Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What happened?

Where have I been? Living life as always. I heard something happened last weekend but for the life of me I can't figure out what everyone's talking about.

Just kidding. I saw it. I am surprised yet pleased that it happened.
So much about it has been hashed out since then. I usually don't see and experience all these events in real-time like many of you. There has been so much analysis since then so I don't have that much to add.

In case I have not mentioned this a thousand times before, Robert has the best girlfriend one could hope for. She is amazing. Sunday was his night. She went out her way just to be there to support him. It had nothing to do with promoting anything. Of course she did what she could to stay out of the spotlight. That part doesn't surprise me at all, as Kristen is the exact opposite of an attention whore.

@twopeas1pod has been gradually developing her blog. As for what happened Sunday, I am going to defer to her opinion on this break out post of hers.

Some people think Rob made a statement. I don't think that was the case.
The way I see it is that he knows Kristen is shy and he thinks it's cute. They were both riding a high (of the night) and he was teasing her. From the interactions between them that we have been allowed to see, they have always had a playful banter. That was most evident on the Eclipse dvd.
Sunday night the playfulness continued. I think Rob knew she would react as she did and we owe him for the adorable embarrassed smile we got from Kristen.

As for the PR assertion from Lainey and her assistant.
They both said that R/K, though in a real deal, decided to take advantage of the situation. Give the fans what they want and you promote both WFE and BD. Bitter perhaps that she and her band of paps couldn't get anywhere near that set in their own backyard? They especially couldn't get near R/K. When you have to sit in the bushes for grainy shot, you may not be their biggest fans.

I stumbled onto this topic a couple places. PR accusations have become my pet peeve. I don't think Kristen would use any part of her personal life to promote anything. There is work. Then there is her life. There is a clear line between the two. If a studio exec told her to loosen up and be affectionate towards Rob in front of the paps, she would tell them....... Let's just say she wouldn't say "yes sir" to such a request.


  1. Great post. Hopefully, those two kids can continue to relax and enjoy their success.

  2. Yes sir...hell no! So glad Kristen didn't change into her jeans as per usual MO. She looked absolutely beautifully stunning that night and yet there is only 1 fanpic out there from that night and not a full body pic either. PR, my ass! I don't think Rob would involve his family in this PR shenanigan either. It is just not their style. Kristen travelled right after work Sat so she could support her man on his big night on Sun just to turn around and report back for duty Mon afternoon. That's from Van to NY, back to Van. That's roughly 48 hours...not just a hop and skip. Rob does have a gem in Kristen. She is class personified.

    The almost kiss is a sight to behold but the hand holding in front of paps was just epic.

  3. Yay! So glad you finally posted! Was waiting to see your 'take'!

    Oh goodness, the 'PR excuse'... of COURSE anyone who actually knows anything at all about Kristen sees why this excuse is so completely, utterly ridiculous. Summit tried to pay her a boatload to NOT cut her hair for Runaways and you know what they got - a big fat F-off and a lead who wore a wig in their next installment. Kristen doesn't possess the ability to be 'fake' about anything. If these people would stop hating all over her and actually 'get to know' something about her they'd STFU with the 'PR' nonsense!!

    Your shoutout means more than you know. Thank you for your inspiration and friendship =)
    -Nicole (aka, twopeas)

  4. Thank you for your very kind words about Kristen. I know Kristen would never agree to being affectionate with anybody because a studio exec asked her to. She wouldn't even agree to not cut her hair before The Runaways when she was offered a lot of money to not cut it. She always does what is right. She loves Rob and Rob loves her, and you can see it in every glance they share. Please keep supporting Kristen, she needs all of us.

  5. Neither do I think that Rob was making statement of any kind. I bet he simply couldn't help himself coz Kristen was just adorable beyond words. ^^

    Monica from Asia

  6. I hate when ppl over analysis their kiss or not kiss..heh i think it's STOLEN KISS!!!
    Nice post Opy

  7. So glad you posted, been looking forward to it. I'm curious, I'd like to hear about this from a guy's POV ... does it make you smile a lot to see them happy? Just wondering because I haven't been able to stop smiling since Monday!!

    Rob's "statement" ... I don't think it was any more of a statement than last year at the MTV awards. He avoids talking about "them" as much as ever but was so happy she was there with him he couldn't help himself and her shyness is so endearing.

    Thanks for being here, it's been a great week. I can't wait to see WFE, I hope it will give Rob the recognition he's due, the same recognition he should have received from Remember Me. I guess the world wasn't ready for that movie, yet.

  8. Hi Liz. It also reminded me of the MTV awards. I was glad to see it happen. It hasn't made me jump out my skin or anything like that but it was a nice thing to see. Their happiness does have a contagious effect.

  9. Their happiness DOES have a contagious effect! :-) Thanks for the post, D! We've been waiting for it! :-)