Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Ramblings

I wanted to get something written so those that follow this blog don't assume I have decided to stop. I am not going to stop but there might be longer gaps in between posts as this is a busy time of year for me. Plus New Years resolutions usually involves a time commitment, right?

Since last March i have spent enough time to learn the basic story of Kristen Stewart over the past few years. And i have stayed fairly current. But honestly i don't need to be as current as I have been. The daily stuff that happens should be less of a priority because there can be too much drama. Drama can put me in foul mood. The large parts of the story aren't going to change.

Kristen continues to define, for me, the perfect woman/actress/good person. It appears a Jolie like philanthropy is in the development stages. I know of Jolie's work from watching CNN. And sure she is pretty and all. But as you know, I much prefer Kristen for many different reasons (which i have covered on these pages) and when she gets her projects going, I'll contribute. Kristen is in good company with Robert. I really don't think that relationship is going to end anytime remotely soon, even after Twilight --- despite the best efforts, lies and propaganda from Hatesten. So the right thing to do is accept it and let them be. Its a very honorable trait to stick to your principles as R/K have. Don't you have allot more respect for a couple that keeps it private as opposed to the ones who will tell you all about it on E? I don't understand why some people don't get that.

It kinda sux that there will only be one movie with Kristen in it this year. I read that we are probably looking at this time next year before On The Road comes out.

I rely on several of you, including Tammy @PattzStewGlobal to fill me in on stories that I might miss, sans the drama. I'll never understand most of the drama, except that it's about two exceptional people. I hope they are sheltered from most of it. When I first started into this, I stayed on another heavily moderated, drama free fan site. That was the best place to be as i learned about Kristen. They sheltered me from even knowing about all the BS out there. I should have never ventured out from the safe confines of that site. They know who they are, and if they happen to read this I am grateful for the experience I have had and will continue to have there. If only the worrisome R/K fans would limit themselves to that type of drama-free, heavily moderated content, then much less crap would be seen from day to day by the rest of us.

I'll be buying my first ever copy of Vogue. I seem to remember discussions last spring of an Editor with a God complex who was determined to have Kristen's account of her and Robert. Kristen wouldn't give into her principles. You gotta love that. This may not be true, but lots of people discussed it back then. The pictures out this week are incredible, except for that one -- and it wasn't Kristen's doing that resulted in that bizarre creation. The interview was lacking the warmth and camaraderie of the British Elle article. Plus one statement from the writer kinda ticked me off. They basically said Kristen still struggles with on camera interviews. I call bullshit on this. I saw dozens of interviews on camera between Eclipse and now and she did very well on all of them. I also grant that Josh Horowitz with MTV does the best job with Rob and Kristen. They like him. Thus he can get away with a bit more than the rest.

I am all talked out for now. Take care.

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  1. Hi!
    I will buy 3 copies of Vogue for the first time too. Ha ha.

  2. I love your open mind.
    Robert and Kristen should be left alone and people should let them share what they want to share in their own good time.
    If magazines force the information out of them, the more they will hide.
    They'd be more open about themselves if the crazies weren't so crazy.
    Don't you think?


  3. Hahahaha! Me too! 3 copies of Vogue for me! For the first time in my life!
    You have no idea how much I love your blog and how much I look forward to reading new posts here week after week. I thank heavens we have you and Robstenation!
    Oh, and I love Josh Horowitz too :-)
    Take care,

  4. I've decided a while ago not to give a rat's ass what the hatestens say. They don't matter and most especially, they don't make any sense. I think most of their spewage is to aggravate the insecure Kristen/Rob fans and let's face it, they are soooo jealous of Kristen Stewart who is both talented and beautiful and managed, without trying, to catch the eye and affections of one Robert Pattinson.

    I've looked through Vogue issues in the past but I don't think I have ever bought one so I will be buying this Vogue issue for the first time as well. Just hope all Kristen fans will be making her cover the best sold issue ever!

    As for the interview, the best part was reading about Kristen's phlilanthropic aspirations. Proud mama bear here!

  5. He..he..he..this the first time i'll buy Vogue too!
    She's absolutely gorgeous and i love her sooooo much!!!

  6. I'm glad you're still here. We both "visit" the other site regularly and you are right ... they are a sheltered bunch for the most part. Only one hatesten over there ever dares to comment.

    About Kristen's philanthropy ... I really hope she gets good, solid advice on how to go about doing what she wants to do with the shelter/centers for runaways. Just having the idea is a great thing, now hiring and seeking out the right people to "make it happen" will be a struggle. About Rob, I believe he will eventually do something similar with animals. He is a self-professed animal lover and I believe that is what drew him to WFE, not to mention a best-selling book and working with 2 Oscar winners. Either way, neither one of them care too much about material things so can't imagine they'll want to hang onto all their money.

    Vogue interview -- loved how the interviewer said that if Kristen were to talk about Rob that she wouldn't be able to stop .... which is exactly what Kristen has said over and over ... that no-one would be happy with them just "outing" thei relationship, everyone would want more and more details. We all see that now, don't we? I'm just happy that they are happy.

    Thanks for being here, a great voice of reason in this totally unrealistic world.

  7. Liz, are you sure we are talking about the same site? They wouldn't tolerate any hate. I consider the "shelter" factor a service they provide that makes it a good place to be.

  8. Did I mention before that I love your blog? lol It's amazing.. So respectful, cool and your posts precisely reflecting my thoughts about Kristen , Rob, their togetherness.. It's amazing how Kristen grew up (and I don't mean her height) for the past two years. Her beauty is unique and she just entering young womanhood phase being at the same time very mature for her age. I hope life will continue to smile for both Kristen and Rob and no amount of hate will shutter their relationship.

  9. Hi Dan,

    I'm not 100% sure if we're talking about the same site, I've seen your comments there, it's our friend, Rose. Only "Honey" the hater ever shows up there and I don't know if she still comments there or not.

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. Thanks Fleet. You have complimented me before & you do a good job navigating imdb, which I find impossible to keep up with. Those threads move so fast.

    Liz, Rose's was not my first site to visit. I do comment there on occasion and remember you from there.