Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a rare talent

It's a bit annoying when all the news regarding Kristen, or at least what's on everyones mind, seems to be the relationship and not the accomplishments.

This girl is a rare talent.   She is the age of a college sophomore but seems to have the maturity of 30 year old.   I really hope the Indie film "Welcome to the Rileys" makes it to theaters nationwide.   I have read interviews with the director of that movie who describes Kristen as "magic"   

The Twilight Saga is such a cultural phenomenon that Kristen's talent gets overlooked.   I tend to believe she bailed out weak writing in Twilight to ensure that the movies did not flop.  I cringe when I hear criticisms she can't act.   Those people obviously have not seen "Into the Wild"  Her role has few lines, but for the 20 minutes she is onscreen that movie goes from OK to awesome.   It's what she does without speaking.  In that, I feel few actors can match her talent.   

I try think who else had that level of talent and I can think of Sean Penn.  Penn also had trouble with the media.   Even that part of Kristen has improved.    Seeing clips of her being interviewed this week, at least when the repeaters focused on the work, I witnessed a  mind that matches the physical beauty.   

Apparently she rubs off on others as well.   I would say her BF Pattinson is a decent actor and when you factor his musical ability he is pretty special too.  However this week he indicated that Kristen really helps him the understand the character of Edward.   

Many good works to come from Kristen.  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Monday, the Nonsten crowd, those intent on denying a real life Robsten relationship, were giddy regarding Rob's comments on The Today Show. By Midnight, the pendelum swung back the other way. The Today Show was not a denial, anyway. I am too tired to repeat quotes from each show. I just want to journal the story at at non journalistic level to see if this blog gets picked up by the search engines.
Robsten lives. As strong as ever. Did you guys see the video during the Jimmy Kimmel taping. Rob stood around waiting for Kristen. She shows up and he immediately springs into action, watching her and waiting for any chance to protect her. Then as he walks behind her he bites his lips and grazes her but. She noticed and did not appear to be annoyed in the slightest.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have not denied their relationship

There is a large group of people who dispute that there is any offscreen romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They celebrated yesterday as they feel two separate media events took place that "denied" the relationship.

Pattinson said he never goes on dates and he would like to "put that out there" He also muddied the waters further by saying he does not want to "settle" when discussing the concept of marriage and "settling down."

Stewart, when asked what bothered her the most about being interviewed, mocked previous interviewers who asked her a question with the premise that Pattinson was her boyfriend. She repeated what she said to those interviewers "I did not know I had a boyfriend."

Neither of these events confirm OR DENY a Pattinson/Stewart relationship.

What we know for certain is that neither will confirm the relationship verbally. These two are very different from other celebrities. They are determined not to reveal the "yes" or "no" on their potential relationship.

What is true is there are many days in which the two have been in each others presence outside of their responsibilities for the Twilight Saga.
They go to great lengths to avoid the paparazzi. Many private individuals have observed them acting very much like a couple with no media and cameras around. They have also behaved in such a manner at public events, that common sense will lead one to draw conclusions that they are together. A verbal confirmation or outright denial is not going to happen. They seem very determined about this.

It's only actions that people witness that determine if there is something going on outside of work. The biggest indicator was Stewarts travel to Budapest, Hungary to spend her 20th birthday in April while Pattinson was filming Bel Ami.

Over the past weekend at a Twilight fan event in Los Angeles, Pattinson seemed to be teasing Stewart. When asked who he would like to play the role of him in a movie, he said "my son" then stared and laughed at Stewart as she blushed. Then asked about his upcoming favorite scene in "Breaking Dawn" he said " I just like babies" and again laughed while Stewart blushed. He was clearly taunting Stewart.

Robsten is clearly messing with the public. It's there way of getting a little revenge for their lack of privacy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kristen Stewart is no Lesbian

I find it absurd that a few no count MTV vjays, who are incapable of original thought, have the power to generate false buzz on the Internet.

Kristen Stewart is different. She doesn't adhere to modes of behavior that these morons decide is normal.

Sunday night at the MTV movie awards, all eyes were on Kristen. It was obvious to all thar Robert Pattinson is really into her. So these people think that since she is not throwing herself on him, she must be a lesbian. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Not everyone needs the approval of the MTV crowd. Kristen is very private. She had stated that to speak and act publicly in a manner that would reveal details about her personal life, would effectively cheapen the relevance of her relationships. I agree with her. To promote a relationship makes it less real. If you are obsessed with what people think of you, then your life is for show.

Kristen does not care if you think she is a lesbian. That actually gives her real life a bit more privacy.