Saturday, August 21, 2010

Airports, paparazzi, and Kristen

I do not enjoy watching Kristen go through airports. Its not a pleasant experience for her. This is made worse by the people that judge her for not handling it better.

In order to have the right to judge her on this, first you must have taken a long cross country flight and when you get off the plane, you had 20 guys with cameras waiting for you who then follow you on the very long journey to your vehicle, and all along the way they pepper you with questions in hopes of getting a reaction out of you that will make their pictures worth something since you didn't do what they hoped you would (like hold your BFs hand for the world to see) If you have handled that situation gracefully, then speak up. Otherwise STFU.

When you are treated that way, all the negative energy builds up and you have to react. I would probably get aggressive with the photographers and hopefully not end up in jail for assault. Kristen is tiny, the only recourse she has to get rid of some of that negative energy to raise her middle finger. No one should fault her
for that.

Because of the news that occurred the previous day, with the grainy kiss, gossip outlets that pay the photographers are hoping they get some additional PDA, such as hand holding in the airport. I never see anyone holding hands or being affectionate in the airport. Walking through the airport, regardless of who you with, is not fun. All I can think about is getting to the vehicle and getting the hell out of there so I can get home.

It may even be worse that what was happening at the airport. Rob and Kristen might not have had the option of going home because of those same guys may know where they live or they are going to follow you home to find out. Anyone would be angry about this.

Some of the reasons I am drawn to Kristen is I see myself is some of her personality traits. She is the opposite of an attention whore. As matter of fact, excessive attention, for people like me, drains you physically and emotionally.

Rob is not having an easy time with this, either. He is primarily concerned with Kristen but there is nothing he can do to make it better until they get the hell out of there. The guy probably feels helpless because he can't do anything for her.

It probably would have taken me a couple of days to recover from an experience like that because of the negative energy I would have absorbed.

The whole idea that Kristen deserves this because she is famous and gets paid well is just wrong. What Kristen did was spend several months using her god given ability to create a product that people want. They work hard during production. Sixteen hour days are common.

Rob and Kristen did not seek this degree of fame, but its here and they really do go out of their way to show appreciation to their fans by signing autographs and allowing people to get their picture taken with them. They probably do this more than anyone. I have not heard of them refusing fan pictures or autographs, even when they are approached having dinner.

Please pardon me while I go off on a tangent regarding autographs and trying to get close to celebrities. I am not the type to seek autographs and pictures. Its a personality trait that I think I have in common with Kristen. If she were not famous, i cant see her seeking autographs. She would admire at a distance (as i do). That's not being critical of autograph seekers, it's just that i don't see any value in an autograph or quick picture. So I would just stay out of the way. If i were in their shoes, I would not be comfortable with the attention, but i would certainly make an effort to let folks know i appreciate the support (and they do). As a fan i would only travel or go out of my way to see someone I admire if it was to see them perform OR if I knew I could have an actual conversation. If I did spend some time with the admired individual and shared a few laughs, then a picture would be a token of that experience. Otherwise, an autograph or picture isn't worth the trouble. I collected a few autographs when I was younger and the memory I have is of this person doing something they felt obligated to do, despite the smile on their face. end tangent

Robert and Kristen have gone through LAX before and it looked uncomfortable, but this time it was really bad. The pap from Montreal and that bitch Lainey made this 10 times worse by talking and tweeting about while they were in the air.

I won't blame Rob and Kristen's management because I don't know how the timing of all this went down. However, considering the news from the previous day, this would have been a good time to get them on a private plane.

Kristen wasn't raising her middle finger at me or you. But I deserve it if I am providing a market for paparazzi pictures. As I have said, from the Orpah show through the Eclipse premiere, Rob and Kristen did enough that reasonable people should have figured out (if they hadn't already) that these two are more than friends. They joy in their smiles as they looked at each other on the Eclipse Black Carpet was more than enough confirmation. They were working that night, but those smiles kept on and they were truly loving each other. They had to know we could tell what was going on. To me, that is what loving Robsten is all about. That was the modern day Romeo and Juliet on display. And those pictures were no violation of their privacy.


  1. Amazing yet again. You say it perfectly.

  2. I agree with your post,Opy,100%.

  3. I think you did raise one very important point here. A private plane would have been a good idea. Perhaps they don't want to have the extra expense, as they are not cheap. The choice is theirs- they know the alternative.
    Yes, Stewie can continue to flip off the paps and Rob can continue to be very angry as the LAX photos show. I, personally, think a private plane sounds good. At least until all this mania dies down- a few years maybe?
    Also they might want to consider living outside of LA- they are smart people- they can find another place(s).
    Anyway, I adore them both and wish nothing but happiness for them.
    Like your bloggie.

  4. I couldnt say it better. I like more the premier photos than the ones taken by paparazzis.

  5. Your blog is wonderful. It is thoughtful, honest and insightful. As a fan of both Kristen and Rob, thank you for "fighting the fight" with them and supporting them in all that they do, professionally and personally! Thank You!

  6. THIS-----> "Kristen wasn't raising her middle finger at me or you. But I deserve it if I am providing a market for paparazzi pictures". YES. We can absolutely support and help fight the good fight if we do not ADD to the chaotic fiending. I agree with you completely. Spot-on, pitch-perfect post today, Dano. Keep going. People are listening. xo, Kj

  7. I agree with everything you said, especially the part about autographs and fan pictures. I'm content to obsess about Kristen and Rob from my laptop. I believe R/K love their fans but they usually look trapped in fan pics.

    I think their management teams failed them on their trip from Montreal. The surfacing of the kissing pictures has changed things for them. They need visible security on each of them, body men like Dean and Hot Security Guy. There is also (usually) someone we don't see accessing the people around the person being protected. Until the haters on each side calm down they should never go out unguarded.

  8. Amen.

    ITA with everything you said, especially the autograph/photo hunting. Kristen wouldn't ask anyone for an autograph, even if she'd hadn't grown up in the business. It's a mix of sense of self and a respect for someone's privacy. She, nor Rob, are attention-whores. Most fans get that. However, what boggles my mind is that certain "fans" ARE exactly that---willing to trade R&K's privacy for their own few minutes of glory.

    It's one thing to get a photo taken with them at a premiere or a public event. BUT, it is entirely disrespectful to interrupt them while at dinner or out with friends. And even more so to take photos without asking. And touching/grabbing while getting a photo? That's just beyond belief and over the line.

    R&K aren't zoo animals. And you don't get to pet them.

    As for the paps, they are rabid sub-human vultures and one can only hope for divine retribution.

  9. I know paps stink, but seriously, we're talking LAX here. It's like inviting the paps to a tea party when you're walking through it. You are going to be photographed. You know that. Both have them have gotten through it before using other methods. Maybe those methods should have been used again if they really don't want to be photographed. The video of them in all honesty wasn't that bad either. Compare to other celebs, that was nothing. I didn't count 20 cameras in that video. And we also don't know what if anything was being said to them. As much as I dispise Lainey, it's not like her tweeting about them leaving Montreal triggered the paps going to LAX to wait for them. They are always there. A destination was never given. I was actually hoping that London was going to be the landing spot. It was certain fans & twitter "insiders" who said at least Rob would be going back to LA. I was surprised to hear that Kristen also left Montreal. The point is that Paps practically live at LAX. What happened there had to be expected.

  10. About the autographs, yeah. People talk about her like she's some horrible witch, but she never denies her fans pictures and autographs. There is a video of some fans showing up at her house and asking for autographs, and even though you could tell that she was really upset about it, she still signed everything that they asked for. Despite the fact that they were standing outside of her house like a bunch of creepers, and some paparazzi type with a freaking video camera was there.

  11. I agree 100%

    especially with the autographs and pictures part

  12. As usual... I love it! :)

  13. Yes, the paparazzi are vultures and stalkers.
    I think, perhaps this is the worst part of Rob and Stewie's life.
    On the other hand, they are both, at present, enjoying very good careers with very high paying jobs.
    They are both blessed with loving caring families and lots of very good friends, who are wonderfully loyal and unaffected. They are both very attractive people who also enjoy strong, supportive fan bases.
    They also seem to be deeply in love with each other.
    I think they have lots to celebrate here.
    I am sure they are thankful for the many positive aspects of their lives.
    I celebrate them both.

  14. hahaha soooo glad you called Lainey a BITCH!!! love the Romeo and juliet comparison...exactly what it is!!! awesome post..preach it!!!! all the best to R/K....happy we are not getting any pics..which means they are together alone somewhere...hopefully happy!


  15. Agree what you said. Sometimes the paps pics are really painful to look at. And I especially hate people making it like a bid deal for Kristen to raise the middle finger.

    I think there's nothing going to stop the paps as R/K are really hot right now. I just hope R/K continue to be good at hiding.

    Monica from Asia

  16. I wont talk again about paps and pics beccause I feel like I said my piece too many times already

    as for teh autographs, my brother collects them. he is into football players and he goes to the airports and games to get some. fotos too. he never smiles that bright when taking pictures with me. we, or better siad, I sent also an incredible amount of letters to actors/singers/sportsmen. and some return. when he got the autograph of Edwin van der Sar in pst he almost hyperventilated. the same with Wayne Gretzky. I think I will be thesame if ever comes the day when one of the trifecta finally lands in my mailbox. I lost most of my hope but you never know

    but Im with you on approaching the object of my affections for such a thing in person. unless it was an event specifically design to do so. I did once. and I barely remember it. I tend to function on autopilot in stressful situations. I enjoyed the concert before way more

    as for the middle finger. all I have to say is that unless you walk a mile in her/his shoes, shut the f@ck up. and its almost scary how you basically just described how I handle (not) crowds and/or attention

    I think there is a chance the hunt will get less after BD 2 is out. they are still too hot of a commodity and while you can see and we have all teh proof we need of their coupledom, I guess a PDA foto is still sort of a white elephant for the media. sad but true. the thing making me somewhat happy is that they are really good at hiding and that they seem to be doing most of the coming out on their terms

    really wonderful post. I always enjoy reading your thoughts

  17. What can I say Opy? I agree with you and I STILL LOVE KRISTEN STEWART...hmmm