Friday, February 4, 2011

Glad I am not missing anything.

Hi everyone. This is just a status post that I'll delete once I write something else. I had surgery earlier this week. I don't won't to go into details about it other than to say I haven't been able to stay awake long enough to really read anything.
I should be close to normal about this time next week.

Nothing has changed has it?

Speculation on Kristen's next movie. Has anything solidified there?


  1. Hi Dan,

    I really hope you are feeling better and recuperate soon. ALL surgeries are no fun.

    From what I can tell, nothing is definite about Kris's next role but there is no much being written about the Snow White movie that it would be a surprise to find out it's all a rumor.

  2. yo Dan....hope you'll get well soon...just don't overdo things for now and rest well....about the next role...have a feeling they're still talking about it since gossip cop or kristen's rep have not said anything official about it...unlike the lois lane role where they immediately said that she was not approached about it at all....hopefully you have seen the new video from the vogue shoot...kristen looks stunning with the old hollywood look <3<3<3

  3. Thanks Liz & Grace Anne. I feel ten times better today.

    I wasn't caring for the Lois Lane rumors. I've never cared for any version of Superman. With the Snow White I just didn't know enough to realize there could be something more than a kids movie. The more I learn about it, the more intrigued I become.

  4. I'm more interesting Kristen next role as Snow White...hope this is true not rumour again ( still pray). Opy I hope your get better soon and take rest for recovery! sorry i still call you Opy not Dan.
    I will visit your blog next week...

  5. Get well soon Opytalyor~ Make sure you recover fast and get a hand on Vogue Feb issue with Kristen as cover~~ ;)

  6. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! we miss you, man!! Get well soon!