Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I most look forward to in Breaking Dawn

As much as I sometimes feel Twilight is an obstacle standing in the way of the film that will become the signature moment in Kristen's career, I am definitely looking forward to seeing her as the baddest vampire in the Saga.

Sure it will be cool to see her wake up and reunite with Edward. Then to bond with her daughter. Then those visits to see J Jancks, when Js underling describes her as a supermodel. I hope that they can fit all that in to part II.

But the climatic scene, the battle, this is what I most look forward to.

In the battle scene, Bella loses her patience with Aro's posturing and wants nothing more than to get on with the fight. This Bella who taunts Jane with the knowledge that her little gift will touch no one on the Cullen side. This Bella that knows the Cullens can win because of her power. They dared to come and threaten her loved ones and she will make them pay. Kristen as the bad ass Bella who is ready to slaughter, who only regrets her shield because that means she has to stay back away from the hand to hand. She really wanted to kill Jane herself. I really want to see Kristen stare down Dakota. This will be fun and something tells me Kristen can't wait to do this.

Two years is too damn long. In the meantime, I am looking for some good
fan art of Kristen vamped out.

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  1. Ha..ha..ha..Opy, i would like to see Kristen or Bella as a vamp bites Jacob's neck...Gug!!!

  2. Oh YES, Kristen will definitely play up the Badass Vamp, let's hope they LET her play it the way we all hope, right?

  3. Yes!!! two yrs is to long. But I cant wait Kristen to really shine, I hope and pray that they will let her.By the way Love and Peace to you and your love one. Thank you for your post. I love them all