Monday, March 28, 2011

Nothing has changed

Everything below is opinion, as always. I am not the repetitive type, so there has not been much to blog about recently.

Nothing has changed. Some gossip columnist decided to stir the pot for some reason. I honestly don't think he believes in an impending split. He is just being a gossip queen and he will do what it takes to remain relevant.
Very recently he said Rob & Kristen are "in it for the long haul." I have seen enough of his pot stirring over the past year to know it when I see it.

I am on record on these pages of many opinions about Kristen, including her relationship with Robert. That seems to be the only thing making news lately. There is an occasional update on her next gig, which has her starting SWATH in August. Outside of those rare updates, all of the news regarding Kristen lately have come from Rob's brief mentions of her during his movie promotion. I like Rob. He is funny. The way he does interviews is amusing at times. I did a little catch up today on his recent interviews. The MTV, Leno, and EW interviews made sense. The foreign ones were puzzling. Has he ever talked about "Green Politics" before? I don't follow him like some of you so I don't know. I would suspect (and hope) that whatever political opinions Rob and Kristen have formed at this early stage of their lives are left of center.

I thought the VF interview was weak, cheap and poorly written. That interviewer asked some very leading questions. Does he have the same intensity towards Kristen as Edward has for Bella? That was an insult. She knew he didn't want to go there, so she tried to trick it out him. How do you answer that question without revealing anything about your private life? Kristen won't allow a question like that to be asked. They have different methods of "not going there" Kristen prevents the question from being asked, Rob let's it get asked and tries to change the subject, usually with humor.

There is no new information regarding Rob and Kristen. Rob reinforced that he doesn't want to talk about it & he looks forward to when people stop caring.

We still only have the actions to go on. Nothing has changed. They are occasionally spotted together. Par for the last year when i first began to pay attention. The list of actions remains a compelling conclusion that a real relationship exists.

Kristen, I am sorry for talking about this!!!!

It would be understandable if the stress were too much and that led to a spilt. But it could also make them stronger. From what I think I know of Kristen's personality (and I could be very wrong) those private pics over Xmas would have infuriated her. I think she would have been less upset over
PDA or other embarrassing situations. But that was Rob's parents, they are innocent of this drama. If I am reading her right, that pic was more over the line than any other situation you can imagine. It might have resulted in a more determined intention to protect her private life and the lives of those she cares about.

Kristen and Robert are so different than the typical Hollywood personality.
How do I know this? Because of what they do and say. Many actors actually seem to relish being papped holding hands, etc. I think it's cheap. I want to like other actresses, like Ashley, because she seems sweet. But I see too much focus on herself. She wants more attention, it's obvious and it's a turnoff. Actually, this is normal 23 year old hot chic behavior. I probably take it for granted now that Kristen rises above this.

If R/K break-up, then so what. It doesn't affect me in any way. There just wouldn't be any more "awww" pictures of the two of them. I don't have a personal investment. The way some people think, I should want Kristen single since I find her so irresistible. She continues to get more beautiful every time we see her, right Matt Perry? Unless she flies to Austin and knocks on my door, I am not going to get to date her. Since she ain't coming for me, i think she and Rob make a good couple. And i have never said that about any two people before. Its their uniqueness that makes them so appealing. They are the outsiders, who are refreshingly different in the way they live and the values they posses, and damn don't they look amazing. It's a chemistry that not only affects them, but most of the people watching them.

So if they were done (and there is no evidence they are or will be) then it's not a big deal. What does bother me and brings out my defensive side are the insults that suggest Kristen would take any part in a "showmance" There is no fucking way. Not this girl. Those making these accusations are the biggest idiots out there. The studio tried to prevent her from cutting her hair to play Joan Jett in a low budget Indie. She didn't adhere to their wishes on that matter. But she would let the same studio dictate how to live her life in her own time? No fucking way!!!!!

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  1. This is a great post. I wish the media would focus more on kristen's movie projects and less on speculating about her love and private life.

  2. You speak the truth Dano. Love it. BTW, just got my iPad2 today and loving it.

  3. Fantastic as always... and says what needs to be said... Anyone dumb enough to spend one second thinking this is a 'showmance' doesn't know jack about Kristen.

    I know it's not 'typical' that couples facing this much intense scrutiny stay together - but my hope is that since they are such 'atypical' stars - they 'atypically' stay together.

    THIS LINE: "It's a chemistry that not only affects them, but most of the people watching them." is SO exactly how I feel about them. I have NEVER felt compelled to follow or even cared about another 'celebrity' couple. But there is just something about watching them watch each other that sucks me right in. They have a magic together. I hope it stands up to the madness...

  4. I love this blog. I feel the same way about Kris and Rob. I adore Kris and think she is a wonderful actress and person. I think She and Rob make a lovely couple and I hope they last. I hate all the abusive remarks made about Kris (brings out my protective side also) because she does not deserve any of it. As far as I can see, she has done nothing, except fall in love with a man who fell in love with her.

  5. I think most male fans of Kristen would feel like you do. I personally do feel like that. Great post.

  6. Great post, as always. You really express what so many of us feel when we see them together!! Just makes me happy, guess it's the chemistry thing. We don't know if they'll be able to make it last forever but these two have a much better chance than most couples in HW because of their families and their lifestyles. God love them, they are both so talented, smart and sweet. I finally saw WTTR and it was so good, it's a shame it didn't play everywhere.

  7. Still love you blog, Dano. If only all blogs were so respectful.. I hope we'll contunue to see magic of Kristen and Rob together.. If not... it's their private business...