Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Worthy of one another

Some people have this insane idea that either Rob or Kristen is not worthy of the other. I have seen a few Kristen fans with this attitude but for the most part, it's female fans of Rob who are relentlessly hateful towards Kristen. The reason this is more prevalent among the Rob only fans is because men don't "fanboy" the same way women (or young girls) "fangirl"

During the Jimmy Kimmel Twilight special in June, a girl asked Kristen if she has similar experiences to what Rob and Taylor deal with in the fandom. Her response was clearly no. Ashley Greene reinforced this when she said "nobody is here to see me" while pointing to the audience, which was the typical Twilight gathering of 90% women.

Rob gets the screamers. Screamers are not the problem, but I mention them because it emphasizes the intensity of some fans of Rob.
There are healthy levels of fandom. Most of the healthy fans like seeing Rob and Kristen together and wish good upon them both. And there is the extremism, which leads to hatred

Oprah compared this fangirling to Beetlemania. She was referring to the Twilight fandom in general. But I think 90% of the screamers who camp out are doing it for Rob or Taylor. The screaming is symbolic of the degree of obsession. Older female fans aren't screaming but they may be more obsessed.

Men don't go overtly nuts over a female celebrity. Teen age guys may have posters on the wall, but it's of many different women. Rob has millions of female fans exclusively devoted to him.

To be fair Kristen has many devoted fans as well, and most are women. However, it's not the same as the obsession for Rob. For hetero women, they think she is the coolest chic ever. Plus, everyone appreciates female beauty, not just men and lesbians.

Men will buy a magazine like FHM to see Megan Fox, for example, in a thong. It's temporary and mostly physical. We don't think about who she is dating nor do we obsess. Kristen could do FHM if she wanted to --- maybe she has. The magazine has a new set of girls every month and our pattern is to see
as many different ones as possible.

As Chris Weitz said about Rob in the Time magazine of the 100 most influential people, "Rob is what women want." There is rarely one woman who holds that position.

My assertion is that Kristen is very much Rob's equal. But men don't camp out and scream. If we behaved like women, then we would be screaming and holding "marry me Kristen" signs.
She is the whole package. Most men have not really paid attention to Kristen. Some of us are not attracted to strong personalities like hers. My opinion is that those of us who have paid attention to Kristen (and if we are unattached or happen to be Rob) then there is not a more attractive choice than Kristen. For those that only look at physical appearance --- she completely satisfies that aspect as well.
To say Rob could do better is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard.

For the women who have deluded themselves into the idea that Kristen got Rob because of luck, or you don't understand how she has him when he could choose between so many ---- Stop it. He got the best one available to him. And he had to pine for a while until she became available.


  1. Although...have you counted the number of male costars and colleagues that are pining in her wake? The group is large, my friend, and with every new project she becomes involved in, the numbers increase. The ladies are the screamers for sure, for Rob...The men, well, they go on camera or give themselves up in print where you literally hear them moan, "but it's KRISTEN that has effected me..." Our girl? She resonates on a completely different level. Be well, friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as always.
    xo, Kj

  2. I love this so much. You have got the full story and your mind is set exactly where it should be.
    Once again, this is amazing.

  3. I've been reading your posts from the beginning and you mirror my thoughts. I, too, am obsessed with Kristen and the whole Robsten affair. Refreshing to hear from a male's perspective. Agree with KJ...the guys are coming out of the woodwork...some of them are even gushing over our beautiful gal. I have never followed/obsessed over a thespian until Kristen. There's just something about her.

  4. I really like this fresh perspective. You have nailed is fandom down perfectly. It can really be sickening how obsessed these women are and people don't realize it. These fans spend hours talking about Rob and trashing Kristen for any reason because they'd hate to admit they're together. It's as if they're completely blinded by their obsession.

    If outsides only knew how innocent the screamers really are.

  5. Really like you for SEEING & APPRECIATING KSTEW.
    Like I said before she is a very expensive COGNAC.
    You need brains to see her TRUE WORTH.

  6. You have eloquently found the words that swirl inside my head. Another great post.

  7. no words..*applause* excellent couldnt have said it any better..

    you know whats so great about this story??...Rob waited for her a long time..he's finally got what he want...perfect for each other..with all the madness and crazy overly obsessive tenale fans..he needs a strong personality like Kristen...they are intimidated by her and should be because the girl can kick ass!! this is exactly what Rob needs!!
    for the most part..the sane fans want them happy and are happy they have each other..i consider myself part of that category..bravo again Opy...*raises robsten flag*


  8. What a great post! You are so right, and it sucks because Kristen has everything a guy could want. I do know some guys who go see the Twilight movies just to see Kristen, and that lets me see that some men do realize that Kristen is a beautiful, talented actress. Rob is a lucky man to have her.

  9. Your writings are refreshing, and most important ... reasonable. It's true that many of us cannot specify exactly why we are interested in R/K. And, we've not before been interested in any celebrity couples. Perhaps it's because R/K don't position themselves as celebrities. Perhaps because watching these two fall for each other was so nice to witness.

  10. Hi! I have been coming to you post for a couple of day now. I cant tell how much I love this post. I love how you get Kristen and the robsten thing. GREAT JOB. Thank you

  11. Bravo Opytaylor!
    You really understand the connection between Rob and Kristen and also how the wide spectrum of fans approach and view their relationship. Great job putting it in print and offering such well thought out analysis.
    Of course I'm a fan of both Rob and Kristen and so appreciate your wisely written words.
    Olivia (TX.)

  12. Could never understand those crazy women who hate Kristen just like she has stolen their boyfriend. It's okay to scream or to camp but it's just too much when their obssession cause them to mix up fantasy and reality. They make our gender look bad and stupid.

    I think those people are utterly selfish as well. If you admire a star, won't you wish him all good and to be together with someone he loves? How dare they claim themselves "fans"?

    If they behave immature like this, I bet their fever will not last. When Twilight hype dies down one day, those carzy women would probably find other new fancy targets and move on.

    Btw, I'd totally scream if I got to see Kristen in person. lol~

    Monica from Asia

  13. Oh yeah RK are meant to be!I hate when people say K is a lucky girl, i disagree, i think both are lucky people, they just fit! And Rob fought hard to win that amanzing girl!

  14. I really hate the "who loves whom" more or "who has more hateful fans" debate. its so redundant. the only thing relevant about it, is the sad fact that people really do think they have any right to judge their relationship

    as for your explanation. it makes very much sense and I coulndt agree more

  15. found you on Kristen's board at IMDb - just saved you to my favorites. I love your blog. One of the most intelligent and fair-minded I have been lucky enough to find.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  16. Im a men and I love kristen.And Im obsessed with her!!! she is soo HOT!!!

  17. Loved your post!
    There are some crazy fans!!!
    But I don't think the women are the only bad one. I think man can be crazy fans too. Only they are more quiet, but when they strike they are more violent then women.

    Love your blog!!!