Thursday, October 6, 2011

My take on the GQ interview

A new chapter is starting in Kristen's life.  This interview & photo spread is a marker in several ways.  I say this not because she let her guard down (more about that in a minute.) This interview was geared towards an audience who hasn't been too concerned with her career up to this point.   Her appearance in GQ can be viewed as when Kristen entered into the collective psyche of men fascinated by beautiful women.   This a bit of an exaggeration, but the event is significant.   She has steadily been gaining more admirers and this appearance is an acknowledgement that she is here now and aren't we glad to get a look at her.

I have always been an anomaly in that she got my attention 18 months ago.  She captured my attention in Twilight, but as with many other guys (including Rob), she sealed herself into my consciousness with her performance in "Into the Wild."   

Before I go into my analysis of the interview and the inevitable reactions, I want to comment on the pictures.  Never worked out before, huh? Until now.  She looks ripped.  Look at her arms.  Clearly Kristen has been getting lots of protein, sleep, and exercise.  She says it gives her more energy too.  Even if she doesn't keep this up, Kristen will continue to look amazing.  But she has added a new dimension to her visual appeal.

A small part of me is concerned that she regrets this little slip.  But I also think she knew this would happen eventually and she acknowledged that the effort in hiding was bothering her a bit.

I thought the interviewer did a good job.  He appears to have connected with her and seems to get what is and isn't important to Kristen.  He also seems to understand that she is a rare bird that some inflexible observers can't understand because she does not fit into the box labeled "21 year old female movie star."   Understandably he wasn't aware (in advance) the level of interest there would be in what he prompted her to reveal.  She made him aware and if she was pissed at first, she got over it quickly.  Most  people aren't up to speed on the intricacies and the intensity of the Twilight fandom and the level of obsession over her personal life.   Kristen's estimation of Nonsten at 50% is way too high.  I think the lunatic fringe is more like 15 to 20% but they make so much more noise.

What Kristen has been saying all along is still true.  Her personal life being made into news/entertainment is a pet peeve to her  Future interviewers are going to make the mistake of assuming that since the bottle was opened, that they can now ask her to compare/contrast Rob and Kristen to Edward and Bella.  I anticipate some awkward moments in the near future.

There will also be some people not so invested in Twilight who will not react positively to this interview.  Short sighted people think everyone is the same and that we all value a life at the center of attention.

I was shown this tweet last night.

"Just read the Kristen Stewart interview with GQ...I have never heard of a movie star complain so much about being successful".

 I am sure there are much harsher comments than this.  I don't want to see those comments if possible.

There is offering complaints and there is responding to questions.  I think Kristen has handled the fact that she never wanted this kind of fame very well.  She deals with a level of fame far beyond most celebrities.    The critics that say Kristen is ungrateful view the world with narrow glasses and they don't get that not everyone values the same things.  There allot of actors making a very good living who can go out everyday and live a pretty normal existence.

There were no complaints from her in that interview.  She is honest about the reality of the life she lives.   No one knew Twilight would make her one the most famous persons in the world.   She was honest about the adjustments she had to make.  She refuses to "play the game."  To those that can't see the value in her honesty and desire not to conform to the boxes... Well, I feel sorry for these people.   She raves about how much she loves the work she is doing.   She admits to being uncomfortable in interviews.  So what? These are things I love about her.

Kristen might be one the most famous introverts ever.  That personality trait is another reason I am drawn to her.  Most people draw energy from people and love being talked about.  That is why extroverts always want to be around lots of people.    For the introvert, energy is recharged when getting time off the radar with just yourself or very small groups.

Kristen is someone who hasn't gotten her ideal deck of cards. But I didn't hear one complaint in that interview. She has learned to accept things as they are.  It's her explanations, when read by someone who thinks all people want & value the same lifestyle, that the narrow minded will interpret as "complaints.".

I have probably speculated too much on this blog on what is going on in Kristen's head.  Usually after one of those speculations, I'll end up worrying that I could be WAY wrong.   But I alway state that it is just a speculation/opinion.   Then I decided to avoid talking about her personal life, though my opinions are on record.   I know that if I ever spoke to her and asked her if there was anything that bothered her about the blog, she would probably ask me to lay off the personal stuff.

As for what finally was verbally confirmed: it makes mr feel less guilty about a post I did last December in which I speculated heavily on what I think she thinks.  She sorta confirmed those speculations in GQ.  That post was titled "The existence of Nonsten at this point is absurd."  It had the most readers out of all of my posts.  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October & Kristen returns soon

There have been several good photos of Kristen since she has been in the UK. Not that this is a departure from when she is in California. She is one the most photographed persons in the world. She also likely holds a record as the person who avoids the most attempts at being photographed.

I've said this so many times as it continues to be true. Kristen seems to get prettier as she gets older. The foundation of a beautiful woman was there several years ago. But she has never placed much importance in just looking good. She was a working teenager who was brought up around brothers and the casual nature of California based parents, who I think had been part of the tail end of the counter culture movement. So she was less feminine when younger. That seems to be changing now. Girls with a tomboyish background usually turn into very easy going women. She seems to have every quality that fellows like myself would want in a companion. She has great domestic qualities & she can stun you with beauty without even trying. I'm sure she has a good bitchy side to her as well. That's necessary to keep a balance. If/when she gets assertive or demanding, I suspect she has enough credits to get her point across.

The pictures from the Snow White set, though while probably not authorized, are doing no harm to that production. The going to war pics will satisfy those that see Kristen as a Girl Empowerment symbol. The dress pics, revealing that perfect skin & some cleavage, will go into her growing collection of Sex symbol images. I keep that collection.

I apologize for not blogging more frequently. Though I am done making excuses. It was necessary for me to get away from the day to day. When it's not Kristen herself making the news, but rather others acting out because Kristen hasn't made news (or the kind of news they want, which usually involves her boyfriend) then I'll pass. I can catch up on everything I need to know in less than half an hour per week.

I appreciate those of you who accept that this blog is going to be random. That is how it started. I tried a weekly update for awhile and that lead to me becoming exposed to the negative side of this. If there was no one else taking on that loud contingent of deranged liars, then I would have to get dirty myself. Fortunately all the BS is challenged by competent bloggers who are well suited to it. So I just enjoy what I like to see.

It seems odd the last movie she was in that we have seen was Eclipse, which wrapped filming over two years ago. Now in the next six months, we get three movies. All of them BFDs. Plus lots of press. It will have been worth the wait.

Kristen has been in the UK at the perfect time of year. Its still warm and the Premier League just started. Charlize Theron is a known Chelsea fan. I also remember seeing an interview with RP when he said who his favorite English football club is. Does anyone remember what club that is? Let me know if you do. So I have been curious if Kristen has attended any matches. I plan to make my first trip over there in the spring. I'll do the typical tourist stuff but the real reason I am going is for the sport.

Take care


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