I thought about deleting this blog. The atmosphere just seemed very wrong.

Had I not read KJ's blog last Friday night, then I might have deleted everything. She reminds me what is good and right about this whole thing.

If you haven't read her post please do so

I have studied alternative forms of spirituality for years, including a dose of Eastern religion. KJ doesn't talk about this, but I can tell she has been influenced by it. Some teachings talk about the "higher self" and KJ's writings have a knack for reaching that part of me.

KJ reminded me to focus on the work, she writes
"Kristen and Rob have both made it abundantly clear that they prefer to proceed through their daily existence with little to no attention paid to them. Of course,
they acknowledge that they have extremely high profile professions, and there are public appearances and press junkets they're to attend for the J-O-B
(and oh how we appreciate how well they clean up). . ."

I think about how it would feel to have people obsessing over your every move. I would not respond very well to it. Some people might not mind it because they love attention. I started this blog because I became enamored with Kristen. I had never been a fan of a celebrity before and one of the things I think is so
cool about her is how she doesn't really care for the spotlight. She is the opposite of an attention whore. Living in the spotlight has been an adjustment for her. She refused to be fake. I love that about her. She seems comfortable with the media now. Its a treat watching her give an interview because she still allows us to see her mind at work as she processes the questions.

Robert is very unique too. Part of the fascination of the R/K story is how these two unique individuals met. I personally think it was Darwinism on steroids. And I like hearing that they are happy together. I don't see that changing. But I remind myself, with KJ's help, to focus on the work and let them be. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to observe them on the platforms of their choosing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I most look forward to in Breaking Dawn

As much as I sometimes feel Twilight is an obstacle standing in the way of the film that will become the signature moment in Kristen's career, I am definitely looking forward to seeing her as the baddest vampire in the Saga.

Sure it will be cool to see her wake up and reunite with Edward. Then to bond with her daughter. Then those visits to see J Jancks, when Js underling describes her as a supermodel. I hope that they can fit all that in to part II.

But the climatic scene, the battle, this is what I most look forward to.

In the battle scene, Bella loses her patience with Aro's posturing and wants nothing more than to get on with the fight. This Bella who taunts Jane with the knowledge that her little gift will touch no one on the Cullen side. This Bella that knows the Cullens can win because of her power. They dared to come and threaten her loved ones and she will make them pay. Kristen as the bad ass Bella who is ready to slaughter, who only regrets her shield because that means she has to stay back away from the hand to hand. She really wanted to kill Jane herself. I really want to see Kristen stare down Dakota. This will be fun and something tells me Kristen can't wait to do this.

Two years is too damn long. In the meantime, I am looking for some good
fan art of Kristen vamped out.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The mere existence of Nonsten is absurd at this point

Over the past nine months many events have occurred involving Rob and Kristen that are consistent with how committed couples behave. A picture. A sighting. Whatever. These are all events that only reinforce what sane people already know.
The only people who would deny these events as being relevant are those that have an
irrational need (aka fantasy) that Rob and Kristen not be together. For whatever reason, these fantasies require that R/K be single.

I started following all of this in March of this year. No one influenced me into
believing anything. I just looked at the pictures and read the interviews that were in the past. At that time, I could see the possibility for reasonable doubt.
I can't anymore. In my opinion, as much as Rob and Kristen don't want to talk about their private lives, they know their actions have told the story and they must be frustrated (and/or frightened) with the fantasy & hate fueled groups who can not accept what its front of their eyes. R/K don't want to discuss this with the media, but they have shown enough that it should not be necessary for a verbal confirmation. I suspect this frustrates them a bit.

If these events were happening to any other people, the matter would be dropped.
End of discussion.

I find it difficult to believe that such a thing as Nonsten actually exist. There have been so many events over the past year that platonic friends do not do. When confronted with these facts, the Nonsten crowd --- and actually I am finding the gayStew crowd to be just as viscous ---- resorts to their "PR" claim, as if R/K are so under the control of Summit, that they would carry on a fake relationship through 2012.

Kristen has said for a long time now that something so personal must be kept close and not be used for profitable entertainment. The two are consistent in their "we will not talk about it" stance when it comes to the media. There was a time when they might have denied the relationship, but that has not happened in over a year. Their actions over this time frame tell the story and I think Rob and Kristen are very aware of this fact.

There is an OVERWHELMING amount of evidence that anyone with common sense should be able to figure out. When those with no axe to grind learn the story, read the facts, and see the pictures, they will invariably see these two as a committed couple. There is no doubt these two are very much together. Its no longer debatable.

Some known events that platonic friends just don't do
- spend the Holidays together, including New Years Eve
-fly around the world to see each other on the others movie sets
(especially on ones birthday - Kristen spent her 20th birthday in
Budapest, Hungary where Robert was filming Bel Ami)
- then Rob goes to Montreal and New Orleans.

I thought that Budapest was the end of the debate. But I was still new. Anyone that lives by common sense would say that was the end. I underestimated the level delusion these folks maintain in order to keep their Rob fantasies alive. I find it odd that the most common term these Nonstens use for who they call "the sheep": delusional. As if these "sheep" were reading something into nothing when a girl leaves LA days before her birthday to spend time in Budapest, Hungary with Robert.

So many events followed. These events keep happening with regularity. More pictures are out today. But I will refrain from mentioning these in the discussion. I'll leave out the common knowledge that Rob and Kristen have pretty much lived together since he returned to the States to begin working on Water for Elephants.

To me these pictures from the Eclipse premiere made it obvious. People don't look at each other this way unless you have deep feelings.

Nonstens were adamant that Rob wouldn't visit Kristen in Montreal. They were positive he would go to London instead. Wrong. Montreal was a PDA filled visit. Not until Robert visited Kristen in New Orleans did he make quick trip to London. Then he returns to LA and the couple has numerous dates. But oh no, they had frowns. They
were hating their time on those dates. SHUT THE FUCK UP you morons. Those frowns were about the paparazzi. But for good measure we see a picture days later of smiling and holding hands on a date. That forced idiots to revert back to their standby argument: PR

A Brazilian news outlet had a translation of a Kristen interview in which she said after Twilight is over, she will "tell everything" I don't trust that she actually said that but I wouldn't be too surprised because like anyone else, Kristen's attitude may change over time. The couple used to avoid being photographed together. There has certainly there has been a loosening of their determination to not appear as a couple. They seem to have become less concerned with it each month.
I am sure it's too much work to conceal it. The attitude we saw
in Brazil in which Rob and Kristen did not seem to care who was watching in between takes is definitely consistent with a softening of their stance.

Again its my feeling that they have already said "yes we are together" with their actions. Many, many, actions. And it annoys them, IMO, that some people can't interpret, or refuse to interpret, what they see.

Again, someone without an iron in the fire will have no doubt when shown the actions ( and non-actions like not being seen ever with other members of the opposite sex) However, you have a group of women determined to hang onto their fantasies about Rob, and this means he can't be in love ( as he appears to be).

Some Nonstens have shifted. A few finally understood it was absurd to keep claiming these two are not together in the face of insurmountable evidence. But their new views are still hateful, shifting to "I hope they make themselves miserable." Perhaps R/K do long for the end of Twilight --- but it won't be the end of R/K. Not from what I have seen with my two eyes.