Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is it about Kristen?

Why am I drawn to Kristen?  There are too many reasons to answer in one sitting.

What started my fixation on her were the facial expressions, which some people criticize as nervous habits, and maybe they are to a certain degree, and she has acknowledged some of these as "tics."   As I began to learn more about her, I have seen her own up to alleged "flaws," such as being nervous at award shows when she has to speak live in front of millions.    What is even better is that she has no intention to change these traits about her because that is who she is.

Kristen seems to put the highest value on being genuine.   Growing up in Hollywood must have exposed her to the fakeness that permeates much of it.   She avoids what she has seen that turns her off.    Rather than be coached on how to behave in public, she allows us to see her true colors even though this has drawn criticism.   Those critics are not worth listening too.  This girl was really raised right.

Despite the shyness and what I perceive as some introverted traits (I consider myself introverted and its NOT a bad thing), she is very confident.   She knows what she is good at and has enjoyed enough success that she seems not to need constant reassurance.    I believe this in part because of interviews by Rob.   He has said recently that she helps him understand the role of Edward.   I doubt Kristen does this with other actors, as many wouldn't appreciate it.   However with Rob, she must have seen the potential and knew they could make it work.   Rob has acknowledged being intimidated by her in the beginning.
Oddly enough, it was Rob's doubts about himself that convinced Kristen he was right for the role.

I think this same dynamic they had with the Twilight audition is what eventually led to them becoming a couple.   The other guys that were up for that role must have put on an air of infallible confidence in their appearance.   Kristen had to be turned off by this.   I read an interview recently in which Kristen discussed meeting guys.  She said if they aren't looking at her, then forget it.   This goes against the grain in most dating situations where the guy tries to seem uninterested.   The old reverse psychology method just doesn't fly with Kristen.

Its the genuineness about Kristen that is the biggest draw.   I will surprised if i ever learn she has plastic surgery.
Her beauty is the born-with kind.   She did look amazing during the Eclipse tour, but I have seen that beauty with her wearing a hoodie and very little to no makeup.

Music.  I continue to be stunned with her taste in music.  I could write allot about this alone.  She is only 20 years old, but must be an old soul.   In a recent interview she said that she would rather read a book and "listen to Led Zepplin" than spend hours on the Internet.  I first began to think she and Rob must be a couple after I heard her say that, because of him, Van Morrison was now one of her favorites.


  1. your blog speaks the truth, its even more interesting to hear from a male point of view. love your posts!

  2. And the award for #1 fan boy goes to....

    Great post!

  3. My mom and I were watching The Yellow Handkerchief yesterday and chatting about Kristen. My mom called her "so shy!" and we started discussing how being shy is not a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with her NOT wanting all the typical Hollywood attention. I really feel that she really loves doing her job, wants to do it well and doesn't care about much else.
    Love the blog!

  4. Great post. Kristen IS genuine. I'm a happySten and I am happy as long as Kristen is happy whether it is with Rob or any other guy. OTR filming is commencing as I am so excited!

  5. Fantastic thoughts, per usual, Dano. It is Kristen's authenticity and unwillingness to concede that compels me. In the chaotic environment of her chosen profession, and the constant brigade waiting to bring her down at a moment's notice, her walk along a genuine, grounded path (even though she'll say later that she's terrified, and near-tears), just stuns me. She is dedicated to her craft, and she loves it. Its another reason why her acting abilities, I think, excel and transcend. A genuine enthusiasm.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog the other day. The new Musings will be posted within the hour today. I'm putting together my playlist for the essay. And YES. Kristen's taste in music is immaculate. Kinda makes me love her even more.
    Be well, and take care. Fantastic post, as always. Best, Kj

  6. 'He has said recently that she helps him understand the role of Edward. I doubt Kristen does this with other actors, as many wouldn't appreciate it. However with Rob, she must have seen the potential and knew they could make it work.'

    I love you for saying that. Seriously this is my favorite blog ever and speaks the trust.

  7. I myself have wondered why I am drawn to Kristen Stewart , something that has never happened to me before. There is something so fragile, which I know is wrong because Kris is tough, but I love the fact that she is herself, flaws and all. She is so beautiful and sexy, and I am so happy she has Rob, because they seem to be good for each other. Thank you for this blog, it is nice to hear good about Kris, nice things instead of the mean, ugly things we hear so often.

  8. I too admire Kristen for her genuineness and honesty. I feel she was drawn to Rob because she saw the same traits in him.
    This is a wonderful blog Opytaylor. Thank you for sharing.
    Olivia (Tx.)

  9. Again, a great blog!
    Inciteful, interesting, truthful and reflects all the same qualities I see for myself in Kristen.

    Kristen said herself that she looked into Rob's eyes and saw his heart and he did the same with her.

    That statement speaks volumes about these two young people and the way they are drawn together. I have never heard anything close to that kind of statement from any other Hollywood couple, and it cements (for me) the strength of the bond these two young folk have, not to mention the two old souls that they are.

    To travel the road of massive fame they are on would be daunting to the most seasoned stars and as they say, "it's lonely at the top". I am so very glad they are able to share, support, love and encourage each other through this time. Without that, it would be even more difficult for them both.

    I love watching them together and believe in them both. I love both of them for their individual talents, but I also believe that together they are incredibly strong, and will build on what they already have.

    Thank you for your perspective, I enjoy your blog immensely, and look forward to your next post.

    Cheers Chrissie

  10. I came across your blog just today and ended up reading all your entries. I so love all that you have written. I too just got hooked recently. Saw twilight on TV this April and Kristen drew me in. As I watched interviews of her and all that her costars and directors have said about her, I just loved her more and more. I am a 42 year old mother of 2 and am fangirling over Kristen... never happened with anyone in all my years. But there really is something uniquely mesmerizing about Kristen. It's her being so genuine, like "This is me. I'm happy with who I am. I know my faults and I accept that and I own them. If you have a problem with that, it's your problem, not mine. I'm glad I don't have a problem with myself." She so inspires people to just be who they are, not what other people dictate them to be. Anyway, I'm so pleased to find a man who also adores Kristen. Love your blog and will be looking forward to following you and reading more. It's so great to read from a fanboy point of view.

  11. Oh! this is my place to land, obviously everyone here adore our girl from our hearts.I'm 40 years old and never never interested about teen stars before. My the most favorite star is Robert BUT now I'm smitten by a lot of goodies of Kristen, she is real, she never afraid to show the way she is, she is a unique girl probably just only one in Hollywood.
    English is not my first language I'm so poor in it. But really glad to know your blog and YOU the guy who love her ( besides her boy Mr. Pattinson )

    I really enjoy to read your perspective.

    Thank you.

  12. wow...great....i loved what u have said...i loved Kristen Stewart too..God bless her.

  13. I love her so much that sometime itcreally pains me when I read some blog that wrote so much hate towards her.I glad I found another positive blog and fan of kristen.thank u so much.I will continue to visit ur blog and I'm also enjoyed all of ur post.