Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Carpets

A well known fan site I frequent has had a good discussion going this week regarding future openness (or not) by Rob and Kristen regarding their relationship.
Specifically, the topic discussed is if they will support each other or not on the Red Carpet when one of them has a premiere.   My view on the topic has changed a bit as this discussion has proceeded.

Those of us who are truly fans of them wish for them to be able to experience some normality in their relationship.  We can't help but smile at them when they look at each other, when that bubble is up,  and there needn't be guilt over this if we witnessed this in a setting such as the Eclipse premiere.  I don't care that they were working that night: people just don't look at each other like that without something quiet serious going on.   But since they were supposed to be there together, they had the perfect excuse.   If they behave even remotely close to that, say for example, at a Welcome To The Riley's screening, then their relationship would be the story and the movie an afterthought.

But can they show up together, ignore all the reporters, and simply be there together?  That all depends on what they are comfortable with.   The relationship
is old news, but it's still the hottest topic.   Such an appearance would certainly draw coverage.  To what degree?  The first one would probably be huge.  And, IMO, it would begin to taper off afterwards.        

Most true fans agree that the private nature of the relationship is special.   As Rob said during his Nightline interview, he is not trying to "sell" it.   That interview was as close to an admission as there has been.   Kristen wouldn't even have allowed that much discussion.   It's far too real to "sell" therefore, protecting it is the absolute correct action.   For Rob and Kristen, with their relationship being the uber hot topic that it is, the "no comment" IS really necessary to counter balance what's already in the public domain.

So there is the need to protect what is real.  Plus, neither of them are attention whores. I have written before that one the most appealing traits about Kristen (and thus, Rob) is being 100% genuine.   She grew up in Hollywood and it's my opinion that one of her biggest turn offs is the fakeness that permeates much of Hollywood and the endless self promotion of some it's inhabitants.               
The Red Carpet is sort of a cheesy, self-indulgent, "look at me" kind of deal.   It's the kind of event I think I Kristen never looks forward too, regardless of her relationship.

We might see Rob show up at her movies, and vice versa.  Kristen showed up solo (for the cameras she was solo) at Rob's Remember Me premiere.   However appearing as a couple on the Red Carpet doesn't seem to fit the R\K personality.
As a  friend stresses to me, the best we can hope for is that they can choose to do what feels comfortable to them.  Our vicarious addiction must come a distant second.

One final thought of a hypothetical future event that will happen someday.   And its just opinion as is everything else i say.   If Kristen were nominated for an Academy Award ---- Wild horses couldn't keep Rob from being there to cheer the loudest.   




  1. What is it with this beautiful couple that makes me warm and fuzzy when they smile or eye each other. I'm a practical person and I just can't explain it.

    I would be ecstatic, as most of you would be too, if they showed up at any or all of their movie premieres and walked the red carpet together, side by side, hand in hand. But realistically, I'll settle for whatever R/K are willing to show the world, if anything.

    Opy, I agree, wild horses couldn't keep Rob away if Kristen was nominated for an Oscar. It's gonna happen eventually...she's just that good. Look how proud he was of Kristen at the BAFTAS and at the MTVMA's this year.

  2. Excellent post!! Love it & I totally agree.

    I would be beyond excited if they did walk the red carpet together for each others movie premieres, but what makes me excited or happy is not important, it's what they feel best for them that is.

    I also agree that when the time comes and either of them is nominated for an Oscar, you can bet the other will be there to support and have no problem showing the world how proud they are.

  3. I totally agree. If they were to walk the carpet together for a premiere that'd be all the media would be talking about. Forget the movie. None of them would ever allow that to happen.

    On the other hand, if they were to be nominated for an oscar or something, I'm pretty sure the other one would be there for support. I could especially see Rob & Kristen walk the carpet together in Cannes if she was to go for OTR (fingers crossed it'll happen). Because Rob would absolutely want to be there to support her but also this Festival is sooo huge, with so many big stars, them walking the carpet together wouldn't appear like that much of a big deal, especially since in France their relationship is not the hot topic. So their appearance together wouldn't shadow the Festival and take anything away from the movies presented and the stars attending. Just my opinion of course, I could be wrong ;)

  4. Can't agree more on "the best we can hope for is that they can choose to do what feels comfortable to them".

    "If Kristen were nominated for an Academy Award ---- Wild horses couldn't keep Rob from being there to cheer the loudest" makes me lol~ Very true. I can totally picture that. Remember Rob shouted with joy when Kristen won the Best Frmale Performance in MTVMA? ^^

    Monica from Asia

  5. Yes Opytaylor, you are so right on with your observations. I feel your predictions also are spot on. Always an excellent blog posting. Thank you for the great read. They are both such wonderful and serious young actors. As a couple, they are a smile for the heart.
    Hug to you,
    Olivia (TX.)

  6. Opytaylor

    (This post was excellent.)

    Hope you don't mind my re-posting my response to you from Rose's blog. I was concerned that you wouldn't see it there. It has been improved upon since the original post i.e. errors/silliness.

    "Now I am ready to address your comments of yesterday, but I can't stop looking at your beautiful self, on your blog, of course.

    Is that enough apology for talking too much on the blog? I do post my nonsense thoughts on Rob and Kristen quite often, but then I am so lonely, that I join the lovelies here and off we go onto other off topics.

    Can I tell you Opy that you are a beautifully made swimmer and that you live in Austin shows just how smart you must be, too?

    Thus, DreamerKind has spoken too much again.

    Have a listen to the song below, please. That's not you, right love? If you do feel that way, any hope for an Us?"


  7. I couldnt agree with the last comment more. and I think it works vice versa as well

    this is indeed a tricky situation, how to show support without taking the attention away from the project. hm, I think right now, what she did at teh RM premiere would be the smartest choice. especially if the significant other doesnt talk to the reporters. with time, I think, it wont be such a big deal, if they pose together on the RC but maybe they never will. as sad as it may make me (Im a picture addict) its their choice and all I can do is respect it

  8. cant wait for the day either one wins an oscar...kristen won a bafta..isnt that equivalent to an AA here? its bound to happen...i love the fact that Rob hollered for her when she won at the MtvMA this year...so sweet. Cant wait to ser more pics..its been awhile.