Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kristen deserves a break from the gossip machine

I wonder how many of you have adopted the same patterns in consuming of celebrity news that I have since a few weeks ago.

If you were bored enough over the past couple years to pay attention to this blog, or if you didn't but were like me, your spending an eighty % less of the time as you did before paying attention to celebrities in general.

I didn't care for them (really anymore than they cared about me) until Kristen came along.   The honesty, the effortless beauty, the shyness, the tomboyish daily wear (but they sure could make her look beyond amazing if she has to wear a dress).  I loved her interviews.  I know if she and I met, and she didn't know I was so cuckoo about her, we would have gotten along great even if you factor in the age difference.  

I never claimed to be a big Rob fan: but I still like him.  Because if she liked him he had to be a good guy.  

I think I wrote this before and deleted it, but my fanship of Kristen (with the full knowledge I would never meet her) helped get me past a long time involvement myself.  If I do accidentally meet her, I will try so hard not to let her know just how crazy I was about her.  Because if she knew she might freak and I wanna keep her talking as long as possible.

I saw her bite that lip in the biology scene.  Then I rented "Into the Wild" and I was hooked.  And I was forever conflicted about flaming the fires of her polarizing fame.  

I love her every bit today as much as i did a few years ago: it's just that I spend about 20% of the time paying attention because their isn't a slimier industry than celeb gossip.  Plus she is working this year and we won't see the fruits of her labor for about 18 months.  

The day I dread, but will get over quickly, is when I learn she is in a new relationship.

Also, give it some time: people that intense about each other always come back around.  I am glad she isn't going to be knocked up and pregnant in the kitchen for a while longer.   Sorry if you disagree, but 23 is too young for that on such a special young lady.


  1. i'm a big true fan of kristen and rob i do think they need to give them a break and let them live theirs lives the paps need to back off and leave them alone hope they stay together forever love them both keep writing about her

  2. Like i said before iam not into her relasionship again, she deserves better know!! I will always be her fan and support Kristen. Enough for almost 4 years she got hates from crazy obsessed fans of Rob BUT you know Dano...Kristen have huge fanbase still loyal to her!!!
    Iam not R fan but like you i like him, hope R more sucsess and get a new gf who's make him happy and not hide his relashionship again. KRISTEN'S DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS.....

  3. Not that either one of us have a clue (we don't) but I don't think he ever tried to hide his relationship with her. I thought he liked to tease her about it. Like when he tried to kiss her in in Limo for his circus movie, and she had that adorable embarrassed smile. Nor did she tried to hide it. Their unified response was consistently "this is our business" and that hasn't really changed.

  4. They never vocalized it (except that one time for Kristen during the cheating scandal) but they didn't have to. So obvious by their body language, flirtation, familiarity, playfulness, and lingering looks. My heart and my head are at war about what's going on with them now. Simply put, I don't know. And, since I won't take the word of vermin, parasites, cochroaches (paparazzi), rag journalists and the media that make a buck by destroying, demoralizing, and bullying Kristen, Rob, and many others, I'll have to wait for Kristen or Rob to make their moves before I jump to any conclusions. In the meantime, I'll just keep the faith and hope that this lovely couple will make it through. But if they don't, c'est la vie.

  5. DANO -- Thanks for posting, your words are always profound ... your loyalty and support for Kristen is never-ending (which is how most of us feel about her). Like you, I will dread the day that she starts a "new" relationship. HOWEVER, I don't think we have to worry about that for a long while. I believe 150% with all my heart that R&K are together and happy. There are just too many clues that put them together rather than apart. Perhaps they had a little time apart but I don't believe there was ever a breakup.

    I truly hate the paps for the way they treat Kristen. And it hurts just as much to know that R is hurt by the way they treat her. Many fans think HE should do something or say something but I don't believe that there is anything that either of them can do to change this "gossip storm" that they are caught in. Unfortunately, they are two really fascinating people, either together or separate, and I don't see that changing any time in the near future.

    Again, thanks for your wonderful insight.

  6. Well Dano if you meet Kristen, you could use this opening line: "Hey I've read alot about there anything you'd like to know about ME?" Cut to the chase!

    I agree she deserves a break from the gossip machine - but she's probably oblivious to much of what hits the internet/twitter. She just operates in "keep 'em guessing" mode by continuing to live her life as a self-professed homebody, hang out with her friends, & go back & forth to work in her old truck. She's a smart young woman & she'll be OK regardless of her relationship status!

  7. I hope you are right but I refuse to filter through the trash to find clues. Not judging you Liz, I just can't take it.

  8. Anon 7/12 1:12 am --- sorry I missed your comment in my mailbox. It's a hard to keep up with unread mail these days

  9. DANO -- You know I'm not the kind to "filter thru the trash" for clues. I'm talking about the fan pics that are there for EVERYONE to see. She's worn his shirts on several occasions, and I don't just mean those white ones, not much clue there. And his hats on several occasions and he's been wearing the Balenciaga shoes she gave him. I don't think ex's would be wearing each other's stuff, it would either look pathetic or it would hurt them too much, in my opinion. Personally, I hope we never see another paps pic of them together. We all can believe what we want to believe.

    BUT, can I ask you a question? Other than the fact that we've not seen them together (not counting "truck-gate", what other "clues" besides the rags and tabs and paps are there that they've split? I don't get why people are believing all that. And if anyone thinks that Rob would move out in broad daylight, they don't know anything about either of them. Only my opinion.

  10. I am not paying attention enough to even know about "truck gate" or other sightings cuz I just don't want to read anyone's spin. Right now it's going to take a verified fan accounts of them being affectionate in public. And a fan photo pic would help.

  11. Oh I just wish I could tweet this article to all my followers!

  12. There shouldn't be any reason you can't do that. I tweeted it but I've never had a huge followership. If you go through the five years of my twitter account, you'll see that I am so inconsistent with tweets, etc. I don't mind it that way. I'll write an article like this a few times a year. Then gain new followers, who quickly become frustrated with my silence and drop me. No biggie. Then again there are followers who have figured me out, and just keep following because they know I'll get an itch. And when I write something I want her to read it but have no control over that, either. This is why she should take a covert vacation, bring whoever she needs, and sit and BS with me for a few hours.
    And for the record I hope she is at peace with whatever is going on in her private life. I don't think they are done for good, but things aren't great either. Then again, I don't know a damn thing.