Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October & Kristen returns soon

There have been several good photos of Kristen since she has been in the UK. Not that this is a departure from when she is in California. She is one the most photographed persons in the world. She also likely holds a record as the person who avoids the most attempts at being photographed.

I've said this so many times as it continues to be true. Kristen seems to get prettier as she gets older. The foundation of a beautiful woman was there several years ago. But she has never placed much importance in just looking good. She was a working teenager who was brought up around brothers and the casual nature of California based parents, who I think had been part of the tail end of the counter culture movement. So she was less feminine when younger. That seems to be changing now. Girls with a tomboyish background usually turn into very easy going women. She seems to have every quality that fellows like myself would want in a companion. She has great domestic qualities & she can stun you with beauty without even trying. I'm sure she has a good bitchy side to her as well. That's necessary to keep a balance. If/when she gets assertive or demanding, I suspect she has enough credits to get her point across.

The pictures from the Snow White set, though while probably not authorized, are doing no harm to that production. The going to war pics will satisfy those that see Kristen as a Girl Empowerment symbol. The dress pics, revealing that perfect skin & some cleavage, will go into her growing collection of Sex symbol images. I keep that collection.

I apologize for not blogging more frequently. Though I am done making excuses. It was necessary for me to get away from the day to day. When it's not Kristen herself making the news, but rather others acting out because Kristen hasn't made news (or the kind of news they want, which usually involves her boyfriend) then I'll pass. I can catch up on everything I need to know in less than half an hour per week.

I appreciate those of you who accept that this blog is going to be random. That is how it started. I tried a weekly update for awhile and that lead to me becoming exposed to the negative side of this. If there was no one else taking on that loud contingent of deranged liars, then I would have to get dirty myself. Fortunately all the BS is challenged by competent bloggers who are well suited to it. So I just enjoy what I like to see.

It seems odd the last movie she was in that we have seen was Eclipse, which wrapped filming over two years ago. Now in the next six months, we get three movies. All of them BFDs. Plus lots of press. It will have been worth the wait.

Kristen has been in the UK at the perfect time of year. Its still warm and the Premier League just started. Charlize Theron is a known Chelsea fan. I also remember seeing an interview with RP when he said who his favorite English football club is. Does anyone remember what club that is? Let me know if you do. So I have been curious if Kristen has attended any matches. I plan to make my first trip over there in the spring. I'll do the typical tourist stuff but the real reason I am going is for the sport.

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  1. He's an Arsenal supporter.

  2. Btw: I was not aware of the Glamor pics until after doing this post. They are possibly the hottest ones yet. Some off them really ignite the imagination.

  3. Yeah, he's an Arsenal supporter, like my daughter, lol!. Thanks for your blog, is select and elegant, and I like having a male opinion about Kristen and Rob. Congratulations.