Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back to the basics on why i love Kristen

Why is it that Kristen is the first celebrity I have ever really cared about? Certainly there have been actresses in the past I was attracted to but there would be twenty others with the same attraction. I wasn't interested in what they had to say or their views on life.

I have mentioned that I am introverted (which is not a bad thing) and I see that in Kristen. Being in the public eye is not something an introvert would seek. There are lots of actors with successful careers who can still do their own shopping. They can take off for a long walk around the park. These things have been taken away from Kristen and for this I really feel bad for her. I don't think the money makes up for that.

Just as I wouldn't have chosen my particular career in advance, I am pretty sure Kristen wouldn't have picked being one of the most famous persons in the world. The people that say she is spoiled and ungrateful just don't have a clue that not everyone wants the same things in life.

I have described it before how I first came to be so curious and enamored with Kristen. In the first and second entries of this blog I discussed how I came to be "obsessed." That word doesn't really apply as I do have a life to live and Kristen is compartmentalized into the entertainment section.
Last May I felt pretty certain that no one would ever read this blog (and no one did until August) so I was a bit sloppy. I'll do a better job of describing it today. It was about this time last year when it happened. First, I'll tell you why I was watching Twilight on Showtime last spring.

I must have something good to read at all times. As an introvert, that time of day alone with a book is critical to recharging. Books that keep my attention are hard to find. I had just finished all of the Sookie Stackhouse books and at the time, the Hollywood babe that I was paying attention to was Sookie herself, aka Anna Pacquin. I still think she is a cool chic but I wasn't THAT interested in her. The next Sookie book and the third season of TrueBlood were several months away.

Twilight was out there and I knew it was very popular. I was hesitant for a very long time. But I was hard up for a book. I couldn't find anything.
I read a review on Amazon from a 50 year-old man who said (paraphrasing)If you like Sookie, you'll love Bella too. And don't worry about the marketing
towards teens, these are great stories (end paraphrase). So I took a chance on Twilight. It won me over and I read all four books pretty quickly.
I watched Twilight once around November 09 and was a little disappointed.

So in March of 2010 Twilight is on Showtime. It was a Saturday afternoon and I thought I would probably fall asleep watching it. Then I started noticing
the little things Kristen was doing in character that I thought were endearing and charming. I was falling for Kristen's version of Bella. I didn't remember
her being so pretty that first time I saw the movie the previous fall. I really enjoyed her floundering in the Volleyball game and the awkward conversation
with Anna about not being tan like everyone else in Arizona. It turned out that Kristen has allot of Bella in her, with notable exceptions -- Kristen seems
to be a bit of a natural athlete and she can definitely dance.

It was the "Edward returns to Biology scene" that started it all. I experienced a change watching her facial expressions in that scene. I saved the movie
at that point and its still on my DVR nearly a year later. Bella was losing the choice. From that moment on, she was hooked on Edward. I was hooked on Kristen at the same moment, yet I didn't know her name yet. That night I started googling and learning about this immense phenomena of the Twilight universe. The more I learned
about her personality the more interested I became. A couple of weeks later, I downloaded "Into the Wild" and any chance I had of reversing this obsession was gone after that.

At first I didn't put much stock into the actor playing Edward. For the most part, I don't think I care very much for most male actors. I see most of them as being narcissistic pricks. I know that is way too wide of a net to cast of that group, but I do give them a chance to change my mind. I have always liked Johnny Depp because he seemed the reluctant star. But I couldn't stand Brad Pitt for reasons I still can't define. I certainly didn't care about him and Angelina together (though I admire her work as a philanthropist). As I researched Kristen, I began to learn about the humility of Rob's personality. And I had to admit that the scenes in Twilight that I was so impressed with was because of how well Kristen and Robert responded to each other. Further google searches revealed that what they had going may not be just about acting. Are they together in real life? Did I care? I was so embarrassed to admit it, but I did.

There have been more men show up who root for Rob and Kristen as a couple. Its unprecedented because I am certain none of us cared about other couples, including Pitt/Jolie.

The more I learned about Kristen, the more impressed I was with everything she was about. And though I didn't have the same degree of interest in Robert, I knew
that he was very important to her and thus I wished the best for him and the two of them. They have put up with so much BS that would have likely broken many couples.

Today, I think what I like the most about Kristen is that she is trying to impress no one. Unlike most of Hollywood, there isn't 1% of fake in how she portrays herself. She shows us who she really is. The pressure to talk about her private life, yet refusing to go there, just made me all the more impressed. This is a person with very admirable principles.

I could go on and on about Kristen's beauty and I have. The attitude is such a big part of the attraction. Though Kristen is shy and seems nervous sometimes in front
of these huge crowds, she also exudes a quiet and unshakable confidence at the same time.

So I just wanted to get back to the basics about this blog. The drama that comes and goes has no bearing on what I think about this woman. Its my hope that is doesn't shake her outlook on life, because she has allot of good things to do in the years to come.


  1. Well great post as always! I was talking about the same thing today in my Twitter(RKsoulmates913) how I fell in love with Rob first and how he brought Kristen to my life.She is FANTASTIC/WONDERFUL and I respect her too much, she is different from everyone i've 'seen' in HW, she is UNIQUE(R's words) and she is NOT faking who she really is.That's why I'm her fan, bc she is genuine and she wants to proof nothing, she is what she is and if you don't like it, so let it be! RK showed me a different side of the word, they gave me hope of a better word, a strong friendship, a REAL love story, and reliable and beautiful lovers!!!

    XO from Brazil

  2. I always love lookback R/K stories. And the way you write, you're consistently straight forward and never pretentious. Cheers!

  3. Oh I love your honesty and I find it very endearing. Your story of how you became enchanted by Kristen is similar to mine. The more I watched Kristen, the more I became obsessed with her myself. She has this unique quality that I find lacking in many other HW starlets. The same can be said about Rob. I didn't care for him too much in the beginning, but the more I found out about him, the more I became a fan as well. I've never been so enchanted by any other HW couple before. Rob and Kristen are the first HW couple who I actually care about and am rooting for. I wish them the very best in their careers and private life and I truly hope they will make it through the constant BS thrown at them daily. It's a shame that some can't see the beauty of their story and would rather spew hate out of bitterness and jealousy. So again, it's nice to see another fan who feels the same way as many others out there. And it's even better that you're a male. I've got my husband hooked onto Rob and Kristen's story as well, though he may not be obsessed about them as I am. So thank you again for sharing your wonderful story with us.

  4. This is so great that you are finding time to update your blog, and not just update but put another honest enjoyable "essay" about our fave people, particularly Kristen. Your point view is very close to mine. I don't remember a person who would interest me so much and not just as an actress...

  5. Ditto! It's a bit awkward for us men isn't it, admitting that we like the saga in itself but also Kristen is the lynchpin for our affections.

  6. I love your story. About how you become obsessed with Kristen, my story is almost the same. I have never cared too much about hollywood until KStew came along. There is just something about her that is endearing to me. Something that cannot be express in words. When she is on screen, I cannot take my eyes off her despite the beautiful man beside her. I may be one of the few women out there that feels that way. But seriously I am not a lesbian. There is just something about her that is intriguing and piqued my interest and its not just because she is sinfully gorgeous. And there are many beautiful actor/actress out there, but this petite young lady have managed to capture my attention. If that is charisma, then she has plenty of it.
    Anyway thank you for sharing your story. And the best part is that it comes from a guy:)

  7. lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Missed you, Dan!!!

  8. Can a woman be infatuated with Kristen and still be in a happily married situation, because that describes me to a tee. My hubby thinks I'm silly but he indulges me. Other than Kristen Stewart, I have only been obsessed with the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan.

    Opy, for me, I was captivated by Kristen in her first frame in Twilight. From there on in, I got my hands on anything she was in and IMO, her body of work is most impressive. Into the Wild sealed the deal with her rendition of Angel from Montgomery. I can watch that scene over and over.

    I like Rob because of Kristen. There's just something magical about the way they are with each other and when Rob looks at Kristen "that way", and we all know what I'm talking about, I'm just mush.

  9. You always say EXACTLY what I would say if I could write like you!!! Wow, we've both been "intrigued" for about the same length of time. About this time last year, like you, I saw that Twilight was coming on Showtime and decided to tune in for a few minutes just to see what all the hoopla was about; I had not read any of the books at that point.

    I was "hooked" within the first half-hour because of Kristen and Robert, like you said, they just responded to each other so well. I didn't even know what the story was about at the time.

    Of course, I then read all the books and saw New Moon and couldn't wait until June for Eclipse. While watching RK during the press tour leading up to Eclipse I became interested in THEM and I haven't looked back, they appear to love each other so much .... even when they are trying NOT to show that, it's quite remarkable!!

    One reason (probably the MAIN one) that I believe both of these stars are so grounded is because of their family backgrounds. Both are from very solid "committed" families. I believe that because of their families they have a good chance of making it in the long-run. As much as I love Twilight, I hope that once BD 2 is out and a little time has passed that they will be able to lead more normal lives.

    Thanks for this blog, the voice of reason!!!

  10. My reasons for loving Kristen:

    1. I love her acting, so natural, subtle and raw. I don't know how she manages to do it but her acting always deliver a sense of truthfulness, which touches the soft place in my heart.

    2. I love she's intelligent and thoughtful. She reads a lot. She gives the deepest analysis about her movie roles and the stories as a whole. I enjoy reading and watching her interviews.

    3. She's passionate and serious about her work. She puts much effort on every project and has insane work ethic. Directors, producers, cosatrs and other industry peers praise and admire her.

    4. I love she's a real person. She refuses PR drilling and give honest answers in interviews. She does what she feels like. There's no BS, no pretense about her.

    5. I love she's private. She doesn't sell her life and relationship like other famewhores in HW do.

    6. She is untraditionally yet undeniably beautiful. She has a kind of mysterious temperament and attraction that draws me in.

    (The list can go on but the above 6 points are the things I love most about her.)

  11. Nice post Opy and i read all the comment...woww i love it!!! Yeah one actress in HW i really really obsessed only KRISTEN STEWART(that its why i came to your blog) am not a Krisbian! About Rob...he makes Kristen happy so i am happy too.
    Btw...i read our girl is get injure her fingers(thumb) on the set of BD...i hope she getting well
    Thanx Opy...bye until next post!!!

  12. You're a pretty amazing guy yourself, Dano. I haven't met many men in my life who are so sensitive, forthcoming and perceptive. I also love your interesting writing style.

    I feel much as you do about Kristen, but without the sexual attraction. I was first overwhelmingly and uncomfortably enamored of Rob. But as it became clear they were in a relationship, I became increasingly fascinated by the rightness of their being together.

    I still ask myself why Kris and Rob affect me as no other celebrities ever have. I chalk it up to the uniqueness of their individual personalities. They're simply people of substance.

    Thanks for another great post.

  13. Hey Dan,
    I have just responded to your perceptive words on my site with an opening wail of: "is there a subscribe button to you, Dan?" I always feel one step behind when you post. Not only do I usually miss the day you post, but I am humbled and enchanted with your forthright and calm way of writing and expressing your admiration for our favorite couple and more explicitly, Kristen. This post was sublime. I never have followed an actor or a couple either, and I'm still grappling to define the specifics as to why I am so invested now. I ramble and have a difficult time trying to be succinct. But right here with your words, I'm a little closer I think:
    "Though Kristen is shy and seems nervous sometimes in front
    of these huge crowds, she also exudes a quiet and unshakable confidence at the same time"...These words illustrate for me why Kristen--full of contradictory yet complementary qualities--is so extraordinarily unique and valuable. As are you, my friend. Be well, and keep going...xo, KJ

  14. KJ, I added a "subscribe" feature after reading your comment. You are too kind.

    Thanks to the rest to you as well. I wish I had it in me to do a long post like KJ does every week. I knew that would always be a challenge.