Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Louisiana lockdown ideal for Kristen

So we haven't seen Kristen in awhile. I know she likes it that way and deserves the long break she has gotten from the frenzy.

I want to see a Vamped out picture of Bella but definitely not from the lens of a paparazzi. Neither do I want to see Kristen in a picture she doesn't consent too. So I don't mind this so called "drought" If there were pap pictures, I would end up looking. So it's better to not be tempted.

I knew after Brazil that too much was given away. Fans always want more. But that week literally provided enough pictures to last for months. I am glad R/K have had this long break away from the public eye.

There are horror stories about cops in Louisiana, but when a Parrish needs money, everyone including the cops is going to see that the guest bringing money are treated like Royalty. The Entertainment Industry seems very active over there. It's good for the Gulf region and Hollywood is saving money as well. Its not just about the cops. You don't see pap or even phone camera pics because everyone, including restaurant proprietors, other hospitality workers, real estate people, and the everyday citizens walking around know that they want to keep these movie stars feeling welcome and safe. Someone getting too aggressive with their camera would be quietly removed from the scene. I wouldn't be surprised to learn if a pap or two has spent a night in jail (or worse) if the stern warning wasn't enough to get him/her out of the area. This has been a win for the cast, especially Rob and Kristen. If these two co-produce any of their own upcoming movies they might support production in Louisiana.

There isn't a more sought after target than R/K from the Stalkerazzi and they have gotten nothing over the past few months. Those same photographers will be waiting in Vancouver.

The only negatives coming out of the "drought" are that gossip sites stir pots with old stuff. No real info comes from that so it's only an issue if you let it be. Nothing has changed. Nor will anything change based on what does or does not happen at award shows over the next month or so.

As for new movies being discussed. I don't think Kristen will do Lois Lane and I am glad as I have never cared for Superman in any version. I have mixed feelings about American Girl. I like the story, but don't care for James Woods, mostly because of his Ultra Right Wing views.

With Snow White, my first reaction was "kids movie" but upon looking further it's much more than that. Fairy Tales can be interesting science-fantasy fiction. Fairies, or the Fay, in some literature are another type of immortals. I like Chairlaine Harris's version of the Fay. CH writes the Sookie Stackhouse Novels, which True Blood is based loosely on. I say loosely because Alan Ball took True Blood in it's own direction and hasn't respected some of the most
critical story lines. I am opinionated about True Blood. I despise Alan Ball and love Charlaine Harris. So Snow White and the Huntsman may be good and I just read they have offered the role to Kristen.

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  1. Dano, I just read that you had surgery. Hope you are recovered and doing well.

    I currently live in Louisiana and it's amazing to me that there hasn't been more information from BR, especially since it is a college town. I guess the places the cast like to go keep it quiet to insure they keep coming back. It may be that after BD leaves BR we will read more stories about their time there.

    My oldest son has a friend who attends LSU & when he was home for Christmas he told us that "one of the vampires" was seen riding around campus on a bike. Well, we know who that was, don't we? LOL

    Even though there isn't alot going on right now I hope you will keep writing your blog. We need your perspective!

  2. nice one dano...I miss kristen but somehow its relieving instead of having an invasive paps pic...I cringed a lot everytime I think of them going to Couve...there are parasite paps out there waiting...nad shameless fans who no matter what would ask for a pic even when they are on private dinner...honestly I will miss their anonymity in BR..the privacy..besides the croc Lainey will stir up never ending rumors again..SIGH! i just want these kids to be left alone......Like you danno Im so excite for Kris if SWATH will be made.

  3. Love your adult pov, Dano. It's unusual and refreshing.

    I think Kris has made impeccable career choices along the way. Obviously, she listens to her script writer/manager/adviser mom, Jules Mann-Stewart. The girl is simply golden.

    And I agree with you about BR. Smart city. They need a break and are going to make sure they take care of film makers and their crews and actors. This kind of influx could do much to turn their economy around.

  4. Hi Dan/Opy,

    Nice post, sorry it's taken me a few days to comment, RL gets in the way. I miss them but am also glad for them that they have been "invisible" for awhile. Other than K11, will be interesting to see what Kris ends up doing next.

    I finally saw WTTR, was so wonderful, all 3 of the major actors were wonderful and Kristen was just amazing.

    I look forward to your next post, hope you have recovered from your surgery.


  5. Eric Smiles. You didn't read the blog obviously. It had nothing to with crimes and prison.