Saturday, October 2, 2010

Missing Kristen

Everywhere I look everyone is talking about how they miss Kristen.

I can certainly relate. That beautiful smiling face, which can be shown in more different looks than I have ever seen, is addictive. Fortunately so many of you have archives of photos. I am guilty of watching the sappy R/K youtubes as well.

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon and I suspect Kristen is having a great time in the company of good people.

What a strange hobby\obsession this is! It's unlike anything I have experienced before. I love this time of year. And I am enjoying the things I normally do. Football. I do the whole thing: fantasy leagues, I have a nephew playing at the HS level. And I like to wager online. The weather is perfect. In other years I would go on a long bike ride on Saturdays. I plan to get back to that soon.

I don't need to see Kristen today. If i did see her, what are the chances it would be a photo in which her privacy is not being invaded? Not so great. If she isn't happy, then I don't want to see it. So the archive it is.

She and her company are probably enjoying this day. Believing that is good enough to feed the addiction, for me anyway.

I have mentioned before that when I have had an obsession on a female in the past, we knew each other, and had dated or at least had some type of banter going. If the said female was seeing someone else, then naturally that guy was the biggest jerk I knew. That is just not the case at all here. I like it that she is with Rob. He is not a jerk. I don't think Kristen would date a jerk. She has said she likes funny, self deprecating men. That is Rob. He seems like such a good guy. I wish the best for him as well.

We will see some pictures soon. The kind they don't mind us seeing. They will be working, but still enjoying each the company of one another. They may fight a few times over the movie. Then makeup.

For them, working on a movie together must cover a whole range of emotions. I am sure they feel some stress and the pressure to deliver. But this is what they are good at and why they are in demand.

Until then, cheers Rob and Kristen. May your weekend be as relaxed as mine.


  1. Dano I miss her too. Very Much!

  2. You are such a good fan. Kristen is my number 1, but I do love Rob too.
    And yes, I miss her adorable face as well. It's enough to know that she
    is probably happy and spending time with the people she loves.

  3. Oh yes, I miss Kristen too. And Rob also.
    When there are days , weeks when I don't see them, it gives me a chance to catch up on other activities in my free time. Some of those are fun- like painting. Others are things like laundry, house cleaning. But I keep checking sources for news or maybe pictures. No one likes their privacy invaded, but those paps pics are one of a fans' few chances to see them. So- I put up with them. Because at least it's a chance to see their beautiful faces.
    Bike riding sounds good to me too, friend.

  4. Oh, I miss Kristen a lot. Thinking that she's with the one she loves and enjoying her private time is enough to make me happy~

    Monica from Asia