Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a rare talent

It's a bit annoying when all the news regarding Kristen, or at least what's on everyones mind, seems to be the relationship and not the accomplishments.

This girl is a rare talent.   She is the age of a college sophomore but seems to have the maturity of 30 year old.   I really hope the Indie film "Welcome to the Rileys" makes it to theaters nationwide.   I have read interviews with the director of that movie who describes Kristen as "magic"   

The Twilight Saga is such a cultural phenomenon that Kristen's talent gets overlooked.   I tend to believe she bailed out weak writing in Twilight to ensure that the movies did not flop.  I cringe when I hear criticisms she can't act.   Those people obviously have not seen "Into the Wild"  Her role has few lines, but for the 20 minutes she is onscreen that movie goes from OK to awesome.   It's what she does without speaking.  In that, I feel few actors can match her talent.   

I try think who else had that level of talent and I can think of Sean Penn.  Penn also had trouble with the media.   Even that part of Kristen has improved.    Seeing clips of her being interviewed this week, at least when the repeaters focused on the work, I witnessed a  mind that matches the physical beauty.   

Apparently she rubs off on others as well.   I would say her BF Pattinson is a decent actor and when you factor his musical ability he is pretty special too.  However this week he indicated that Kristen really helps him the understand the character of Edward.   

Many good works to come from Kristen.  


  1. Spot on post. I can't believe I never read this blog before. This is awesome.

  2. love this. and I so agree. as much as I love them as a couple it sometimes gets really annoying when in interviews about her work no one actually talks about the work

    she seems a little awkward but there is nothing wrong with that, she actually thinks about what she wants to say, so the last thing I care about are her mannerism. I loved her on George Lopez. or Jimmy Fallon for example

    I havent seen many of her movies but Im getting there. I cant wait to get my hands on a Runaways DVD

    I think I found me another blog to read :)