Thursday, January 6, 2011

How did Kristen become even more beautiful?

There are aspects of this new hobby of mine that are a bit embarrassing. Like watching second rate award shows. When I get back to doing what I really should be doing, I will not watch much TV at all. I went through a time a couple of years ago when I was training for triathlons and I gave my TV away. Not until I was injured did I buy the 50 inch screen and the premium cable package. That period of time without a TV was great. I don't plan to goto that extreme again, but I won't be seeing these award shows live.

Last year, I didn't watch any award shows, not even the Oscars. Its just too boring. And some of you know how I feel about most of Hollywood. Freakin attention whores "look at me!" I don't want to see them. I still will not make watching such a show the priority of the day (there weren't any college Bowl games last night). If I had plans last night, I would have still DVR'd the People's Choice Awards because I haven't seen Kristen in public in a long time. The first 90 minutes of the show was pretty unbearable and I actually hit the fast forward button once. I didn't work. I did enjoy those 10 minutes in which Kristen was on the screen. She looked more gorgeous than ever.

I have mentioned Kristen's beauty many times. Its a rare kind of beauty that I'll mention again and again. There are other traits about Kristen that have made her the first celebrity I have ever really cared about. As I have said repeatedly, I think highly of Robert too, but it was Kristen that made me notice his uniqueness as well. There have been times in my life when I was complimented/admired/honored. I get nervous and my leg shakes and I hope like hell they don't ask me to speak. Yes, this rarely happens and when it does, its on a scale that can not begin to be compared with her moments. But my moments have happened and I never outgrew those nerves. For me a "crowd" might have been ten or less people. I doubt Kristen gets nervous in small groups. But its adorable seeing her still react so like me. She is the talk of the town. No doubt she and Robert are who everyone wants to see and be seen with. Last summer I remember there was a story about Rob and Kristen at the after party of the Eclipse premiere. They were the two most sought after people at the party everyone wanted to be at. I read that, after some R/K PDA, she left early, saying she felt "claustrophobic." I was stunned to hear that because I have left parties citing that reason exactly. I thought this odd trait only affected me. This behavior of mine sometimes made people think I was rude or uncaring or full of myself. They had no idea how I really felt. I see this type of behavior in Kristen and I know I'll always be a big fan.

Kristen was nervous last night. And still private. She is not going to behave like people want her too (or think she should) when she is in a fish bowl that the world is watching. I was curious if the days of not allowing herself to be too affectionate with Robert were over. But she isn't ready or she was just too nervous. That's her business. Fans do not get to dictate how she behaves. What she has with Robert is very private for her and when she becomes ready to let her guard down (all of the time) it will be when she is ready. Yes we have seen many unguarded moments. Last night, however, was very guarded. When she is conscious about being watched in such a large fish bowl, she is intentionally more inclusive with Taylor. It was clear she was playing the Twilight card last night. There may have been something too Robert not initially planning to go. It kinda seemed staged that Taylor walked her up the isle. But this is not worth a second thought. What happens in public is not too relevant in the big picture. Its such a small window of their day. Last night Kristen was being professional. Even still her tendency (when not guarding herself) was to lean closer to Robert and to look to him in those instinctive moments. There were some good R/K pictures last night. Despite her guarding, it was clear there was a difference between Robert and Taylor. If people are trying to make something out of her attempts to be neutral (I am sure they are...keep it away from me) don't listen to these people. You know the truth about what is real. Its been less than a week since she was with Roberts friends and family in the UK during their very brief vacation. You know they are aware of what is said about them, good and bad. This might affect how she behaved (I hope not), but I think it was really just her being nervous. She is anything but predictable.

I was stunned by Kristen's beauty last night. I didn't think she could become prettier and hotter. Those legs looked even better. She is not completely done with her transformation into a woman, so she will continue to stun us. As gorgeous as she is, I feel a slight bit badly for Robert, because as he joked about on the Eclipse DVD, "someone is always getting in her business" Rob has the legions of female fans organized online, but some of his peers, young good looking actors who aren't his friends, are going to be attracted to Kristen. Its unavoidable. He doesn't have anything to worry about. She has demonstrated over time her devotion to him. But still, if she were my GF I would get nervous about taking her out and watching her admirers grow by leaps and bounds as she continues to get more beautiful. Yes Robert can have many women, including her peers. But she is too unique. I think he is enamored with the same traits about her that I find so adorable.

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Location:How did she get even more beautiful?


  1. I sincerely continue to be amazed at your so original reflections of her. You notice things that I usually wouldn't and I thank you for that. =D
    Keep writing please!

  2. I really love the way you use your words. So simple but straight to the point. :)

  3. Dude I love I hope you know that :) I always look forward to reading you post.

  4. Yeah, Kristen took my breath away every time when she was dressed up. I wonder how it is humanly possible that K becomes more and more beautiful. Her beauty seems otherworldly. I wouldn't be suprised if some good looking male actors were attracted by her. She just captures eyeballs of both men and women. Okay, I'm done with fangirling.

    I have the same thought with u that Rob was announced to attend the show so late cuz he didn't plan to be there initially. He was simply there to support his girl. It would be incredibly sweet if it was the case.

    R/K appeared just fine to me. But the drama on the net yesterday scared me. I hope Kristen stay away from those crap.

  5. Thanks Dan. You always tell it like it is, and from the heart. Kristen is unique in HW that is for sure, and she will never get in line with the cookie cutters. She is growing into a beautiful woman, and it is a joy to watch it happen. I bet Rob experiences this tenfold.

    Love your blog!

  6. Dearest Dan, I cannot articulate (certainly not at the same high level you do) my love for this post. Your sharp eyes missed nothing. You witnessed the nonverbal declarations of devotion between Rob and Kristen; also you recognized the idea that even the beautiful and charming Rob could be wary that his girl's desirability continues to skyrocket to the other blokes her "get up in her business" (such a telling Commen-tree blurb). It didn't escape you, the way Kristen grows into the consumate professional promoting Breaking Dawn and Taylor as her costar and friend. Fantastic, awe-inspiring post, my friend. Kristen stunned the PCAs. She reigned supreme. This is only the beginning. Always, KJ

  7. Dan, it's so nice to hear a straight adult male describe a woman for all her best qualities, including but not limited to her rare beauty. I love your writing style and your ability to express yourself so fully.
    I agree that Kristen is beautiful and authentic. I came to respect Rob because he had the depth to chose a woman who was not part of the plastic muffinry we usually see.
    I know she hasn't yet found the delicate balance between being herself, not losing herself, and working within the constraints of Hollywood's false reality. I think that in time she'll learn that her reality is the only one that matters to her or to those perceptive enough to appreciate both her strength and vulnerability.

  8. Omg Opy...Kristen looks gorgeous at PCA!!! I love her so much.
    Thanks and nice post*

  9. honestly? Im so over all the PCAs drama. no place was safe after the show. and I hate when Im told how I should feel about anything so I just waited it out, calmed down and then came back to just enjoy the pretty. and OME pretty it was. she gives the best acceptance speeches ever :)

    its funny you talk about nerves because speaking in public, no matter how small the group, basically teriffies me (how exactly do you spell that word?) and in certain situations I simply switch to autopilot and I have hardly any recolections afterwards. like the university graduation. I dont think I can recall a thing from it besides being nervous

    she certainly gets more beautiful by the day

    and there is one thing you mentioned that I found really sad as well, that other people, basically innocent by-standers, such as Tom or Garrett or Reese or whomever are dragged to the mess created around RK :(

    always a treat to read your thoughts

  10. what a beautiful post. The reason i like kristen is because how real she is. I am also shy and tend to get nervous meeting new people or being in big crowds, so i understand how difficult it has been for Kristen to be thrown into the spotlight and expected to act like a socialite.