Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Kristen I would like to know

I was the youngest of three boys. No sisters.

It would be fun seeing her carefree like that & I would gladly protect her freedom to behave that way.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back to the basics on why i love Kristen

Why is it that Kristen is the first celebrity I have ever really cared about? Certainly there have been actresses in the past I was attracted to but there would be twenty others with the same attraction. I wasn't interested in what they had to say or their views on life.

I have mentioned that I am introverted (which is not a bad thing) and I see that in Kristen. Being in the public eye is not something an introvert would seek. There are lots of actors with successful careers who can still do their own shopping. They can take off for a long walk around the park. These things have been taken away from Kristen and for this I really feel bad for her. I don't think the money makes up for that.

Just as I wouldn't have chosen my particular career in advance, I am pretty sure Kristen wouldn't have picked being one of the most famous persons in the world. The people that say she is spoiled and ungrateful just don't have a clue that not everyone wants the same things in life.

I have described it before how I first came to be so curious and enamored with Kristen. In the first and second entries of this blog I discussed how I came to be "obsessed." That word doesn't really apply as I do have a life to live and Kristen is compartmentalized into the entertainment section.
Last May I felt pretty certain that no one would ever read this blog (and no one did until August) so I was a bit sloppy. I'll do a better job of describing it today. It was about this time last year when it happened. First, I'll tell you why I was watching Twilight on Showtime last spring.

I must have something good to read at all times. As an introvert, that time of day alone with a book is critical to recharging. Books that keep my attention are hard to find. I had just finished all of the Sookie Stackhouse books and at the time, the Hollywood babe that I was paying attention to was Sookie herself, aka Anna Pacquin. I still think she is a cool chic but I wasn't THAT interested in her. The next Sookie book and the third season of TrueBlood were several months away.

Twilight was out there and I knew it was very popular. I was hesitant for a very long time. But I was hard up for a book. I couldn't find anything.
I read a review on Amazon from a 50 year-old man who said (paraphrasing)If you like Sookie, you'll love Bella too. And don't worry about the marketing
towards teens, these are great stories (end paraphrase). So I took a chance on Twilight. It won me over and I read all four books pretty quickly.
I watched Twilight once around November 09 and was a little disappointed.

So in March of 2010 Twilight is on Showtime. It was a Saturday afternoon and I thought I would probably fall asleep watching it. Then I started noticing
the little things Kristen was doing in character that I thought were endearing and charming. I was falling for Kristen's version of Bella. I didn't remember
her being so pretty that first time I saw the movie the previous fall. I really enjoyed her floundering in the Volleyball game and the awkward conversation
with Anna about not being tan like everyone else in Arizona. It turned out that Kristen has allot of Bella in her, with notable exceptions -- Kristen seems
to be a bit of a natural athlete and she can definitely dance.

It was the "Edward returns to Biology scene" that started it all. I experienced a change watching her facial expressions in that scene. I saved the movie
at that point and its still on my DVR nearly a year later. Bella was losing the choice. From that moment on, she was hooked on Edward. I was hooked on Kristen at the same moment, yet I didn't know her name yet. That night I started googling and learning about this immense phenomena of the Twilight universe. The more I learned
about her personality the more interested I became. A couple of weeks later, I downloaded "Into the Wild" and any chance I had of reversing this obsession was gone after that.

At first I didn't put much stock into the actor playing Edward. For the most part, I don't think I care very much for most male actors. I see most of them as being narcissistic pricks. I know that is way too wide of a net to cast of that group, but I do give them a chance to change my mind. I have always liked Johnny Depp because he seemed the reluctant star. But I couldn't stand Brad Pitt for reasons I still can't define. I certainly didn't care about him and Angelina together (though I admire her work as a philanthropist). As I researched Kristen, I began to learn about the humility of Rob's personality. And I had to admit that the scenes in Twilight that I was so impressed with was because of how well Kristen and Robert responded to each other. Further google searches revealed that what they had going may not be just about acting. Are they together in real life? Did I care? I was so embarrassed to admit it, but I did.

There have been more men show up who root for Rob and Kristen as a couple. Its unprecedented because I am certain none of us cared about other couples, including Pitt/Jolie.

The more I learned about Kristen, the more impressed I was with everything she was about. And though I didn't have the same degree of interest in Robert, I knew
that he was very important to her and thus I wished the best for him and the two of them. They have put up with so much BS that would have likely broken many couples.

Today, I think what I like the most about Kristen is that she is trying to impress no one. Unlike most of Hollywood, there isn't 1% of fake in how she portrays herself. She shows us who she really is. The pressure to talk about her private life, yet refusing to go there, just made me all the more impressed. This is a person with very admirable principles.

I could go on and on about Kristen's beauty and I have. The attitude is such a big part of the attraction. Though Kristen is shy and seems nervous sometimes in front
of these huge crowds, she also exudes a quiet and unshakable confidence at the same time.

So I just wanted to get back to the basics about this blog. The drama that comes and goes has no bearing on what I think about this woman. Its my hope that is doesn't shake her outlook on life, because she has allot of good things to do in the years to come.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Louisiana lockdown ideal for Kristen

So we haven't seen Kristen in awhile. I know she likes it that way and deserves the long break she has gotten from the frenzy.

I want to see a Vamped out picture of Bella but definitely not from the lens of a paparazzi. Neither do I want to see Kristen in a picture she doesn't consent too. So I don't mind this so called "drought" If there were pap pictures, I would end up looking. So it's better to not be tempted.

I knew after Brazil that too much was given away. Fans always want more. But that week literally provided enough pictures to last for months. I am glad R/K have had this long break away from the public eye.

There are horror stories about cops in Louisiana, but when a Parrish needs money, everyone including the cops is going to see that the guest bringing money are treated like Royalty. The Entertainment Industry seems very active over there. It's good for the Gulf region and Hollywood is saving money as well. Its not just about the cops. You don't see pap or even phone camera pics because everyone, including restaurant proprietors, other hospitality workers, real estate people, and the everyday citizens walking around know that they want to keep these movie stars feeling welcome and safe. Someone getting too aggressive with their camera would be quietly removed from the scene. I wouldn't be surprised to learn if a pap or two has spent a night in jail (or worse) if the stern warning wasn't enough to get him/her out of the area. This has been a win for the cast, especially Rob and Kristen. If these two co-produce any of their own upcoming movies they might support production in Louisiana.

There isn't a more sought after target than R/K from the Stalkerazzi and they have gotten nothing over the past few months. Those same photographers will be waiting in Vancouver.

The only negatives coming out of the "drought" are that gossip sites stir pots with old stuff. No real info comes from that so it's only an issue if you let it be. Nothing has changed. Nor will anything change based on what does or does not happen at award shows over the next month or so.

As for new movies being discussed. I don't think Kristen will do Lois Lane and I am glad as I have never cared for Superman in any version. I have mixed feelings about American Girl. I like the story, but don't care for James Woods, mostly because of his Ultra Right Wing views.

With Snow White, my first reaction was "kids movie" but upon looking further it's much more than that. Fairy Tales can be interesting science-fantasy fiction. Fairies, or the Fay, in some literature are another type of immortals. I like Chairlaine Harris's version of the Fay. CH writes the Sookie Stackhouse Novels, which True Blood is based loosely on. I say loosely because Alan Ball took True Blood in it's own direction and hasn't respected some of the most
critical story lines. I am opinionated about True Blood. I despise Alan Ball and love Charlaine Harris. So Snow White and the Huntsman may be good and I just read they have offered the role to Kristen.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Glad I am not missing anything.

Hi everyone. This is just a status post that I'll delete once I write something else. I had surgery earlier this week. I don't won't to go into details about it other than to say I haven't been able to stay awake long enough to really read anything.
I should be close to normal about this time next week.

Nothing has changed has it?

Speculation on Kristen's next movie. Has anything solidified there?