Monday, December 20, 2010

KJ saved this blog

Following Kristen (and thus Robert)is supposed to be fun. I witnessed some people getting too serious about all of this last week. This "hobby" took the place
of following politics for me. If its not fun, then I start thinking about moving on.

I prefer to write positive entries about Kristen and that is what I do half the time. I sometimes react to negativity, and that is what I really want to change. My post on 12/1 really incited the Nonsten crowd. I didn't enjoy writing that. It was in response to me hearing about threats towards Kristen
from some "fans" of Rob. Oh, I do believe in everything I said in that post, 100%, but I can't change peoples minds, so why bother.

After the private picture, or actually, the reaction to the private picture, I thought about deleting this blog. The atmosphere just seemed very wrong.

Had I not read KJ's blog last Friday night, then I might have deleted everything. She reminds me what is good and right about this whole thing.

If you haven't read her post please do so

I have studied alternative forms of spirituality for years, including a dose of Eastern religion. KJ doesn't talk about this, but I can tell she has been influenced by it. Some teachings talk about the "higher self" and KJ's writings have a knack for reaching that part of me.

KJ reminded me to focus on the work, she writes
"Kristen and Rob have both made it abundantly clear that they prefer to proceed through their daily existence with little to no attention paid to them. Of course,
they acknowledge that they have extremely high profile professions, and there are public appearances and press junkets they're to attend for the J-O-B
(and oh how we appreciate how well they clean up). . ."

I think about how it would feel to have people obsessing over your every move. I would not respond very well to it. Some people might not mind it because they love attention. I started this blog because I became enamored with Kristen. I had never been a fan of a celebrity before and one of the things I think is so
cool about her is how she doesn't really care for the spotlight. She is the opposite of an attention whore. Living in the spotlight has been an adjustment for her. She refused to be fake. I love that about her. She seems comfortable with the media now. Its a treat watching her give an interview because she still allows us to see her mind at work as she processes the questions.

Robert is very unique too. Part of the fascination of the R/K story is how these two unique individuals met. I personally think it was Darwinism on steroids. And I like hearing that they are happy together. I don't see that changing. But I remind myself, with KJ's help, to focus on the work and let them be. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to observe them on the platforms of their choosing.


  1. I'm glad you didn't delete your blog. We need you!

    Darwinism on steroids.... Classic!

  2. Hi Opytaylor
    Just want to let you know that I'm really appreciate your post. I am a BIG fan of Kris too. And sometime, I want her to stay away from this sh*t throwing her way (even if it means R/K part their way). But then I realize Kris loves him. So I will support them both coz that means I support Kris. Thanks!

  3. There are extremist on both sides. I have seen supposed "Kris fans" say horrible stuff about Robert. The two of them have both put up with lots of BS and they stay together despite it. They are both really good people. I am guy, that's why this is a Kristen blog, but I could do a whole post of what I like about Robert.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. Glad you didn't delete your blog. You are a voice of reason! Don't be intimidated by the small-minded.

  5. I'm really glad you didn't delete your blog. You always have something interesting to say and it's nice getting a guy's point of view. Please don't let the delusional and the mean spirited "fans" drive you away.

  6. Haters keep posting nasty things in order to hunt down Kristen/Robsten sites. Don't let them attain their evil goal. Support you, Opytaylor.

    Monica from Asia

  7. okay i will post again..sorry for my previous one...pls continue your blog because its like a caffeine that boost up my energy..i like Kristen so much and its nice to have someone like you,KJ and CC supporting Kristen with much you guys!

  8. So glad you didn't delete the blog ... I only found it a couple of months ago. Agree with all you said, I respect them so much. BUT, I have to admit that sometimes I'm "giddy" at seeing a photo of them looking happy. I was shocked to see the 2009 Christmas photo and felt bad that it showed up EVERYWHERE. I just want them to be happy and be happy with their careers, whatever they decide to do in the future.

    Merry Christmas to All!!!

  9. I love your blog and iam glad you did not delete!!! And iam a huge fan of Kristen too, i love Rob cause they both love each other. He makes Kristen happy so iam happy too, i love Kristen and I MISS HER BEAU FACE;-))

  10. like many others i became aware of kristen (then rob) when i saw how genuine and humble they seemed. they were like two little rare gems to me in the sea of self promotion. then i saw their relationship blossom. oh, my, they are just precious. you always seem to capture these sentiments. please don't stop writing this blog. on the study front, i recommend the lectures by krishnamurti. his teaching enhanced me greatly. good luck and thank you.

  11. Dearest Dan, I am a little sad that I hadn't read this post sooner, I unfortunately had become overwhelmed by 3D life which had inspired that Musings essay on Perspective. I am deeply humbled and a little stunned by your very kind words for me and my random bumblings. However, I must say that it is YOU, my friend, that saved this blog, not me. You have a voice and genuine calm that is desperately needed in this time. You are succinct, respectful and generous with your observations and thoughts. We NEED you in this fandom. I look to you for direction as well, just as I do the "still, small voice" that reminds me we already know what to do. You have support and you are appreciated immensely. I hope your holidays were lovely and HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm so relieved you didn't delete, D. *bowing down humbly to you, to Kristen, to Rob* Yours, KJ