Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kristen reappears

So last weekend (10/2) I wrote about people missing Kristen, but I was certain she was having a good time around good friends. The news that E reported last Sunday confirmed it and on that night there weren't any invasive photographers waiting on them. The other nights did have predatory paps. I tried not to click on any links to those pictures and failed. But I will keep trying.

Leno is a good platform for Kristen. She seems comfortable with him. And he took a break at the right time, right as her restless leg started to move (with no Rob there to anchor it down like on Kimmel). I still have to deal with genetic tremors when giving presentations at work, on a scale so much smaller. She faces this whenever it happens and her charming qualities are what those of us that love her will remember: How beautiful she looked. The adorable giggle.

Last month I had mentioned what a prick Letterman had been to her in June. But she never seemed nervous during that interview. That's interesting to consider. She probably knew that Letterman wouldn't be so cool, so she had the mentality necessary to deal with him and never let him intimidate her, though he tried. Then on Leno she had no reason to put her game face on and the nerves reared up for a moment. J took a break at just the right time and she was fine afterwards.

I have never been one to make a habit out of watching Letterman or Leno, but until this year if I had to choose one it would have been the former. I have never thought either was particularly funny. I am still not great fan of either, but I now have much more respect for Leno. This is directly related to how each has treated Kristen.

I wish there would have been a different clip for Welcome to The Rileys. For the most part that just looked like Tony Soprano yelling at his daughter. And I saw that clip six months ago. Why not show one where she had more lines? Granted she does her best acting with body language and facial expressions. This movie is the one that may get Kristen some big time nominations. She had no control over the clip but I wish it had been a new one.

So Kristen has reappeared after a long break from the public eye. No wonder why she loves New Orleans. She has been there on two occasions to work and manages to avoid the paparazzi. Even after that road trip by Rob and his mates they both avoided the cameras. I wouldn't be surprised if the people there looked out for them. Rob was definitely there but no pictures. They should consider living in that area.

I am looking forward to the weeks ahead.

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  1. I loved this post!
    I don't know if I undestand you very well, but I totally agree with that thing about Leno and Letterman... I will have more 'respect' for people who are nice to Kris (and Rob). ^^

  2. Heather points out that The Yellow Handerchief was also filmed in New Orleans. When is this movie going to be available on Itunes? That makes three trips to work down there, not two.

  3. Those 'nervous tics' are part of who she is. I'm glad they haven't turned her into some kind of hollywood fembot! I agree, Leno respected her and was a great interview. I'm looking forward to WTTR! My husband was a New Orleans Cop for several years and there is a much more laid back attitude there. There's just nowhere else like it!

  4. I have tics as well. I like that she owns everything rather than have it coached away.

  5. wonderful post, and nice insights! I was always a letterman fan growing up, but I liked what laineygossip said about the letterman debacle. kristen had prepared for this last interview with Dave, brought pictures even, things to talk about. And he wouldn't even meet her half way. Yet he'll meet Paris Hilton halfway, Jessica Biel too. Girls basically who'll fawn a little towards him and stroke his ego. Kristen is polite, but she doesn't play the girlish coquette very well. And that's the only way Dave relates to young girls to be honest at this point - just ask his past interns!

  6. Kristen was radiantly beautiful on Leno. Her giggling was so contagious. I don't care for Letterman anymore and that's all attributed to the way he treated Kristen, both times, and his treatment of the interns that worked on his show added fuel to the fire.

    One of my wish has come to fruition in that Kristen and Viggo Mortensen had scenes together on OTR. Now I'm waiting for her to be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He would treat her with respect and he's way funnier than the other two.

    BTW, Opy, I know you don't like papz pics but the ones of Kristen and Rob smiling in the cab. She just lit up that whole pic with her smile.

  7. Kristen has done a great job on Leno. She has obviously made big progress in attending these talk shows and doing interviews. I'm very proud with our girl!~