Monday, November 21, 2011

What stood out for me in Breaking Dawn, part I

I have been wondering if this blog even exist anymore.  I have let it slide for so long now.  I don't follow daily events anymore.  A couple of times each week, I try to absorb everything.  Recently there has been allot going on and I have probably missed a few things.  I think I saw most of the magazine pictures of Kristen.  Those are always a treat.  She is good at doing this, especially since she pretends to be playing out a scene when doing them.  Anytime Kristen wants to pretend to be a naughty girl, I am all in.

Snow White will be a huge hit next summer.  I have never watched a trailer so many times.  Kristen can be in any movie she wants to be in. She is that good.
I was annoyed at the extreme reactions on Twitter about Kristen possibly being in Akira.  I knew nothing of the story until I saw these strong reactions.
I now know why so many of you don't want her to be in it.   Some of the reasons are valid points.  Others are not.  If she decides to do it, then I trust her judgement that it's exactly what she should do.   She doesn't take these decisions lightly or without sufficient information.

I saw Breaking Dawn Part I last night.  She was good, her best performance by far in the series  I expected this because i knew Bill Condon would give her the freedom to excel.   What I didn't expect is what I saw from Rob.  I have never been critical of his acting, but I haven't exactly praised him, either.   He was exceptional in this movie.   

The way that Edward begged for Bella's life at the end was the most powerful acting I have seen from Robert Pattinson. It affected me in the theater. 
He was very good, but I doubt he will get the credit he deserves because this is a Twilight movie.   Last night I read the Bill Condon interview (thanks @yashi0487) in which he said "It was like he was hooking into what it would feel like to lose Kristen."

My brother liked this movie.  He is just a normal guy taking his wife and kids to the movie. The honeymoon was a tad bit uncomfortable for him with my 12 year old niece present.  He looks forward to the finish but doesn't see the sense in making us wait that long.  I agree with him.

This increased openness (between R/K) was probably unavoidable with this movie.
After Kristen's accidental confession, I feel I was correct with my speculation last December that she wishes the debate "are they, aren't they" would just end because their actions had been enough and she was annoyed that some people didn't get it and wanted a verbal confirmation despite what they had allowed to slip.  "Come on, people, it's so obvious" she told British GQ.

With the promotion for this movie, they have made its even more obvious, but they still want people to focus on the work.   When your work has many scenes that hit so close to home, how can you not let out a little bit?

Kristen said she understands the interest in her personal life.  Still, something real, her life and his life, shouldn't be used for profit.  It will be, but don't expect those two to contribute any sound bites to that topic.   I think they do not mind being referred to as a couple.  Many people have outed them.  People close to the situation, like directors.  Kristen or Rob have not rebuffed any of these people for doing this.  If it had bothered them, a message to STFU would have been sent, but this hasn't happened.

This movie and its promotion does allot of blurring of fiction and reality.  Maybe ten years from now, they might tell us what it was like to fall in love during this process.  But not now.