Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick update

Just a quick update.  And I am not even going to tweet this because this won't be much of a blog post.

All three movies that Kristen has coming out are ones that I am pretty excited about.  All three trailers look good.

For OTR, I haven't read that book, but I feel like I should and will make an effort to do so before the film comes out. That director is pretty unique.  The MotorCycle Diaries was a really good film.  I usually don't care for subtitled movies, but that one was really good.  This is going to be a really good art movie and I think the lovers of that book will be happy with it. I also think Kristen will pick up a new group of admirers from a completely different demographic.

Then Snow White and the Huntsman.  When you first heard she was going to be in a Snow White movie, did any of you know how cool of a movie it was going to be?  I know I didn' think so.  But I trusted then that she wouldn't be in some cheesy kids movie.  The more I learn of this movie, the more I think it was the perfect transition for Kristen.  This is a first time director but he obviously has a talent with visual appeal.

Even the Breaking Dawn II teaser trailer looks good.  I've looked forward to Vamp Kristen for a long time now.   One more round of Twilight publicity.

I see nothing has changed in the whole "topic" of Kristen and her personal life.  I try to ignore this topic and to be honest, its one of the main reason's I don't blog much here anymore.  I do not deny that I still get a big smile on when I learn of them vacationing and spending private time together.  They do as much
as possible to avoid "selling it" and that is just further confirmation that its too important to them.  I like how they won't do what so many want them to do: pose
together in public for that pap shot.  What they have is rare in this twisted world we live in.  I think they are handling it just right.

I would like to know what Rob think's about Arsenal FC's amazing come back this year.  I have become a big fan of that football/soccer club and I wonder how much Kristen is in to it.  Maybe Rob will leave a comment here.  LOL.