Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

It was a good year overall for me personally. I survived this economy yet again.

This new hobby is something I would have never anticipated or believed. It happened in 2010.

Outside of a handful of musicians, I haven't considered myself a fan before. This is not to say I haven't enjoyed movies all of my life. I have. But there was never any incentive to learn about the actors outside of what they do on the Silver Screen.

I have had favorite actors. I still remember
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck going from relative uknown to superstars in 1996 after they refused to sell the screenplay to Good Will Hunting. They still seem like good guys, but I am not anxious to learn what their next projects will be.
Other actors I really like: Steve Buscemi (I hope he has a scene with Kristen in OTR) and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
I thought Paul Thomas Anderson was the up and coming director who could do no wrong (Boogie Nights, Magnolia) ---> what happened to him? I obviously didn't care enough to keep up. Plus, they are guys.

I am glad I became a fan of one Kristen Jaymes Stewart. There are so many rare qualities about her. She gorgeous in a way that I have seen before in a few women I met but not in a celebrity.

What makes her so attractive is NOT something that she has to work at. She is just beautiful regardless of her efforts. Its the inner beauty that must give her such pretty skin, eyes, and bone structure. And she has the right curves for my taste.

I didn't expect that I would also give a flip about her boyfriend, but Robert is a unique
individual as well and Kristen chose him. I have said many times it would be difficult to see her with some arrogant dude that doesnt treat her like Robert seems to. I'll let others talk about Roberts physical traits and talents but I know a good character when I see it in a man. Like Kristen, he was raised by good people.
The combination of Rob and Kristen's rare personal traits and what they have experienced over the past few years is a fascinating thing to watch.

I am not saying they are the only good personalities in Hollywood, but others just don't have an appeal that interests me. When I check
websites, that I would never goto in the past, I ask myself "what the hell am I doing here?" The news about these other people just isn't interesting.
Obviously I am not the only one that feels this way and unfortunately with this level of interest, their is bound to be some negativity.

I still think the vast majority of followers are good people. But that ugly minority, hiding behind internet anonymity, makes this difficult to stomach at times. Many
times over recent weeks I wanted to distance myself. I realize today that bailing is not fair to the majority of positive, caring people out there who appreciate the same
things about this as I do.

For the record, people that disagree with me are not bad simply because they disagree with me. I only judge people on their actions.

Its nearly 6 p.m in the UK as I write this at noon here. I hope Robert and Kristen have a great night with no intrusive disruptions.
I said after Brazil there were enough pictures to satisfy for awhile. I hope most of us remember that.

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    I'm so glad you are still writing this blog, R&K need all the good vibes we can assemble, you and Rose are the best, in my opinion.

    I'm wishing Rob & Kris a very Happy New Year also (guess they've had theirs in UK by now) and hoping they'll get back to the US safely.

    Liz in NC

  2. I really like your blog. I too am enchanted with Kristen and her choices in her personal life and career. I cant explain it but I am drawn to both her and Robert, they seem so genuine to me.
    I hope to visit this blog many times in the future so please dont let a minority of insanity keep you away. You will be missed and I think Kristen deserves to have as much good things said about her as possible. Too much negativity is sent her way, especially since she chose her other half to be Robert. Again, she is one smart woman, and all can see how he adores her. Thank you.

    Happy New Year!

  3. happy new year opytaylor!
    I agree 100% with you and I hope u keep writing cause i really enjoy it =D

  4. Happy New Year Opytaylor~ 2010 was a awesome year to me as I discovered a wonderful individual KStew. Wish Kristen has a happy and successful 2011 and continues to make more good movies for us.

  5. Happy New Year, D! 2010 has been an extraordinary year, and for me a major reason for that is due to my decision to become publicly involved in this fandom. Not only did my admiration and respect grow for Kristen and Robert as artists and unique, unconventional beauties, but I encountered so many OTHER unique and unconventional beauties in fellow supporters (I'm eyeing YOU as I say that, you know). Thank you for continuing to advocate for Kristen and Robert and for championing the positive supporters out there, though I know it's daunting. You said it beautifully, as you always do, that as you gage your own fascination with Kristen and her partner, you realize that with all the positive interest, there's bound to be some negativity as well. I'm so relieved that you and your blog are here to remind folks of the good. That is my New Year's hope for us all: that we continue to seek the Kristen (because my God/dess she is abundant with it!), in fellow supporters and in ourselves. Happy New Year. Keep on... Always, KJ P.S. yes, we will need to sit down one day and chat influences of Eastern Spirituality...:)

  6. *Happy New Year* Opy and i agree 100% too!!
    I love and adore Kristen, she's amazing

  7. yup opy..continue your blog fun and interesting to read from a guy POV who admires the way have you met her yet?

  8. Our gal started the year with a win. Did you see the pics from the PCA's? Kristen looked drop dead gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, flawless. Feel free to add more adjectives.

    Better late than never, but Happy New Year Opy and everyone here!

  9. How could she have possibly gotten more beautiful? But she has. I sorta feel bad for Rob because even though he can have nearly anyone --- she is just too rare. Just contemplating the possibility of losing her has got to be unbearable. I hope he doesn't let his mind go there. There is always some dude hitting on Kristen as he joked about in the commentary.