Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am such a sap, sometimes

I've admitted to enjoying the fan made R/K videos. When I see one and I am still thinking about it 15 minutes later, it's a damn good one. A shout out goes to the person with YouTube account Fiorels90 for the one titled "True Companion".

I am going to be hesitant to post this..... But not really. I'll sit on it for 24 hours, though. There is just so much unique and precious about these two individuals. If they weren't so special, I don't think i would have overcome the tendency of a straight male to deny being affected by these types of emotions, especially in people I have never met.

I remember with shame some of my experiences as a younger man when it was about conquests, not relationships. We showed the greatest admiration for that male among us with the most conquests under his belt. I played along with it. I am sure it's still the most commonly bragged about attribute among frat boys and even some bachelors into their 30s. But I am here to tell you it's a hollow feeling, and I knew it deep down even when I participated in this behavior. I believe in Karma and I am certain I have been paid back for transgressions of my own when I was the age of one Robert Pattinson. He is above this juvenile behavior practiced by many men and we should try to be more like him.

Frankly, as much as I think of Kristen (it's an admiration that grows stronger every time I see her) I couldn't bear to see her with a man that didn't treasure her the way Robert does. He knows he is the luckiest man on the planet. It's obvious in his actions.

I know many out there adore this couple. The love for R\K can develop quickly.
In one of my first post I discussed how this happened for me. The key part was that it happened quickly and nothing remotely similar had happened before. Within a few days of learning the names, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, I was experiencing the behaviors of what one might call a shipper. I don't need frequent pictures and public confirmations of their love. As special as I think it is, it's got to be protected. This is a rare thing that we may never see again.

When so many Hollywood celebs would eat up the attention R/K receive, they downplay it and seem embarrassed by it. Its a humbleness they exude. Last weekend, they run into a video store and run out, as they have no interest
in being seen. When everyone wants to see you, not being seen is just what they should do. But we have mountains of pictures and videos to refer back to. We may have to wait awhile before we get pictures that are of the same quality as
the Eclipse premier. When I say quality, I mean unguarded moments when they can't help but show affection for each other. But pictures that great should be rare. If those type pictures happened all the time, then we might not appreciate them as much as we do.

There are so many qualities of a strong personality that they show us as one entity, Robert and Kristen. (This is not to mention all of the little nuances that they both exhibit, such as their hand gestures and little habits, such as biting their lips and running their hands through hair).

I think R/K will be around for a long time, thus the "True Companion" video is a heart squeezer. They are nothing even close to a typical Hollywood couple.


  1. Wow your words were so powerful and spot on. I too get embarrassed over my feelings for these two wonderful kids. I say kids because I am older than I care to admit but that is why I know these two are so special. It is enchanting to witness a love blossom that is so rare now adays. Bravo.

  2. Crazy how this has drawn so many people to them. No one could off ever told me I would care so much about 2 people that I do not even know, that I would look for any news I could about them... "then feel guilty as I feel like I am invading their privacy". I just love their love! So glad you made this blog! Makes it all the better that a guy is writing it. Thanks! :)

  3. Yeah, Fiorels90's vids are really great, esp. the ones he/she made for Kristen.

    Well said, Opytaylor. Their relationship is rare and worth protecting.

    Monica from Asia

  4. dont do this to me *pouts* it feels weird to want to propose to a man I never met *blushes*

    I love everything you said here. about the conquest vs. relationship stuff, about why you like them togehter, your reasoning for the beauty of the rareness, your appriciation of them both.

    I agree, what they have is special. not only because what I see seems special. but mostly because they treat is as speacial. those little unguarded moments say more then their words ever could

    and now Im gonna go check that video out (my favorite is probably Bring me Flowers)

  5. It warms my heart (it truly does) to hear a man talk about such things...just as it warms my heart to see Rob treat Kristen like the beautiful queen that she is. Still hoping that one day I'll meet a guy who isn't afraid to aspire to that kind of emotion... :)

  6. Opytaylor, I think I love you. What you said! Really. Thanks so much. Great blog.

  7. Thanks everyone. Two books are out this week that I am excited about. I am doing the audio version of each. John Grisham has done his 2nd story about an innocent man on Death Row. And Keith Richard's has released an auto-biography, which is read by Johnny Depp.

  8. Just dropping a line to let you know I love reading your blog, your words reflect how I feel about this great couple. Thanks !

  9. My friend, well said as usual. Their humbleness and quiet but irrefutable (at least in my eyes) devotion they have for one another is exquisite. What a joy to witness such a connection. I'm glad you're enjoying the videos there are some talented folks out there with a lot of admiration for Kristen & Rob. My favorite vid makers include KeepArmin1, Diandra and the beautiful, late, great CaliNative70. These 3 seem to capture the nuances and unguarded moments in the most respectful, subtle and glorious of ways. Thanks for sharing your lovely, grounding thoughts, Dano. xo, K

  10. Opy, I'm so in love with the love you have for Kristen & Rob. It's exactly how I feel, only you express it much more eloquently.