Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday was Bittersweet

Yesterday should have been an end to all of the doubters, haters, or whatever they are called. But this is at least the 5th time I felt that way.
Even if Rob went back on Oprah and jumped on the couch like Tom Cruise, shouting his love for Kristen, then those people won't go away.

Now that the excitement had waned just ever so slightly, I hope some of us will ask ourselves the question: is this acceptable to use these pictures for our happiness when we don't know how Rob and Kristen feel about these pictures?

Everyone gets upset when the paparazzi makes Rob and Kristen uncomfortable. I was so angry after Sydney I was ready to fight. I still don't know if it's ok to
celebrate because of the means in which these pictures were gathered. I said this yesterday in the midst of all the excitement. I should have waited until today.

I may not say anything else on this topic. I don't want to turn this blog into a downer, but I always say whats on my mind. I just hope most of us are thinking about this. It's makes Friday 8/13 bittersweet IMO.


  1. Yes, it's bittersweet. Unless interest wanes or completely disappears, (don't think this will ever happen), papz are gonna get what they can of Rob & Kristen. I'm addicted to our beloved couple and obssessed with Kristen, so the question is, as fans, can we let go? I can't right now anyway.

  2. I have thought about this same topic myself. As a fan of both Kristen and Rob, I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I adore the photos the paparazzi get of them and I hate that they are harassed by those stalkers.
    And then on the other hand, Rob and Kristen like to play games with their fans. They know the fans speculate about their relationship and they like the attention. They know fans love to get daily photos and they know the fans hate the "droughts" between their projects. After all, R & K Google themselves just as much as we do. They monitor what fans say about themselves.
    So, I don't feel guilty about loving those pics. That doesn't stop me feeling bad for R & K being harrassed. The two of them are HUGELY popular right now. Today. But one day it will be someone else. The paps and the headlines and the tabloids will be gone. They are smart people- they know that. They are just riding it out, trying to keep their heads above water and they manage quite well, I think. Occasionally there is a horrible day, like Rob in Malibu/Venice. That was a nightmare, but he's gonna make it. So will Stewie.
    Love your blog.

  3. Hi!
    I never get tired of reading your posts! In the midst of so many crazy blogs, it's wonderful to come here and read the thoughts of someone so sensitive. Thank you and sorry my english.


  4. And thank you for always always saying what's on your mind. People like you with your sensitivity and intelligence asking the right questions can only be a good thing, my friend. It is a double-edged sword, supporting Rob and Kristen while hoping and aching for their privacy. I for one do not purchase any of those rag mags, or click on their sites; I did not watch the Malibu Vulture-Papz extravaganza with Rob. I was ready to go down there myself and give the papz some controversy just so Rob could get away and go home, which is all he wanted to do in that day. I celebrate and support Kristen and Rob in whatever decision they make to confirm and show their emotional and professional relationship. They are extremely clever the two of them, and I have watched as they have grown stealthier and craftier in communicating the messages THEY Want out there..without saying a word. Nonverbal communication is extremely powerful, and they both know this well. So we can continue to campaign for respect and we can continue to pass along the awareness to fellow fans to respect not only Rob and Kristen, but fellow fans. And we can keep asking questions as gentle reminders. Keep On. As will Rob and Kristen. They are fierce warriors and KNOW who their truly respectful fan base is.

  5. I completly agree that R/K are warriors...they will def. get this!! I can only imagine how they felt seeing this news us it was such a shock to see pda from these two...which weve not really seen much before...i am really starting to think that it will be best if they show more little by little...its a bit strange coming from me because usually i am all about them being private..but the thing is that, the more private they keep getting the more the media will hound not saying they wont hound them afterwards...that will be a lie!! but it will ease up..once we start getting used to it...some of these rabid fans will loose interest! just hearing about the so called money shot has made me come to this conclusion...i hear its about a million dollars..which is foolishness..someone is just going to be stinking rich at the expense of R/K's relationship..we want then to be happy and it makes our day (like yesterday for me) to see them so into each other, but for that its all about profit which is sickening!!!!!!!

    you are right everytime something like this happens i think, okay the doubters will give up but a few weeks later we are back to the same BS...spinning round and round...some ppl in this fandom need help..they just dont want to ACCEPT the relaysh..too bad for them because the real fans know they have been an item for over a year it is truly bittersweet, although we are happy i am wondering how they felt about this..because as a fan i care about their feelings..wish them the best..sorry for the rant..great post how i feel exactly xxx.


  6. I really enjoy your blog, and I've been thinking about this too. You're right, we don't know how Kristen & Rob feel about the photos. I have such mixed feelings about this. I don't want them to feel uncomfortable or feel they have to hide from any potential lurking photographers, but on the other hand it would be a lie if I said that I didn't look at yesterday's photos (more than once) and enjoy how happy they both looked. Is it wrong to look at photos that are already "out there," or is that just perpetuating the situation with the paps? I honestly don't know - it's the old chicken-egg argument. I will say I found it interesting that some well-known gossip blogs did not buy the photos, supposedly due the expense. Makes me wonder how much they cost.

    It appears that Kristen and Rob live their lives on their own terms, and share what they feel comfortable sharing. I don't really consider that "playing games with the fans," as anonymous (above) indicated. They really don't owe the fans anything other than to give it their best in their professional capacity. I kind of doubt they focus on what the fans think or want when they make decisions about their personal lives.

    I also don't understand why so many are in denial about Kristen & Rob's relationship. Maybe I'm naive, but it seems pretty obvious that they're happy together.


  7. What you write here should be written by women, no don't get me wrong, i fell in love with you too, what i mean is we women should be more united and stand for us, and what a surprise when i found this blog and the writer is a guy! I got so happy, your words are awesome!
    Sorry my English, i'm Brazilian!

  8. I feel bad for them, they have no privacy. I can not imagine being followed every minute of my life. I have to think though, if they came clean and were public about the relationship, would the paps lay off a bit? I understand their need to be private, but maybe they should consider it. I think then it would not be a big deal to everyone.

  9. I think the Nonstens have built up such a complex mythology about Kristen that they can't let one small thing shift or else the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. They have used the non-existence of a relationship as fodder to paint her as desperate and clingy and using Rob to "save" her faltering career. She has no friends except Rob's friends (who really don't like her and put up with her only as a favor to Rob). Since she won't conform to their sensibilities of how a young Hollywood star should act and dress, she must come from "white trash". But on top of that she feels "entitled" and is disrespectful of all around her. And of course, she can't act.

    Any semblance between this mythology and reality is purely coincidental. They are willing to take any statement, any stray look captured by a camera, any fragment of someone else's comments completely out of context to prove their point.

    So now they can't possibly admit that Rob may actually love Kristen and that his friends may actually enjoy and respect her. To do that, they also have to question the rest of the assumptions. They are caught in a web of their own delusional weaving.

  10. You do not know how much I enjoy your blog. Seriously it is the best of the best.

    'Even if Rob went back on Oprah and jumped on the couch like Tom Cruise, shouting his love for Kristen, then those people won't go away.'

    That could not be any more true.

    I love you. I love this blog. I look forward to your posts.

    Sam. x