Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh the Power of Twitter

What's happening people? This blog has an audience now. I was working from home today. That probably sounds like an easy day but it's not always. Yes you can sleep late but for me it makes no difference where I am. The phone is either going to ring or its not. Some days I can get away with doing whatever online but not today. It was 2 p.m. Before I checked email and I had several messages from blogger, stating I had about 15 comments. There was only one comment before today. Also, statcounter showed 800+ hits today (as of a several hours ago) That's pretty smalltime but before today I think I might have had 30 hits total since I started this in May.

I just checked stat counter again. It's 3,000 hits now.

This blog is not polished as you can tell. Its been sporadic. I don't promote it. Those entries all happened after I felt compelled to write and I am obsessive/compulsive. I wasn't expecting an audience but I am flattered with this response. I hope I don't disappoint but that's what I am concerned about right now. Like I said in the beginning I can't share this obsession with my friends here locally. I have admitted it to a few women here in Austin and they are not fans and don't understand it. If my male friends ever find out it will be fun trying to explain this. I don't fear it, because I am not ashamed, but I dread it. Fortunately no one I talk to in person does Twitter.

The blog got promoted today. It would have been fun to keep up with it in realtime, as the emails and tweets were happening, I but I had allot of angry clients to deal with. _DeeVee hit this blog at random. In Blogger, if you click "next" there no telling who's blog you are going to land on. Or maybe she saw my comments on Rose's blog. Either way, _DeeVee has lots of followers on Twitter and here we are. Thank you, DeeVee, and everyone who said nice things to me today.

I do very little on Twiiter as you can tell. I go on there and search for news but I don't Tweet.

So what now? Do I get all disciplined here and update on a regular basis? I am not unwilling, as long as my job stays relatively tame, but there is only so much to discuss.

I don't want to engage in daily disputes with morons (nonstens) who think the Earth is flat.

Yes I adore Kristen. That's not going to change. Seeing this young couple look at each other makes me smile.

There is no real news going on right now regarding Rob and Kristen. There are lots of people overreacting about nothing, but is that worth blogging about?

So I asking you all to give me suggestions. Otherwise, we have to wait for my OCD to inspire me.

I may write again later.


  1. Personally, I think you should continue as you began.

    I found your blog quite by accident whilst researching the writers of Remember Me.

    I would just like to say that I am so delighted to have a male perspective and like yourself, I go to Twitter for news (interspersed with the odd tweet on some points of interest). I certainly do not engage nonstens (or whatever they call themselves) believing them to be a total waste of energy and blog space!

    I have bookmarked your blog in my favourites and intend to be a regular visitor.

    For what it's worth, my advice is, update when you can, or feel like it. Keep the pleasure you had when you started this for yourself.

    I for one will keep visiting.

    Oh and it's nice to know that someone else suffers the same crap I do with friends and family who don't understand my obsession LOL... but it will not stop me continuing to watch the magic of Robsten or Robert and Kristen as individual talents!

    I look forward to viewing whatever you post.

    All power to you my friend!
    Cheers Chrissie

  2. I think you should continue like you did before. I am glad I found your blog through twitter. Thanks for providing so much entertainment.

  3. Carry on as you have, and as you will. Write as you're inspired, not by anyone else's time table. When you post, I will definitely come back, as will many others it appears. My blog is linked to yours, so I'll know of your updates. Your "tone" and your "voice" is comforting and intelligent which lends to a very powerful impression. You most definitely do not need to make any "adjustments" or "improvements" for lack of interest. Flow...Have fun..And above all, be well.

  4. I agree with above. If I post just to post, it won't be very interesting

  5. Whevever you get inspired I say. I will continue to watch and wait and read. Thanks

  6. oh happy i found this blog!! you are awesome!!! nice tp hear about the Robsten issues from a guys' point of view...found you through Rose btw..keep them coming!!


  7. Seriously just keep on doing what you do.

  8. Sam (Kstewloving) sent me here. I'm looking forward to future posts from you. You aren't the only Robsten lover in Austin. Kristen is deep in my heart, too. :)

  9. I like your perspective and your honesty. Have you seen all of Kristen's movies? You mentioned Into the Wild, which is apparently where a lot of people, including Rob, first noticed her. I'm working my way through the backlog of films she's done to get a better feeling for her talents. And I'm looking forward to what's coming up, Welcome to the Rileys and On the Road. Breaking Dawn just for the romantic scenes, because I love watching the two of them together, but the plot etc doesn't thrill me. Keep doing what you're doing and liking what you like!

  10. I will gladly wait for inspiration to hit you if you dont feel like sharing your thoughts daily. as you said, there is only so much one can talk about

    I went through all your posts and its so nice to read. to get to know people who are not ashamed of their likes, who are articulate, who share your opinions, who can make you see their point even if you dont agree with them (thoguh I guess so far that didnt happen :)

    what Im trying to say is that after stumbling upon you in several places, Im really glad I finally found and read your blog and I will gladly read anything and everything you want to share about Kristen, Rob, Rob & Kris, or whatever other topic strikes your fancy

  11. Hey, I just found your blog and I love it. Your perspective on RobSten is refreshing and genuine. 'Thinking' fans like you always makes me happy because I experience the sometimes irrational, emotional followers out there who everyday rocks the RobSten boat. Yep for the smallest of reasons and sometimes none at all. I am all for keeping RobSten real and I see you are, too. Welcome to the fold. Hearts.

  12. Yo!

    Firstly, I say.. this blog is úber read-worthy! Previous comments were right, carry on. Don't mind the rants & disputes. People will always have their opinions. Just write what you think honestly. For as long as you speak up as an advocate, then you'll never offend anyone by expressing an opinion. Others just need time to find their legs and direction.

    Like you, I'm a H U G E fan of Robsten - even if I think some of the studio marketing and mixed signals have gone off track and become louder than Robert and Kristen's instincts. Which by the way, I love their instincts! I care about them really because I want to see them in a more inevitably long-long careers we all may enjoy. & Have big hopes about the future.

    & Oh,please stop bickering about you being a male R/K shipper! Be proud. Like we all are. We're on the same page here, regardless of the gender.

    You rock! You're one solid proof that smart people dig Twilight Saga & Robsten!

    I might have to break a promise w/ someone very dear to me, a favorite blogger, too. Because I'm on the verge of changing my homepage to this blog! Haha!