Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More on why this affects me

I went to the 0RCD (Obsessive Robsten Compulsive Disorder) website and took the test so I know that I 
AM a Robsten shipper.  Now that my disorder has held for longer than a couple of months, I am more and more convinced that there are more of us out there (straight men caught up in this).  Socialization of what's manly, maybe even a little homophobia, is what keeps others in the closet.   I have not read Romance books before Twilight and it was the vampire element that drew me in but the love story that hooked me.   I have never been a fan of any movie star, or a public relationship.   These two are so unique and they seem so genuine.   The obsession for me is mostly about Kristen.  I get upset when I see criticisms of her.   People that do not see the genius in her and effortless beauty are just too damn narrow minded to get it.  I also feel protective of the couple and unfortunately there is no shortage of attackers online.  
If Kristen were dating some typical Hollywood personality it would be painful to watch.   Rob seems very humble and deserving.  He is also very talented.   Its easy to root for him.   Their shared traits of shyness and reluctance to fame (more evident in Kristen) are endearing qualities.    

What do I get out of this: it seems similar to witnessing an underdog overcome obstacles to reach the pinnacle of success.  I guess.  Its  different.   Love is a powerful emotion and it's very rare to witness a couple in the public and "just know"  I think the couples decision not to speak publicly makes it more powerful.  When you see them watching each other, there is no doubt that the feelings are genuine.   I suppose the watcher needs to have experienced love themselves in order to see it in others.   

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bizarre Nonsten crazies turn the delusion up a notch

Oh how the past couple of weeks have eliminated any doubt that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been dating for awhile.

Aspects of Kristen's unique personality and style, which are sometimes far from typical, make her very appealing. Her flaws, such as the tics and lip biting, are adorable.

She does not behave like typical Hollywood movie stars. I don't think she wanted anything close to this kind of fame. True, it allows her to make choices others can only dream about, but is it worth the price to her.

Kristen is introverted. Not many introverts achieve the kind of fame she has. She is beautiful without putting any effort into being so. My main point is this: Kristen Stewart is not an attention seeker. Excessive contact with people drain the energy out of introverts. She does not like hype events like the Red Carpet.

The norm would be to love getting attention on the red carpet. The norm is bragging to the world about your boyfriend who is the most sought after man on the Earth. These are typical Hollywood traits that Kristen iS NOT.

IMO Robert does as Kristen wishes. As she stated in Elle this spring, to discuss your personal life is to cheapen it. So we will never get a verbal confirmation from Rob or Kristen.

But the fact is: they are a real life monogamous couple. Working together on Twilight they met each other. Darwinism was in overload when these two met. They are ideally suited for one another.

Signs of the relationship have been apparent for over a year, but now it's beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What's interesting is those determined to disprove in Robsten have began acting out in the most bizarre manner in recent weeks. Their behavior is now desperate and scary.

If any of you Nonstens come across this blog, please tell me why it's so important for you to dispute Robsten. What's in it for you?

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