Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blogger accusses Kristen of being miserable and bringing others down

In my last entry, I stated that those who feel Kristen Stewart is not handling her trips through LAX and have taken liberty to criticize her, then you need
to show us your qualifications. Show us an equally unpleasant situation and how you handled it with such grace, otherwise STFU.

I was shown a blog today by one shallow being name X. I decided not to name her or show the URL because she says nothing unique. To be honest, she has nothing original to distinguish her from fans who are simply jealous of Kristen.

The blogger says Kristen's middle finger is ultimately directed to you and me. Actually, Kristen is only flipping off the photographers who followed her on that long airport journey, or the ones who spy on her with a long lens. However, I will accept that I deserve anger or disapproval from Kristen if I am providing a market in which these pictures are bought & sold. I didn't elect paparazzi to represent my interest in the airports and other public places. I guess blogger X feels that she & paps are one in the same.

Blogger X has not only taken liberty to judge Kristen's LAX walks, but she takes it much further, basically equating Kristen to a miserable person who wishes to spread her misery to those around her.

For the sake of argument only, lets say this blogger is correct -- that Kristen did a bad job of handling her walk at LAX. So that also means that her all around behavior and demeanor is that of a miserable person with no joy in her life.

This blogger, and others like her, have two things they use to make this broad characterization. (1) Kristen hates being photographed by the Paparazzi, especially at the end of long plane trips (2) Kristen prefers to keep her personal life as private as possible. She won't spill to the press. Since those two items are true, then she must be a miserable person, who brings those around her down, and poor Rob is her biggest victim.

Forget that Rob and Kristen spend more time than any other celebrities signing autographs and taking pictures with their fans. I wasn't aware that ungrateful, miserable people do that.

So no other celebs have a tendency to raise their middle finger at the paps? Really?

Interestingly, X writes that we fans are fortunate that people such as Johnny Depp have not misbehaved so poorly in response to paparazzi intrusions. Depp has not only used the middle finger, but he was arrested for fighting with the paparazzi in 1999.

Forget that anyone who has ever worked with Kristen goes on and on about how much fun she is to be around and how easy she is to work with.

Forget that her personality is far from typical. She is shy and perhaps a bit introverted. She is very intelligent and she doesn't behave exactly like every other
Hollywood celeb. Don't cut her any slack for not being a robot.

And she is dragging down Robert with her? According to blogger X Kristen manipulated Robert into a relationship. And he is so weak and helpless, that he is stuck with Kristen and her miserable ways.

If there are chains that would attach one to Kristen, then sign me up.

Is it not possible that Robert wanted that relationship even when he thought he had no chance at it? Is it not possible that Robert might be attracted to confident women who are very much on the non-conventional side? Oh, and when he is not with Kristen in airports, he is just full of joy and smiles right?

And since the Teen choice awards were addressed --- in that Robert kept his hands to himself and did not seem to be having a good time --- it must be that damn Kristen
has taught him to be miserable. It couldn't possibly be that he misses her? That he is the happiest when she is around?

It seems to most observers, but apparently not blogger X, that Robert's smile with Kristen around is huge. But if you take her away then it appears he is just going through the motions. Because she makes him miserable, ya know.

The blogger even had a solution --- dump Robert and date someone not in the business. Because you know we have complete control over who we are attracted to. If its not convenient, then it certainly can't be worthwhile.

Our blogger says she knows what's Indie, and since Kristen prefers this type of movie to box office smashes, she sold out by doing Twilight. So when everyone who made Twilight thought it might be a cult classic --- they were all lying? When did Kristen say she would only do Indie movies? What I have heard her say is being famous gives her the choice of roles to take and for that she is quiet grateful for what has happened with the Twilight Saga.

Also, per the blogger, Kristen's decision to be in movies means she chooses this rabid attention. The blogger compared it to enlisting in the military and hoping to avoid war. So Kristen must be the only private person to make it in Hollywood. Anyone else, say Sean Penn, Chris Cooper, Jody Foster --- their lives have always been an open book, right?

X's garbage blog is full of accusations that Kristen is ungrateful and miserable, yet she has only the airport example and Kristen's refusal to discuss her relationship. There is no weight to her claims. She seems no more than a jealous Rob fan who resents Kristen for having what she wants. Rob, on the other hand, thinks Kristen is very special. He doesn't want or need the support of blogger X.


  1. You are AWESOME! Love this post :D

  2. always hit the nail on the head :)

  3. omg, thank you so much, blogger x sounds like a bitter old cat

  4. Thank you! I am grateful that today, logical and rational minds have corrected this "blogger" and her nonsensical comments! I enjoy reading "My Secret Obsession"! Keep up the good work!

  5. As usual, Opy, a very, very good post. And this: "There is no weight to her claims. She seems no more than a jealous Rob fan who resents Kristen for having what she wants," seems to sum it up best.

    It's really depressing that almost every day there's another lying and/or nasty article about Kristen (& sometimes Rob too). I'm beginning to believe that these bloggers/posters might actually be doing it primarily to get attention. I find it hard to believe that all of these people have truly failed to understand Kristen's character, overlooked the obvious facts and circumstances surrounding her actions, and misconstrued her intentions. Can they really be that stupid?

  6. Kudos to you! This post should be read bu ALL the people who claim to be haters of KStew!

  7. Wow, so well said. Those last 3 sentences? Those should be bolded, printed and laminated and passed around to all of those who think just like Blogger X. (There seems to be a few.)

    ; )

  8. The only miserable person here is Miss "X". Anyone who would spend that much time hating on a young girl that's done absolutely nothing to them proves they have no life and are miserable themselves.

  9. THANK YOU! for writing this and defending Kristen. I can't believe that there is just so much hate directed at this 20 yr old girl. Just have to say I did read Blogger X's blog and just wanted to vomit afterwards. Thank you for also not posting her name and link! She doesn't deserve it.

  10. Excellent dissection of Miss "X's trashy post. It continues to amaze me how these idiots completely misunderstand/misconstrue Kristen.

    She is the antithesis of manipulative. God help her that she should be self-confident. And it's a crime how unapproachable (or uncomfortable in crowded situations) she is.

  11. Your words SPEAK VOLUMES, especially because you are a BOY and you can see it from a different angle.Love your blog, love what you have to say regardless Kristen, you make my days!
    THIS -> "If there are chains that would attach one to Kristen, then sign me up." LOL
    Take care R is quite possessive! :D

    Thanks again!

    Envious is a bitch that is going to eat those Xs alive!

    VIVA Dano! Bravo! You go boy!

  12. And people say R gets so much hate as well.I do believe he gets it, but NO ONE who possibly hates him owns blogs to insult him, to hate him, to bash him.Kristen on the other hand has those loserbitches who join just with one purpose: hate her.Does is really brings them happiness! I'M sure, the only thing they get is: a miserable and lonely life.

  13. well said OPY...

    i found disgusting the X collumn gossip, not even had nail beeing compare to Ted or Lainey, Ted and Lainey just becomen a saint compare this 'X' chick...i though the X sources is NOnsense...that typical what hyena said, phatetic bitch...

  14. I do not need to read crap about Kristen (or Rob) and I don't. I am not the least bit curious. I always figure negative stuff about Stewie is just someone who is jealous because Rob adores her.
    Why bother?
    Life can be stressful enough without putting more negative junk to read in front of my eyes. I'd rather watch a K or R film.
    Or check out old interviews about them or something like that.
    I like positive things in life.

  15. okay that old cow needs some serious help. wtf she talks as if she knows rob and kristen. how can she say kristen is bring people down? kristen NEVER sticks her finger at her fans she only does that with paps. i mean why wouldn't she they harass her! they call her a bitch once. they tell her she should get another job just because she doesn't like getting pictured when she's at the airport or when she's going to her hotel. what is wrong with these people?! i swear some people in this world seriously have NO LIFE. for this "x" women to even take her haterd that far is insanity she seriously needs to take some meds. has she ever been a celeb? NO so how the heck would she know what it's like for kristen or rob or any other celeb. kristen isn't the only person who sticks there middle finger at the paps TONS of other celebs do that too! do you see this x women saying shit about them? its disgusting and sick. how old is she? does she know that she's like bullying a young girl who's 20 years old?kristen isn't the only one to hate the paps! other celebs even punched some paps. i don't get why those celebs don't get so much hate campared to kristen. when rob or johnny depp do something about the paps not many people hate on them they are like aw i feel bad for them but when kristen who's still pretty young btw does that it's oh she's such a bitch. they don't know what it's like being a celeb they never been in her shoes. they have no right to call her a bitch when they no NOTHING about her. ALL of the people who met kristen always talk about how nice she is. that tells me that this innocent girl is getting this haterd for no reason at all. wait there is a reason she has haters because they are JEALOUS!!! they can't have rob so they go on there stupid little blogs and bitch about it. they can't admit it but anyone with a right brain would see that. even my mom who doesn't even like twilight thinks the hate kristen and rob get is really unfair. btw how does this x women know what rob wants and doesn't want? all that stuff she said just make her seem insecure and jealous. gosh why cant some people grow up already. but like who cares ROB LOVES KRISTEN since the day he met her wait before he met her he loved her she's the reason he did twilight. even when she had a bf he still loved her now he got her what makes these haters think his going to give her up? btw robert said he loves a girl who's confident and kristen is very confident and she doesn't care what these haters say. she's still going to act and she's still going to be with robert. im pretty sure most of these haters will get tired when rob and kris are still together after twilight. kristen has way more fans than haters so they can whine and whine it won't make a difference they won't gain anything they will only lose. hope they know karma is a bitch. so what if kristen is shy and she expresses herself more than all those other fake celebs? she's HUMAN people need to stop forgetting that. robert loves kristen. like robert said get off his dick! bitch. (:

  16. Go OPY!!! I had no intention of reading or discovering what X said, but since you dissected it, I'm ecstatic that you went in with guns blazing. Grateful that you didn't supply X's BS blog. Psycho shouldn't get any hits. We all know how Rob feels about these hateful bloggers. This will only entrench Rob & Kristen's relationship.

  17. OPY YOUR THE MAN I agree with every word you said THIS X BITCH IS JUST THAT A BITCH and to think she thinks Rob would leave Kris for HER hahahah how funny. Shes just a NO BUDDY and WANTS ALL THAT KRIS HAS. Kris is a beautiful loving Lady WHO loves Robert I don't see this X bitch having any thing in her life. I laugh at her WHAT A LOOSER she must be THANK YOU AGAIN OPY

  18. OPY, someone linked this from Rose's blog and I am so glad I read it. You rock! Thank you for shooting down all the crap being said about Kristen by some blogger that needed a little attnetion today. Thank you for not nameing that blogger, and thank you for not quoting, what you said was perfect. I didn't even want to read her blog cause I didn't want her to think that I was in anyway supporting the hateful crap she was spewing..again thanks Opy!

  19. Great post. You are certainly correct that Blogger X is not original. She sounds just like all the other jealous bitter hags who hate on a 20 year old and constantly whine about her. They are seriously more obsessed in their hate with Kristen than their love for Rob!

  20. Very intelligent, well-thought out post. Please continue to defend our Kstew.

  21. hello Opy as usual i came late to the know timeline and all......The war zone today seemed incredible violent....and to my niaveness or due to the fact I may have been sleeping...had no idea what and who may have started all this frenzy...You know I realy dont need the inns & outs....glad to read your point...always a're such a man with integrity and shine through all your writen views......Kristen would be proud to have a fan such as your kind good self......LouisaFDU

  22. thank you so much for this post......:))

    LOVE IT..<333

  23. another beautiful entry. though readin stuff like this makes me want to punch someone. and Im very non violent person

    you mention so many claims in this one that I hate its not even funny. so lets take it from teh start

    Kris is not the first nor the last "celebrity" to give paps the finger. nor is she the only one not willing to discuss certain aspects of her private life. nor is she the only one not smiling at airports. and the Indie vs. commercial crap just bugs me big time. every actor chooses projects differently. she seems to be going with her gut and the appeal the role has for her. and thats brave if anything

    I dont understand why this X person needs to project her own misery at seeing Kristen onto others. seems to me the only people Kris makes miserable is her and the likes of her. me, I persoanlly smile when seing ehr. and when I see her looking sad/angry/tired I want to give her a hug. or a blanket. or Rob :D although I guess she has the last one all right

    but the one that angers me the most is the one where people say being actor means giving up any semplance of privacy. no it doesnt. it means you get to do something you are passionate about. work with amazing and talented people equaly as passionate about the craft. the fame may be nice but in a way its also a draw back. ebing a recognizable person may be flattering but I cant imagine it to be fun. so as I said already, unless you walked a mile in her shoes, STFU

    thank you for saying it as you see it. as I see it as well. thank ouy for defending this beautiful and unique young woman

  24. The funny thing with that X blogger(who belongs in a mental institution IMO)is that first she says that Kristen is a miserable person,but then she says that Kristen smiles more now and Rob pouts more!!!!,because he's miserable!Does she see a different Rob?Because the Rob i see giggling all the time and has a happy smile plastered on his pretty face!

    Nice post,Opy!


  25. This is a great blog - unlike the other........!!!!
    Rob is brilliant and is so in love with Kristen, who I believe loves him back in equal part........
    Don't know what to say about the haters really, there are a lot of extremely sad, mad, and bad people in the world today........... but the good will always win in the ultimate battle.....!!!

  26. I usually don't read crap about Kristen nor give hit to those blog dedicated to pure hate. I haven't read that article but from your description that X sounds so horrible.

    I think X is exactly the one who brings people down. She makes women in the fandom look bad, like some jealous bitches who thirst for a deliciously handsome young man and thus hate his GF. SHIT!~ I can't stand that as well as her insult to our beloved Kristen.

    Monica from Asia

  27. That X woman has serious personal issues.I think she got what she wanted.Tons of attention.I'm sure nobody knew about her sick blog,excepts some psychos,and 2 days now everybody is talking about that bitch.Who cares what she thinks?She's obviously disturbed.Can we move on,please and stop paying attention to some crazies?

  28. Loved your blog today. The only reason Kristen got papped at LAX was because those in Montreal let them know that Rob and Kristen were on the way home and on what flight. She got to Argentina without being papped at all. And had a week home without so much as a mention. Good for she and Rob.

  29. amen!!!! thank you so much Opy! preach it!!! very very good post...


  30. This is a FANTASTIC post. Thank you for rebutting that AssHat posting spiteful trash about Kristen Stewart. Not only were her facts off, she came off as a sour grapes and completely unprofessional. NO ONE should have to put up with the frightening, invasive, even dangerous crap that Kristen does. No one.

  31. Here! Hear!
    Wonderful post Opytaylor!
    Did not read the garbage from blogger X,
    but you have explained the offense and defended Kristen admirably and ever so gallantly. You are a wise gentleman with a super blog spot.
    Thank you : D
    Olivia (TX.)

  32. exactly. well done! the one who wrote that blog is everything that rob described in interview with EW when he addressed the comment defending kristen about using rape word..saying that there are so many nerdy stupid bloggers who attack her

  33. Great!!! Your blog is one of the fews worthy of beeing read. Thank you!

  34. Read that blog yesterday but it did not get me mad. I actually laughed out loud after reading it. What she wrote was so ridiculous I just could not be bothered to care. She was trying to sound intelligent with her "psychoanalysis” of Kristen's character and behavior. However, it turned out to be the most idiotic and dumbest diatribe I have ever heard. LOL

  35. i don't read her blog cuz i don't want to give her a hit(no, not from me bitch!) but i can sum up what she might wrote...bitter bitch!!!!

  36. I will try to update this blog on Saturday. My last two posts have been combatting the hate, so I want to get back to something positive. So far it looks like I will do two posts a week. Go check out for updates on Kristen. I am the guest blogger this week.

  37. I read your blog for the first time today because of your "guest blog" at KStew Addiction. I'm so happy to read a sane, articulate voice of reason!
    I can relate to your reason for your obsession for Kristen. Not a breakup but something that overwhelmed me,so reading all the news on different sites about Rob (and Kristen)has given me something else to focus on. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he is incredibly talented, funny, caring, compassionate, completely in love with his woman and, icing on the cake, devastatingly handsome.He takes my mind off of everything!

  38. I hear Kristen's OTW home and i miss her so much! I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART