Monday, January 30, 2012

I am still Enamored with Kristen

As I knew it would be, 2012 is starting out to be a huge year for Kristen.  So many good things are happening for her.  I don't know how the life of such a famous person is supposed to evolve, but it seems to be going well.   Three big movies, with awards a strong possibility on one of them.   I have learned that the fragrance endorsement is a big deal.  If you have read this blog, you know that I have never really followed a celebrity before.   She is the only one that's ever compelled me to say, "I am a huge fan." Her reluctance to fame, the awkwardness, the not really seeming like she belongs in that world, despite her effortless beauty and magical rare talent -- these were things that drew me to Kristen.   She has gotten more comfortable with the fame, yet she still maintains an integrity that few in Hollywood posses.

The absence of updates here may lead some to think I don't care anymore.  I don't blame anyone for drawing that conclusion.   I do care.  But the reason I started this blog was to make sense of the spell she had suddenly put me under a couple of years ago.  It's no longer a sense of "why do I care about this girl and all that surrounds her.  Why I am into this topic whose followers are 99% female." I have accepted that my interest in her is a bit unusual.   I also used to really get angry with those that criticized Kristen.  That doesn't happen anymore and other people are doing a fine job of defending her honor when needed.  I've developed other topics that interest me greatly.  These are interest more in line with what you would expect a guy like me to be into.    Honestly, isn't the fact that I am a guy what made most of you read this blog?   

I had also gotten caught up in what was happening with her and Robert.  She was never going to be my girlfriend so its nice to see her with such a seemingly good guy.   Interest in that topic always led to guilty feelings because we know how she feels about that topic being discussed.   It's that desire for the real life story to not be the story that made it so real and appealing.   That topic will affect anyone with a pulse if they sit down and look at the pictures that tell the story behind the story.   I know she hates this discussion so I'll limit it one paragraph.   The good news is that story will continue even as interest in it wanes down.  I hope so much for their sake that the interest does die out.  But, there is a definite feeling of permanence there.   This last promotion tour and the interviews in which she discussed the parallels in her life -- it's almost like Twilight was her high school and that wedding was hers.   I am certainly not the only one that got that impression after hearing her discuss it.  But the key was the promotion allowed them to dangle around the edges of reality without ever coming out and saying it.   I don't think about this topic anymore but I also don't think it's going to change and thats pretty cool.   Ok paragraph over.  I'll feel guilty for a day for writing it.

My newest interest has given me something in common with Rob.  And it wasn't planned at all.  I became an Arsenal FC fan over the past year.   Then I learned a couple months ago, thanks to readers of this blog, that Rob is a life long Arsenal supporter.   Fox Soccer has made the English Premiere League one the most
 growing sports watched in the USA.   Its even being broadcast live on the big Fox network these days.   I am sure Rob is glad that he doesn't have to miss a single Arsenal match.  I would love to see the two of them at at a game.   I hope a reporter asks Kristen if she is an Arsenal fan.   I am sure she sees it on her TV often enough.

So I am still a huge Kristen fan, it just wasn't sustainable for me to keep blogging about it.  This isn't my last entry, but the updates will be sporadic.   I look forward to that day, which will come, when Kristen thanks the Academy.  It will be even better if she drops the little statue.