Monday, August 30, 2010

Why do you do this Ted?

When I started my obsession with Kristen, I quickly liked the idea that she was with Rob. Mostly because Rob seems so humble and I can't stand the idea of her being with some egomaniacal Hollywood type. I have seen more than enough that I have come to the conclusion those two are together. April though June erased any doubts I had. What has happened since has been SO unnecessary AND Rob and Kristen have been treated like zoo animals.

I started reading Ted for the first time last spring. For a few months, I could not understand why he caught so much crap from people that shared my views on Kristen ( including the real life deal with Rob ). He certainly said that Rob and Kristen were very real. And he seemed to like Kristen as much as I did --- and he is not straight. So why where people that agreed with me so angry at Ted?

I finally figured it out. Ted has to stir the pot. He can't just let it be. Perhaps he needs controversy -I don't know. Showing the pictures of the house was too much, though I thought he was acknowledging that as a mistake.

But Ted, why the hell are you providing a platform for the hateful side of this fandom? I read his entry this morning and some of the comments. Whoever wrote this comment sums it up for me.

don't feed the pigeons Mon, Aug 30, 2010, 7:17 AM
This embarasses me. I have WAY too much respect for Rob and Kristen to partake in this. I think you'll find, Ted, that most of Team Robsten is far more interested in protecting Rob * Kristen's relationship than proving they were right all along.

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  1. Yes Thank God most of RK fans are more concerned in protecting their privacy.Ted is a blog/site gossiper and he needs it.It's disgusting though.I remember when R's and K's movies were about to come out, he did what he does best, he inserted fire in the fireplace saying bullshit about them.Ugh!
    Nice post indeed! :)

  2. sorry, English is not my first language!:D

  3. wow... just happened upon your blog tonight and have to say it's like breathe of fresh air... amazed to find a male perspective that so mirrors my own. (BTW - Wish you could explain 'my secret obsession' to my hubby. lol.). I am fairly new to this whole 'online twilight community' and it's daunting to navigate through it... snippets of twitter, blogs etc - so much to wade through to find people with the same thoughts... You're now in my 'favorites'! Look fwd to reading your thoughts!

  4. Ted does seem to like Rob & Kristen and respects them to a degree. Ducking, please don't throw things at me. I don't read the boards anymore because he provides a forum for all that hate and outright lies, but then again, know thine enemy. He's got battle lines drawn on robsten vs. nonstens. Maybe he's trying to put a face on all these anonymous psycho whackjobs.

  5. Last time i read Ted's site ROBSTEN VS NONSTEN is 1013 crazy!!!

  6. Ted i will admit has been one of the first Robsten supporters...but the guy is a hypocrite...he wants other words he is using R/K....they are his meal ticket.

    If he REALLY respects them why he allow those psychos....both OLD and YOUNG to spew their hates alk over his board...yes, he can do something about it.

    And what is this foolishnesd about Robstens vs. Nonstens??? this isnt a war! this is upseting!! as fans we that comment was right...we KNOW they are together...its all about safety now...and hope they remain together.....

    ANY REAL fan of R/K will NOT go to The isnt what it used to be and Ted is becoming more and more like the media...its all about HITS and MONEY...there are so many other great and better sites like this one for