Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kristen deserves a break from the gossip machine

I wonder how many of you have adopted the same patterns in consuming of celebrity news that I have since a few weeks ago.

If you were bored enough over the past couple years to pay attention to this blog, or if you didn't but were like me, your spending an eighty % less of the time as you did before paying attention to celebrities in general.

I didn't care for them (really anymore than they cared about me) until Kristen came along.   The honesty, the effortless beauty, the shyness, the tomboyish daily wear (but they sure could make her look beyond amazing if she has to wear a dress).  I loved her interviews.  I know if she and I met, and she didn't know I was so cuckoo about her, we would have gotten along great even if you factor in the age difference.  

I never claimed to be a big Rob fan: but I still like him.  Because if she liked him he had to be a good guy.  

I think I wrote this before and deleted it, but my fanship of Kristen (with the full knowledge I would never meet her) helped get me past a long time involvement myself.  If I do accidentally meet her, I will try so hard not to let her know just how crazy I was about her.  Because if she knew she might freak and I wanna keep her talking as long as possible.

I saw her bite that lip in the biology scene.  Then I rented "Into the Wild" and I was hooked.  And I was forever conflicted about flaming the fires of her polarizing fame.  

I love her every bit today as much as i did a few years ago: it's just that I spend about 20% of the time paying attention because their isn't a slimier industry than celeb gossip.  Plus she is working this year and we won't see the fruits of her labor for about 18 months.  

The day I dread, but will get over quickly, is when I learn she is in a new relationship.

Also, give it some time: people that intense about each other always come back around.  I am glad she isn't going to be knocked up and pregnant in the kitchen for a while longer.   Sorry if you disagree, but 23 is too young for that on such a special young lady.