Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I agree Rob, Its Traumatic

I just read some of the VF interview with Rob (and yes since I read it online, I will buy the magazine...its only right). Like many others, I feel bad for the guy.
I don't know how well I would function in that bubble. Having a wonderful girl like Kristen to get through it would be crucial. And after years of it now, it may be close to breaking him. Maybe he isn't always this down. But the honesty Rob expressed in that interview --- Its not just about him. I doubt he would have used the word "Traumatic" if he was just thinking about himself.

I think Kristen must feel much the same about the insanity of all of this. And you would think I was a damn feminist for saying this,
but its because I am such a fan of hers, but Kristen can't get away with venting about down side of the fame like Robert just did. She actually has before in lesser known magazines and the reaction from some very vocal critics was she was whiny and ungrateful and what a bitch, etc. All those women who railed on Kristen after her interviews last spring are now saying, "Poor Rob."
To me this says so much about the pitiful character of the women who trash Kristen while praising Rob. Why can't you like them both? They are going through the same thing. She has suffered as badly as he has, possibly worse. At the very least, people must understand why these two need each other. Even if you don't buy into the concept that they are probably in love with each other, to not respect the importance each of them has for the other is subhuman behavior.

Since those interviews last Spring, when Kristen vented, she has not really come even close to doing so again --- because she knows what the reaction would be. I have even seen her say the crazy fame
part isn't as bad as it seems. In her last several interviews she has said she has gotten use to, adjusted, etc. I am sure Rob is optimistic many days as well, but what we read from Rob today is a reality for both of them. He can express it. She can't

Both Rob and Kristen are far, far from the typical person out there. Yes, there are many people who would love to take the places of Rob and Kristen. Oh, such people might make a ruse at how their life is inconvenient, but for the most part they would really love all the attention. As I have said before, not everyone wants the same things in life. These two are in the part of their lives when most of us didn't have a freaking clue what our life would be about. Kristen would be a sophomore in college. Rob would be doing what his friends are doing, making a living in music but able to walk around the block without getting mobbed by obsessed fans.

Rob and Kristen want to do good work, but they could take or leave the material rewards. And they damn sure don't want people obsessing over every little move they make. This last point brings me to the thoughts I have had many times. And a blogger I respect asked herself the same question today. Am I fueling the fire that makes their life unpleasant?

If everyone who was doing something online stopped -- say we just stopped doing this --- stopped congregating online ---- with only the exception of discussing the upcoming movies and not the personalities involved, would it help make their lives easier? I would stop in heartbeat if I knew if I was hurting more than helping.

**** a quick note unrelated: As I said in my post from 2/19, more men have shown up.
I am not the only guy out there. I only mention this today because there is a guy named "Dan" who I have seen post comments at a few places. Though his opinions seems pretty close to mine, we are not the same person. If I post somewhere, it will be under the name dano328 or possibly Opytaylor.***


  1. Dano, you're helping. You're helping. Rob and Kristen would be proud that she has such an intelligent, thoughtful, sensible fan.

  2. Well said. I think we need more thoughtful bloggers like yourself to help keep things in perspective. I would be more afraid if only the crazies were left to dominate the interwebs.

  3. Thanks, Dan. It's nice Kristen and Rob, especially Kristen, has you in their corner. As a male voice in a female-dominated fanbase you provide much needed perspective and sanity on this issue. I have yet to disagree with any you say so that means you are always right, lol. Seriously though I hope you stick around for the duration of Kristen's career as one of her greatest cheerleaders.

  4. Gosh Dano, you read minds?You did read mine
    " Kristen can't get away with venting about down side of the fame like Robert just did. She actually has before and she was whiny and ungrateful and what a bitch, etc. All those women who railed on Kristen after her interviews last spring are now saying, "Poor Rob.""

    And it all the haters/blondenas fault. They are what is traumatic in RK relationship, bc he is afraid of what they can do (you remember the 'incident/accident at Eclipse Premiere with a marker', don't you?).
    There is a proverb/saying in Portuguese: "Envy doesn't kill but HURTS a LOT" And you can say according to RK lives.They are 2 human beings trying to live their life as we live ours.
    God, i don't even know how to put into words, i wish the world could see how wonderful Kristen makes Rob be. How the world must thank Kristen, bc she brought him to our lives.Kristen said 'it must be ROB' and here he is.

    Thanks Dano, it because of people like you that i go to work and smile every single day, bc people like you still give hope of a better world to live!

    XO from Brazil

    Yeah i feel like a mommabear! LOL
    If i had a daughter i'd like she were just like Kristen!!!

  5. *Standing Ovation* Absolute truth spoken here. Thank you for saying all of this. It is totally unfair that even though they both feel the same way and are going through the same insanity, only Rob is allowed to express it!

    Keep up the good work. While this is the first time I have posted a comment, I read your blog all of the time. Thank you again!

  6. Love the way you love these kids - you speak so much sense - so many of us a sick to the back teeth with all the negative foamery and f*ckery!!!!!

  7. Finally found a blog that says a lot with less talk. Many thanks. We need more of this, don't stop.

  8. first time commenting,
    i felt like you just took stuff from my mind and put it out in your own words..
    glad to think that there are people who think like me

  9. If everyone who loved them stopped posting, it wouldn't stop the haters from trying to tear the down. At least this way, there are those who stand up and point out the truth...Like you. It is my guess that Rob and Kristen know this, and are happy that people like you love and respect them and are willing to stand up and say so.

  10. As always, a great post. You always say what I'd like to say but can't quite put it all into words the way you do.

    We (and RK) really do NEED blogs like yours to keep balance with the haters or whatever they are.

  11. @RKsoumates913, agree with your comments. I like Kristen's fans being ptotective coz it shows how much they (including me of course) love her.

  12. A moving post. Don't know if we as fans could help Kristen and Rob with the madness. But I am open to suggestions.

  13. Wow... I am so late reading this - but so glad I caught up. What you are saying is so so true. It must just add to her frustration over the whole fandom that he is allowed to get away with this and she can't. I think she tried to explain in the Vogue interview and hopefully people 'got' what she was saying when she mentioned it bugs her she can't just 'go outside' and can't be that chick in the mall... How can any of us imagine that feeling of clautrophobia? I was horrified after reading VF and asked myself the very same question you did. How can I contribute to this?? But you know I don't think you and I are the kind of fans they'd object to. If I saw them out in a restuarant I honestly would avert my eyes. I would never be pawing at them. I would never tweet their location so people and paps could descend upon them. Perhaps if more people were like us they could have a 'normal' life?

    My greatest fear is this: from what Rob said in this interview they clearly believe that this hype and madness will die down after the movies are done. What happens to them if it doesn't? I don't think I want to find out. People who live in that bubble so rarely make it out in a happy way. I don't want that for them. Scares the hell outta me.

    As always your blog makes me think. Thanks for that. And for being one of the 'good guys' around this joint.

  14. Just found this blog and love it!Thank you !