Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What happened?

Where have I been? Living life as always. I heard something happened last weekend but for the life of me I can't figure out what everyone's talking about.

Just kidding. I saw it. I am surprised yet pleased that it happened.
So much about it has been hashed out since then. I usually don't see and experience all these events in real-time like many of you. There has been so much analysis since then so I don't have that much to add.

In case I have not mentioned this a thousand times before, Robert has the best girlfriend one could hope for. She is amazing. Sunday was his night. She went out her way just to be there to support him. It had nothing to do with promoting anything. Of course she did what she could to stay out of the spotlight. That part doesn't surprise me at all, as Kristen is the exact opposite of an attention whore.

@twopeas1pod has been gradually developing her blog. As for what happened Sunday, I am going to defer to her opinion on this break out post of hers.

Some people think Rob made a statement. I don't think that was the case.
The way I see it is that he knows Kristen is shy and he thinks it's cute. They were both riding a high (of the night) and he was teasing her. From the interactions between them that we have been allowed to see, they have always had a playful banter. That was most evident on the Eclipse dvd.
Sunday night the playfulness continued. I think Rob knew she would react as she did and we owe him for the adorable embarrassed smile we got from Kristen.

As for the PR assertion from Lainey and her assistant.
They both said that R/K, though in a real deal, decided to take advantage of the situation. Give the fans what they want and you promote both WFE and BD. Bitter perhaps that she and her band of paps couldn't get anywhere near that set in their own backyard? They especially couldn't get near R/K. When you have to sit in the bushes for grainy shot, you may not be their biggest fans.

I stumbled onto this topic a couple places. PR accusations have become my pet peeve. I don't think Kristen would use any part of her personal life to promote anything. There is work. Then there is her life. There is a clear line between the two. If a studio exec told her to loosen up and be affectionate towards Rob in front of the paps, she would tell them....... Let's just say she wouldn't say "yes sir" to such a request.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Processing the negative

It's been a week to where every night it just seems more bizarre than the night before.  Like many of you, I have stressful job.  Hearing good news about Kristen is one of the activities I use to decompress.  This past week it hasn't been such a good stress reliever.   I am sure everyone is tired about the leaks.   And talking about the leaks.   I was really pissed off a day ago.  But what can I do about it?    This blog is to record my thoughts on Kristen.    If people read that's a bonus. 

Kristen did nothing to deserve this and I hope her spirits can get past it, soon.

I hope she enjoys her 21st birthday.  It's the last one many of us look forward to.  I am really appreciative of the sites that had the Covenant House campaign for Kristen's BD.   You know this will cheer her up.   I made a second contribution today.  But honestly, it was about making myself feel better.   I feel guilty when stuff happens to her.   I know intellectually it's not my fault but I have a hard time accepting it.

I spend about 30 to 45 minutes a day on Twitter.  It was more like once a week before this blog was stumbled upon by Tweeters last summer.   I have had the account since they opened shop but have not become completely comfortable with the instant nature of it.  I enjoy reading Tweets of a few people in regards to Kristen and all that surrounds her.  There are about 20 of you, actually, that I look for to dispel rumors or just give me a rundown of the days events.   And there are two or three sites I check. 

My current favorite Tweeter is @victoria1985.  I have no idea if she reads this but she is like a Twitter detective.   Awesome AVI, too.

So besides the leaks, lots of FOS stories, too.   Earlier tonight I saw the editorial comment from Elle US.   If you consider that someone who only knows ten percent of the facts, hasn't seen the pictures and occurrences that have made it beyond obvious for those that have, then combine that with R/K's decision for privacy and the writers desire to appear hip, then it's no surprise he/she would write that.   I am not excusing the rudeness of it,  I am just not surprised.    I also think R/K wish people would draw a conclusion (one or the other) so they could  be off everyone's radar.  Who could blame them?

I have only touched on a fraction of the last week.   Other very annoying discussions have taken place.  Most of it is due to immaturity.   When some "news" or rumors starts, it's not Kristen or Robert's fault.  To say I am done with her or him because of this story is pure childishness.  

I have cleaned the negative out of my system now.

Happy birthday, Kristen.  You are perhaps the most fascinating woman alive today.  Your beauty, talent, and character  make you the perfect woman.  Please don't ever change.