Monday, August 16, 2010

Take #2

OK. Maybe I am over reacting. Yes, it seems intrusive. But I have spoken to a few people and I said I am open minded.
I will always be against paparazzi photos. Last week i was concerned that the release of those picture would drive Robert and Kristen
into seclusion and thus an even less normal existence. Apparently, it didn't. They aren't being more careful. I am getting off this soap box for now. Sorry this post is so short.


  1. R & K know about the set photos taken by the paparazzi on Thursday. They know the paps are stalking them and if they get out of a cab and kiss in public that it is likely the paps will get their photos.
    Yes, it is intrusive to take photos of R & K.
    That is what the paps do.
    Fans guiltily love these pics.
    They like R & K and rejoice is seeing them happy.
    R & K still do not have to answer questions about their private life.
    Sorry if you are upset.

  2. Hi I have to agree with the previous poster. They had to be aware of the likelihood of paps following them given the reaction to the pics on Thursday. Each day since then one or both of them have been out and about as evidenced by the fan pics. When the first images of Rob came out confirming he was there they could have decided to lock themselves away in the hotel. I think they're not going to spend so much time hiding out but I think they will refuse to talk about it and people will be left to speculate based on what they see in pictures. It's my opinion that for two people who have been so private and careful about how they are seen together outside of filming to make out on the street says something. I think that there has been a shift in how they plan to live their lives as couple who work in the public eye. Only time will tell for sure. Love Kris and Rob - hope they have a happy life together for as long as they can!

  3. we all have our opinions. and sometimes they change after an event. or they vary depending on circumstances.

    as much as I detest hypocrisy, I guess my take on those fotos is a tad hypocritical. Im not naive enough to think paps will dissapear. to me its mostly the how they get pictures that irritates me. and I detest videos. they make me cringe something fierce. I dont watch them

    but I have to agree with teh notion then even if I believe they coulndt have really known whether there was a paparazzi around, they did kiss on a street. if they were trying to hide I dont think they would have done that. I will not speculate on theri motives or if its really the case because there is just too many what ifs. I also wont say Im 100% happy about it. but I always said seeing them happy makes me happy. and that wont change. I will just believe they know what they are doing and that they are doing what makes them happy. in the end its all that matters

    and I quite enjoy your soap box speeches :D