Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why not walk away from this?

Remember the story that came out a few weeks ago that suggested Rob and Kristen were going to stop doing Hollywood movies after their Twilight obligations were over? The story was quickly discredited as false.
I am sure it was false. However, from what I have learned about Kristen (and Rob ), the concept of escaping this rabid fandom has to be appealing.

I didn't pay attention to Rob/Kristen news for a few days and then learned late last night about the Kristen airport situation. What I am concerned about is it was ANOTHER airport situation for Kristen. This time was more about fear for her safety. It's not the same as what happened two weeks ago in LAX, but it is another event where large crowds are surrounding a person who sometimes describes a party as being "claustrophobic." I can understand that feeling.

After the Twilight Saga is over, Rob and Kristen will have a substantial combined wealth. Should they choose to live off the radar screen it can certainly be done. I would be happy for them if they went that route.

Of course the reason NOT to do this: they must take advantage of the iron while it's hot. How can they walk away from 15 million a movie right now?

Just thinking.

I apologize for the short blog entry. Just not feeling it right now. Good thing I am only writing this for myself, right? (-;

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  1. You are right South American love her so much, and they wanted just to see their star, their idol.I know some of them(or just one) took a wrong path and took a pic of K's passport, she did it all wrong, i hope she have learned her lesson.But you are right in the US things are much more difficult and i think 'somecalledRob'sfans' are too mean and dangerous, yes a mind which thinks and writes disgustings things is as bad as dangerous actions.Americans should chill out and let R be, he loves Kristen and vice versa.There's nothing they can do to change it! I read a lot of Brazilian blogs and they do love RK, i'm not blind and i can see there are Brazilian who don't appreciate R or K, but we survive in peace.
    I love your blog!
    Thank God i can follow AMAZING/FANTASTIC RK'fans and they make me happy.There are a lot of American who know how to spread love, and they are people who i will truly follow.You are one of them!

  2. You're not just writing it for yourself. We're out here, and we really like to read your thoughts. I don't have Google Friend Connect set up, so I'm not alerted when you post. Luckily I saw a tweet that you had posted again! I have to admit it's been awhile since I read your blog, but I now have it in my "daily blogs to check on" list.

    So I've been looking over your comments on "Blogger X." I had some conflict in my own mind about engaging crackpot bloggers like her without giving her more importance than she deserved, but I thought you did an excellent job of refuting her jealous and ignorant ranting in a rational yet protective way.

    I also agree with your comments about the paparazzi photos. I wondered why I felt such a strange sense of anticlimax when the "kiss pics" came out. It is because, as you said, it's been so obvious that they have been together from watching their behavior at every joint appearance they've made since...well, since the beginning almost! The Harper's Bazaar shoot and article was so much more satisfying, because it was purposefully and proudly revealing... as much as they could be and wanted to be with us, their fans.

    Please keep up your blogging. I promise to check back regularly! Please also request to follow me on twitter... my twitter buddies need a male perspective from time to time... :D

  3. You really point out the issue that I would think is at the front of Kristen and Rob's minds. Why subject themselves to this kind of craziness, even danger? Are they mature enough to step back and stay out of the public eye for as long as it takes? To realize that once their obligations to the Twilight franchise are over and done with, there is nothing they owe anyone -- movie studios, producers, fans, the public? They have the money to do whatever they want with the rest of their lives, so I hope they are taking a hard look at what would be most fulfulling and how much personal grief they are willing to take to get there.
    Love your blog.

  4. R/K love their job.Why would they walk away from something that they love to do?Because there are crazies out there?Because some idiots want daily news and "insider"info that they're still together?Because some fans don't know what it means privacy and respect?

  5. bahahaha!! “the concept of escaping this rabid fandom has to be very true!! its crazy..but I def. see then go under the radar will take awhile though...